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  1. Highly recommend a cleaner I have found which is highly effective and cheep. It is called "Elbow Grease". available in many outlets including Tesco, Home Bargains etc. 1 Litre spray at approx £1.50 which is significantly cheaper than Gunk and the spray bottle very useful. Also works well on wheel cleaning and brake dust. Rod
  2. Hi Andrew Perhaps the loom fixing tabs benefit from additional isolation tubing. Any excess weight can cause fretting and eventual failure. Rod
  3. Perhaps it has something to do with originality and to command top dollar the car has to be right! The yellow car seems over priced with wrong wheels, seats and poor fitting panels from what is visible in the pic. Many cars have been fitted with upgrades to facilitate modern driving and they just don't make the grade for those who want the original experience! If you want a more civilised drive with rack and pinion, servo'd brakes , comfy seats then buy a TR4, TR5, TR6. A sidescreen car done right is a joy to drive the seats are comfortable, the driving position not bad even for over
  4. ask him to deliver for a fee to your home, bonny car I bet the real owner is really proud of it.
  5. Hi Peter this is what I fitted about four years ago, just wondering if these are still the best or likely to fail.
  6. Any one know if the Viton tipped valve needles I fitted are ethanol proof, or is this another failure point? Rod
  7. My replacement was responsible for poor or no reverse gear selection due to being too stiff and too thick in the wrong places. Refitted original, split at the lever like those above, and I used heatshrink to bring the split together. Solved my gear selection problems and I can live with the slightly more difficult process of removing but as the gear lever is tapered not an issue. You need to look carefully to see the fix and know what to look for, so works for me. No idea what I'll do when this one finally dies. I suppose that we should be grateful that we have any supply at all for
  8. For information, I have four axle lining and rivet sets of Original spec and material for 9" drums. Anyone interested please PM me. Rod
  9. Can anyone confirm the exact dimensions of the linings and confirm if there are any variations to rivet spacing for the TR2 linings. I seem to recall something like 1.5"x3/16th x 9"
  10. Hi Dan, I may have a spare set of original linings can you get hold of the copper rivets? I'm not sure I have enough for an extra set.. I have already relined mine, but want a spare set just in case. I'll drop a pm if I can help. rgds Rod
  11. i will be interested if things change after you fit the gear lever rubber gaiter. I suggest that you fit it and trial things before fitting carpets. My gaiter was so stiff that it inhibited reverse selection. Rod
  12. Rodbr

    TR in films

    "The Bank Job" starring Jason Statham, set in seventies has a lot of classics and a few TR's. Worth a watch as it is based on factual events. Rod
  13. Hi Peter, That's exactly where mine split, on the columnar section on the actual gear lever. Your solution has a singular beauty to it but mine more rough and ready using about 1" of heatshrink slipped over the split section which seems to work. The repro one was stopping me from engaging reverse it was so thick. I notice that there are two types sold as replacements one sort of tubular and what is nearer being original being a cone shape. Will try David Manners for a change as his looks close but depends how thick. Rod
  14. After replacing my gear lever gaitor thingy I noticed that the change became much stiffer. I changed it only because after less than 18 months the damned thing had perished.seemed to make the gear selection more difficult. I refitted the original one and things are much easier now. I further noticed that the gaitor is much thicker than the original which makes for a stiff gear change as the gear lever does not move freely. Anyone know where to get a replacement that is supple and lasts more than a season.. Rod
  15. Thanks gents. Rod
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