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  1. Hi Tom, I totally agree with your post and as this forum used to be about a fraternity of like minded individuals this is the reason I left and will never join the the Register again. I rarely post these days as I see it any assistance I can give is there for those who choose to ask but I note there are far fewer of the "old boys" posting these days. The club is the lesser for it and to an extent the club has changed for the worse I feel and I personally don't need it or want it. It seems that the ownership group has changed and the dirty fingernail faction are extinct and they grew up with the cars with a lot less disposable income. It has never been more easy to own and run a TR with the spare parts available provided you have a flexible friend and a new cheque book. and a are prepared to accept poor quality, made to a price and short life expectancy. Rod
  2. FWIW I like the polished Alloy trim piece. You get a really nice raspy crisp exhaust note from the tail with one fitted. With care you an achieve a mirror finish that looks well. Easy to make and polish. length of alloy pipe cut before polishing and then progressively finer wet and dry and a final polish on a polishing wheel . Rod
  3. Merry Christmas to you and yours John. All the best Rod
  4. Hi there, Years ago there was a very basic trick that turned a piece of plastic pipe into a 360 degree spray. Take a small diameter length of hose and mark off with indelible marker in foot lengths. Say three to four foot inside chassis tube. Take a nail ideally soft metal like alloy felt nail in a smaller diameter than the tube. Flatten the end tip only like a spade (this locates it in place in the tube). Push nail into the pipe till the flat head end is 1-2mm from the pipe end. you must have flow round this (suggest that you blow through to check) You now have a dead head tube which pushes fluid against the nail head like putting your thumb over a garden hose. Using tube markers you can assess how far you have covered inside the chassis section. You get a 360 degree spray that covers much more than a straight tube inserted. If you keep Waxoil can in boiling water it flows much easier. I take no credit for this other than still being able to remember it after all this time, and yes I did inhale!!!!!! Regards Rod
  5. Hi Malcolm, Tip: Start from the middle and work out alternately keeping tension as you go. If you don't you may end up a bit tight at the outer edges. Took me 4 days off and on to fit my NOS soft top. Remember trial fit and mark three times before making holes, make them to pin mark first and enlarge either way as you look for final fit first. No second chances!!!!!! I did the hood first to get the fit first and then the flap. Fit with hood warmed first not an issue for you I imagine, try it Scotland!!!! Hows auzzie life working out for ya? rgds Rod.
  6. Hi Malcy, Spot on. It does make it bulge a bit because of the foam inside and does not really stop the moisture at speed, still worth the work. Don't make the hole too big, just big enough to slip over the Tenax post.
  7. Hi Chris, Enjoy your first TR. I have to say that if as you say the car has only 350 miles since a last nut and bolt resto I would NOT expect any clunks from the rear nor exhaust fumes into the car . I have side screen cars with much worse fitting weather gear than the 6 and yet I get no fumes inside. Given you have only driven the car home a journey of no more than 70 miles I would be asking the sellers about these issues and about any warranty in place. I can imagine you spent a significant amount of cash as it looks a very nice one. Did you get an inspection report about the car before purchase? Perhaps before too long it might be worth doing so based on the result of talking to the seller. These are not issues you should have on such a fresh car and do require to be looked at and a good result expected. from the seller. Rod
  8. hi peter, Lead singer was in a wheelchair throughout the performance. He must be good to sound no different even sitting. Not sure of what the issue was as there was no announcement just the show. The three backing singers have incredible voices and all different and each got a huge reception after each solo. Rod.
  9. Went to Glasgow hydro SSEC last night to see Aussi Pink Floyd with son and heir. He missed them last year at Carlisle due to work. I was impressed then. Last night was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better with a big venue. They just get better and better and the light and laser show works so well in a big arena. My son confessed later that he had been worried that it was just a Dad thing and would not be his scene and so was just going to take the old boy to see a concert. WOW was he impressed as he never thought a mere tribute band could be that good and have that big a crowd. He was totally gobsmacked and that's not easy to do with my son. Please try to see them and I assure you that you wont be disappointed it is great to see such a range of fan age groups. Dads and sons, fathers and daughters, aging hippies, rockers with faded denims and tats. Everyone enjoying a quality evening. Up till now I felt I was too old for giging but looking at the audience I am a spring chicken, LMAO!!!!! The buzz keeps going, and looking to book early for the next gig in Glasgow as a large venue is needed to do them justice. We were about 30 yds from the stage and i thought about epileptic fits caused by the light show. After the shitty year Ive had a welcome diversion. Rod
  10. Something very dramatic about a black and white pic, this is mine at the Moffat show.
  11. Hi Roger, I take your point but would put forward the following: Given the very small production figures for the earliest of cars it would not be a big stretch to consider that the stock levels for the various component parts and if the supply chain was even set up fully. Furthermore the factory possibly used materials from stock for other models, this could be borne out by the idea that some totally "original" TR's had different gauges in the centre panel i.e Smiths and Jaeger, Perhaps it was more of a lottery as to what was in the stores on the day. It might be worth checking colour combinations available on other period models produced at the factory. If it was me I would find the closest "vinyl" leatherette to the colour I want and have leather matched to it, colour dye can always be matched. I would not go down of all leather in totality as I feel that it apes trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. They aren't and never will be an XK. Give me a shout and we can discuss finding trimmers with very old stock and a less of a production line orientated trim supply. The concours white gloved people leave me cold and I do not see the point. IMHO a good car is all about being as close as possible to how it left the factory. After all is said and done you would not search out 1953 oil, air or even tyres. TR's leaked, dripped oil, had poorly fitting panels and that's why we love them. This is just my alternative viewpoint, thinking out of the box and I fully expect to be shot down in flames by the "as we all now know" brigade. You refer to Stretchy scarlet vinyl the car came with and I would be pretty sure that ain't even close to original. The original stuff ain't got no give unless you steam it and it goes brittle with time. If you really want to get into it the leather grain can be difficult to match because tanning techniques and dying processes also moved on. The only place you get the grain close to being a good sample is where it was hidden in folds out of sight. See pics of closest samples I found to my original trim. Carpets are a total other story and the originals are more like velvet than carpet. The car will only ever be a restored car lovingly done with best efforts to get as close as possible to how it left the factory. Personally I don't like blacks cars with black trim but the do exist. An example in point is the rear reflectors and the mountings, the rear chrome shrouds and squarish lights are indicators of an early car but few people would really notice anyway if they had been changed for the later ones. Best regards Rod
  12. Hi Peter,To be honest I would take great pleasure taking these arrogant SOB to court and I'm certain I would win. My issue is that I am the only home to get flooded inside the house and for 13 years they have ignored the issue and taken the regions massive budget emergency surplus and lost it with poor greedy investment with Icebank but no one ever takes on responsibility. They decided in their wisdom they know the financial markets and failed catastophically. The drainage "experts " decided to site a road drain outside my front gate with one exit approximately 110mm to flow into the main road drain. All talk by assessors and the like has been of "black" water, (RAINWATER, SEWAGE and Kerosine from my boiler.) no one has suggested how this residue will be removed but will only be dried out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong as I feel my issues pail into insignificance when compared to some other flood victims, they lost so much more than we did. Perhaps when there are many the efforts to sort things out are greatly increased from one isolated incident. We moved in less than three years ago and within a matter of weeks our council tax increased two whole bands. I fought and lost my appeal. I feel that as a bare minmm they are due to reduce my Council tax for failed or just plain **** amenity they seem so keen to value houses with these days. Things were so much better when local councils were made up of local people who were not paid lackies. Rod
  13. Hi Peter, There does seem to be a real lack of knowledge and foresight across the board in all walks of life. About 20 odd years middle management was decimated by mass redundancies and firings. So many of these people were a asset to the businesses as they had gone through the business from the shop floor to management and had massive experience and knowledge of how the Company worked. This was particularly true of Councils who got rid of "Roadmen" who had intimate knowledge of their piece of road and kept the ditches cleared and the foliage down, the same is true of the road drains and a singular failure to keep them clear causes back up and eventual aggressive flooding when it overflows. In my experience everyone wants to be a manager with the title but does not know how to or want to actually manage anything. Locally our council is due to spend 23.5 Million pounds rolling out a recycling program that the spent millions on 6-7 years ago buying the equipment that has sat in storage at taxpayer cost, is not now compatible with bins bought subsequently and recycling centre reception. Planning dept seem to be insane and allow mass building on flood planes or where the infrastructure is at a maximum capacity already. You only need to talk to the old locals and they say things never flooded before all the new building.. In my view you need a ten year plan for the infrastructure before allowing any building work. The water system is in places is still working with Victorian cast iron pipework that needs upgraded whilst keeping up supply so it gets ignored and so water is wasted in massive amounts annually. Rod
  14. Hi John, I mean no offence and meant as a general comment but would make this point that each and every tragedy is a greater issue and we all react in different ways. The Rainbow reference was purely co-incidence and unfortunately that is the name of the company is a country wide one that specialises in renting out massive heater fans and dehumidifiers. They seem to be both contractor and at the same time project manger on the same project, unheard of in business and any project I have managed. Rod
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