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  1. After some delay due to international shipping, I got the Garlock Klozure shaft seals that fit in the endplates of the charger. That's the old seals underneath and the new-old-stock seals I got from the USA. Interestingly, the pulley-end of the shaft has space for two seals of the same size that are mounted in opposite orientations. These seals run against a tube that slides onto the rotor shaft and is clamped between the bearing and the main rotor body by the pulley nut. I guess they did this to protect the seals during assembly when being pushed over the threaded end of the rotor.
  2. Spark Balancing.....it really works.... its something our accu-, power-, lumi- spark adaptions cannot do
  3. As the Americans say: "carburetor is a French word meaning DO NOT TOUCH" : look at the ignition first...
  4. What's your ignition ? Still using centrifugal advance?? Maybe your weights are sloppy?
  5. Ignition timing is most critical to performance at the maximum power load & revs, its your 'all-in' timing where the centrifugal wont go any further. Idle ignition timing has far less importance. The 10deg at idle assumes a new dizzy with proper advance curve....with an older/worn dizzy its better to set ignition at higher revs (the all-in point)...or do it 'by ear' using the just-not-pinking method.
  6. What ignition system do you have & what spark plug gap did you set? As-delivered the plugs are gapped for an modern electronic ignition system...if you have a points ignition or a simple electronic ignition you likely have a weaker spark and the plugs wont spark properly when cylinder pressures are high. Try setting the gap as per the manual.
  7. Series 1 Elise... sometime daily driver, great trackday fun...reliable & cheap to service
  8. The hotter plug, (5HS) helps prevent fouling of plugs due to rich mixture (too much choke for instance), but theres more chance they cause preignition during extended hi-speed runs... the 6HS is less likely to cause pre-ignition but more likely to foul... if it runs nice with 5s, stick with 5s
  9. The cast iron body is honed & painted: The rotor has machined to fit an undersize bearing (correcting the previous spun bearing damage) and cleaned-up ready for new vanes. Plus I got a new 3-belt drive pulley fabricated, as I was missing the original Judson one. Here it is loosely positioned on an old water pump for reference. (Charger pulley lower right, standard water pump pulley left) I found the exhaust manifold, need to cut off one inlet manifold mounting tab, per the Judson instructions. I thought I had gaskets, but they turned out to be low port ones...wi
  10. +1 on ignition problem. how healthy is the distributor?
  11. Anneal them, they'll be fine.
  12. All seems very fishy, i would burn the documents & run away
  13. GE7859CV Could be a Triumph Herald engine number http://www.triumphspitfire.nl/identification.html
  14. Get 10 litres of 'own-brand' coca cola from your local supermarket, drain the the current coolant, refill with cola, run the engine rad-cap off to get things warm and thermostat to open....after 20 mins drain the cola our & flush well with water...then refill with proper coolant.
  15. Yes agree it's the RB106 doing it's thing..may be worth fettling the points?
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