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  1. Retarded will run hotter
  2. What happens if you pull the choke out 1 inch during the misfire episodes? sounds like lean mixtue on warmup
  3. Dennis, Sorry to say, but in my opinion, replacing the wiper wheel boxes is the worst job on the entire car...! Access is the issue...you need to remove much of the dash hardware to access the little inspection plates on the firewall... Given your pic you have little choice... Our thoughts will be with you as we relax with a cold beer thinking of you upside down and contorted trying to access these spindles.
  4. Whatever you fit, make sure they are gapped correctly...some modern plugs are gapped for electronic ignitions with much stronger sparks & bigger gaps...check/adjust the plugs before you fit.
  5. Hey Barry, I have done 30 years of TR driving without hardened valve seats with no issues related to seat failure. As John says above...theres no need to rush to do it because its the same job you would do in the event you actually had a valve seat recession issue (theres no extra cost if you wait). They dont fail quickly, so if your fuel/driving style/head quality combination were to cause an issue you'd see regular close-up of exhaust valve clearances giving 1000s of miles warining before you lose compression. Dont worry just drive, Dave
  6. The clutch master cylinder has a small rubber seal that blocks the reservoir feed when the pedal is pressed... if that little seal degrades then it leaks more when soft/hot...meaning that as you push the clutch some fluid flows back to the reservoir...so less fluid goes to slave cylinder...slave moves less...clutch doesnt disengage...gears difficult to select. When stationary (engine running) can you select reverse without crunching when hot? if not then gearbox is not properly disengaged.
  7. is your clutch working properly? Clutch not disengaging fully when hot due to hydraulic limitation would explain your symptoms.
  8. Hey Brian, This situation - storage with limited/no use is exactly what DOT5.0 was intended for. So I suggest you get some more fluid and bleed the hydraulics...if the bled fluid is clear then that implies that all remains good and nothing has degraded...if bleeding is difficult or you get blackish lumpy stuff bled out then, despite the 'inertness' of the DOT5.0, the rubber seals have degraded and its time for a re-seal all round.
  9. Got a brake servo? Sounds like a servo fault.
  10. I still think inverted caliper explains your symptoms: The system will bleed ok, as the fluid will run clear from the bottom of the caliper cylinders. There are no external leaks On first push of pedal, fluid is pushed into the air void inside the calipers cylinders, given the large air volume no 'hydraulic pressure' is built-up, on release of pedal the fluid starts to slowly 'blow back' but because of the small bores of the pipes it takes some time to blow back (it doesnt 'burp' because fluid entry point is not oriented opposite bleeder). A second quick press of pedal pumps enough fluid into the caliper to gain some hydraulic pressure and then brakes work... but after a few mins of inactivity the air pushes the fluid back again. you could just unbolt the caliper and try bleeding in different orientations...if any air bubbles are released then that might confirm the situation. Beware that some hydraulic cylinders have complex drillings meaning physical position of bleeder does not correlate with vent-point in the cylinder... I have BMW cylinders where the bleed nipple points down (for accessibility reasons), but the internal drilling connects to the opposite (upper) edge of the cylinder.
  11. I'm completing the door cards for my 1974 BMW 2002 turbo...then its finished, after a full restoration from an incomplete non-runner, will try to get it registered for road-use next week....... one of 62 Cars sold by BMW Concessionaires UK (one of 1672 made)...shipped to Malaysia when new in late '74 then raced in regional touring/saloon car series in 1975. The first European production turbo.... https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/198672-advice-on-a-garden-find/ lockdown has really accelerated completion of the project...all the small trim bits and wiring....i was expecting it to take until 2022 to finish...but now miraculously done after 10 weeks lockdown...
  12. Calipers on upside down? Bleed nipples should be up
  13. is there something bolted inside the wheelarch?
  14. If the rad cap looks in any way old or crusty then I suggest replace it.. this controls the pressure in the system...if it is weakened or leaks you'll get the type of problem you saw... It could be over-filling...but that normally corrects itself after one heat cycle...you say this happened on second cycle.....makes me think radcap.
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