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  1. Greetings from Xiamen! Just did a double take on this auto brand: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trumpchi They have a GA6 model that's nothing like a TR6
  2. 1) Bad Condensor - test by substituting a known good one 2) weak mixture - test by pulling choke out an inch or so & see if problem goes away 3) Tight valve clearances giving poor compression when hot
  3. overnight I received an email from 'office' (no proper sender) and titled 'Membership Renewal' . It says system is down and then gives a payment link to an external website. Its not individually addressed and there's no sign-off or email signature. smells bad.
  4. Yes I have used to revive my Rolls Royce windscreen... messy but effective... use duct tape and split binliners to prevent the abrasive paste getting into your car/workshop etc... use a whiteboard marker on the inside of the screen to mark any particular areas that need attention, as once the screen is covered in the cerium oxide paste you cant see much of the outside screen... using a pad mounted in a drill is OK for small areas, but for larger areas probably better to use a polisher...a bit more ergonomic. For me it completely removed wipe abrasion and other small scuffs, screen functions
  5. These engines are a 1940s design, happy to work on dinosaur oil... you need some zinc, just like the oils in the '60s had. A hi-tech modern oil is wasted on these old engines. For all my cars i use branded diesel engine oils.. they are much cheaper, widely available in 5 litre and 18-20 litre sizes, lots of detergent and no 'catalyst compliance'. Search for API CF4/SG 20W50 oils, i see a variety in the UK - 65 UKP for 20 Litres
  6. Here's my car at the 'Penang Round Island Rally' earlier this month... no so often we get this view of our cars.
  7. 1600km in 4 days, TR4A pulled strong the whole trip, only the wiper motor let down perfect reliability. Others weren't so lucky: 62 Tbird : dead starter 85 Merc: overheated 61 MGA: overheating 53 XK120: small fuel fire Not bad for a bunch of old clunkers battling equatorial heat.
  8. More than 1200km so far this weekend, TR goes fine despite the temp gauge spending some time offscale when queueing at Singapore border. Wiper motor expired in heavy rain on freeway, but at 110kmh screen stays clear. So far great fun, despite the first rain after 2 months drought. Some pics at twitter @msvcr
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