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  1. Some really helpful replies here. We’ll be working through all of the suggestions over the next few days. Thanks again. Looking forward to some more replies!
  2. Thank you everybody for your suggestions! Keep them coming!
  3. Seems to run OK at steady speed.
  4. Thank you for the replies! Here’s what’s been done so far…. Changed battery, fitted alternator, wired out the regulator, changed to electronic points, balanced carbs, set mixtures, changed fuel pump. Haven't changed coil yet.
  5. Hi. A persistent problem for the past decade or so which has prevented me using my Dove much… The car starts well and ticks over nicely up to temperature at a standstill. It’s out on the road, and after a few minutes stress-free motoring that the problem starts. When pulling away slowly from junctions or other hazards, the revs drop-off completely and the car starts spluttering but not loudly misfiring. Dumping the clutch and whacking the revs up alleviates the issue temporarily, kicking the engine back in again only for it to happen again when I next need to accelerate away from a h
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