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  1. Went to Mark Knopfler and band in concert last night at Newcastle arena, security was unprecedented but I suppose a sign of the times, my chest scaffold set the metal detector off!!!. The average age of the audience made TR owners look like spring chickens. Jeez even I felt young and that's going some. Brilliant mix of old and new stuff, Dire Straits numbers etc. 11 band members playing as many as five different instruments each from Flute, Uilleann pipes, Accordian, two drummers/percussionists to Buzuki! "Money for Nothing" live was mind blowing, finale of five curtain calls "Going home" was hair raising not that I have much. Although voice was not the best but it never was, the Guitar skills are better than ever. Only downside was the Morons with their bloody mobile Phones taking pics and videos, in a seated arena arms extended with a phone makes for blocked view, still, they will now need to visit a proctologist to retrieve their phones. Pillocks!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I'm just getting to be grumpy. Whats wrong with using memory as you could never hope to soak up atmosphere? Signed up and booked tickets to see The Aussie Pink Floyd at Glasgow NEC at the end of the year. they were great at Carlisle but a large venue will be spectacular, see Albert Hall last year. Knopfler at his best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. For future reference https://www.replacementkeys.co.uk/vehicle/classic-car/
  3. Worst case even with a new key the barrel levers may stick or just not work. I replaced the barrels and key with new so avoid the issue. These are available and it is relatively easy to change the barrel over. and retain the original look. have you been able to sort the droopy or too high door handles, this is another issue when sorting the door latches and barrels. Rod.
  4. I have just received my crankshaft sea kit and on checking it over I noticed that the two mating faces of the alloy seal section do not mate together that well. Daylight through as it fits where it touches. I appreciate that it will be the Viton split seal that creates the seal both the seal and to crankshaft. Should these be lapped to obtain a flat face to face mating together? Rod.
  5. What ever colour left in the gun!!!!
  6. Rich, Thats the very item, thanks. Rod. Peter W. That's the motor I am using but with grub screw fitting blade rather than the original with the collet lock which is too long. Under normal circumstances this fan is worse than useless. I cleaned the motor bearings with electrical cleaner and then I used Teflon grease and ran it without any load in all orientations and flushed it again to get rid of years of black crud now liquidised. I then fitted the fan blades and it will now shut a door the other side of the room there is so much air through put. I installed it into the casing using the shorter version fan for the Moss Clayton matrix and the flow is reduced back to slightly more than Grandmas breath. The bottom section seems to block the flow the closer it gets to the final position. I tried holding it away and bringing closer to see the effect on the flow dangerous for the fingertips but no pain no gain. Anyone with knowledge of blade pitch and it's likely effect would they please advise. If I deepen the pitch the worse the flow gets which is against what I thought I knew! Any thoughts as to how to get the flow rate up would be welcomed. I was thinking of fitting a Turbo driven from the exhaust but the fumes might kipper me. Rgds Rod
  7. Fit a bigger horn to get those pesky runners out of the bloody way and you will do it in 40 minutes. Rod
  8. Can anyone advise where to get the 3 mounting bolts and rubbers to fit motor to the top plate. These do not seem to be listed in Moss catalogue. many thanks. Got it fixed and it is almost silent if next to a bulldozer. Rod
  9. Probably designed by the same guy who thought up bellows thermostats. Must have been fun as a manufacturing process getting that many layers to seal. It is truly horrible but it looks the part but as has been said before Grandma's breath warmed you more. Personally I like the Clayton round matrix and have found it to work adequately for my needs . You always need to be well lagged when driving a sidescreen.
  10. Hi Tom, I have just bought a Clayton one and have a spare original matrix which I could pressure test for you. Drop me a PM Rod
  11. Hi Tom, You could try speaking to Claytons technical dept as they will know what fits what. The early landrover one was the same matrix as the TR3A one I think. You can fit the thinner one which is 21/2 " thick or three inches I am lead to believe but you need shorter spring clips. The later Moggy one looks to be square if you Google it. And the early one has the outlets to one side which would be sortable with some cut and shut and solder plumbing fittings. Seems to be thicker than the 3a one which could cause problems in an already limited space. Rgds Rod
  12. Hi peter, Smiths heater motor the round dumpy thing! I suspect that the bearings have dried out as there is no play so I suspect that they may just need your treatment. The motor probably has not run in 4o years so the fact it runs at all is a bonus!!!! Thanks Rod
  13. Does anyone know if the bearing can be replaced in the fan motor on a T2/ Tr3a. It does work but tends to screech on start up and then goes quiet after a few seconds. Whilst I could live with this I do not want to have to strip out the heater motor at a later stage and also have a Clayton matrix to go in. The matrix cost me £60 so not a major expense and I already have one in my 3a which works a treat. I have put some liquid grease which has quieted down now but it will not doubt dry out eventually. Not sure if a bronze bush or a bearing so any info welcome. Rgds Rod
  14. Geko, On what experience do you base your comments on? Have you checked the output of one of these dynamos before putting your foot in your mouth! Did you even read my post? Perhaps you should check what an inverter actually does. Ian, Each to his own , and i accept what you say but don't have to agree with it and the number of failed fittings of an alternator on side screen cars indicate an issue if nothing else. If you want originality then there are other and many options and mine was only one. You state that all modern cars are fitted with an alternator and they seldom fail, true. but fitting one to a car with potentially 60 year old wiring perhaps that's another story You guys wonder why the forum is deminished and these types of fatuous comment are the reason and also why I left originally. There are still some people that take their valuable time to pass on tips and things they have learned over the years in the hope they can benefit new comers. If you piss them off what do you achieve? Bye Rod
  15. Hi There, In A few words, DON'T DO IT! Send it back and get your money back. Read my post "think out of the box" in general area for reasoning behind the above statement. Rod
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