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  1. Sorry to say but this Company employ the same tactics in Carlisle. They are totally dishonest and twisted. Threaten court action while ramping up charges. Say they wrote to you and you've missed the deadline. You have to ask how they get operate in prime locations in City centre locations, smacks of back handers somewhere along the line.
  2. Hi Rich, Powder coating note accepted but not sure how well it would fair with the spokes given the degree of flex involved. I anticipate that the contact area of the spoke would wear through the coating and allow moisture behind it. Same issue as Chromed Wire wheels. I have heard of the terrors of intact hollow chrome tube where steel below has corroded away completely . Any coating other than enamel does need to be checked periodicly. Rod
  3. Chrome wires will no doubt rust within the first and the MWS warranty is worthless.If you can not prove the conditions and materials used to clean the wheels the wont entertain any claim. They wriggle and squirm till you give up in discust. TR Shop are no doubt the best price you will find. First class service. A tip to maintain good looks is to coat the wire spoke nipples in the hub with mastic. This stops the grease from the splines being thrown out and spoiling the wheel. Also use an airline when you finish washing the car or after getting home after driving in the rain. If you don't the water sits and gets behind and lifts the chrome on the rim very quick. Keep on top of the cleaning and in preference clean after each use. They will look good for a long time. Less pretty but more usable would be painted wires which look far more original and better but if you like the bling go for the chrome but be prepared for the extra work to keep them nice.
  4. If you can also check for proximity to drains as tree roots seek out drains and throttle them double quick time and 30 foot should be OK. it would also be worth topping out the tree to limit vertical growth. i.e. cutting the MAIN STEM only and then trim lower branches to keep the shape. It will fill in over time believe me. looks like **** for a while but you need to do this before it gets too high. Be aware that if it gets too high and blocks out your neighbour's light or view it can and does cause serious issues viz a viz friendships and coopoeration..
  5. Perhaps a taste of what a Brave new Green new Deal would be like??????????????? No planes, cars boats ,etc ,etc
  6. Funnily enough i was going to suggest that the rad perhaps needs re cored . That would give you time to check out the pump whilst the work is being done with more room to work , Bonus. Evans is very expensive and the fewer times to remove it and replace it the better. When the Evans was installed did you get the water jacket cleaned thoroughly? solidified sediment is difficult to shift. Rod.
  7. Cautionary note: Check what type of fir tree as the wrong one could seriously damage you foundations. Also with a tree in a pot that long it will be pot bound and the roots need to be opened out form the ball they will be in. if you don't it may whether away and certainly not be stable. Use a fork to tease the roots apart and spread them as you plant it. Get some help to hold it. Depending on your area it would be wise to put a stake to support it till roots establish. Rod
  8. Hi Tom, I totally agree with your post and as this forum used to be about a fraternity of like minded individuals this is the reason I left and will never join the the Register again. I rarely post these days as I see it any assistance I can give is there for those who choose to ask but I note there are far fewer of the "old boys" posting these days. The club is the lesser for it and to an extent the club has changed for the worse I feel and I personally don't need it or want it. It seems that the ownership group has changed and the dirty fingernail faction are extinct and they grew up with the cars with a lot less disposable income. It has never been more easy to own and run a TR with the spare parts available provided you have a flexible friend and a new cheque book. and a are prepared to accept poor quality, made to a price and short life expectancy. Rod
  9. FWIW I like the polished Alloy trim piece. You get a really nice raspy crisp exhaust note from the tail with one fitted. With care you an achieve a mirror finish that looks well. Easy to make and polish. length of alloy pipe cut before polishing and then progressively finer wet and dry and a final polish on a polishing wheel . Rod
  10. Merry Christmas to you and yours John. All the best Rod
  11. Hi there, Years ago there was a very basic trick that turned a piece of plastic pipe into a 360 degree spray. Take a small diameter length of hose and mark off with indelible marker in foot lengths. Say three to four foot inside chassis tube. Take a nail ideally soft metal like alloy felt nail in a smaller diameter than the tube. Flatten the end tip only like a spade (this locates it in place in the tube). Push nail into the pipe till the flat head end is 1-2mm from the pipe end. you must have flow round this (suggest that you blow through to check) You now have a dead head tube which pushes fluid against the nail head like putting your thumb over a garden hose. Using tube markers you can assess how far you have covered inside the chassis section. You get a 360 degree spray that covers much more than a straight tube inserted. If you keep Waxoil can in boiling water it flows much easier. I take no credit for this other than still being able to remember it after all this time, and yes I did inhale!!!!!! Regards Rod
  12. Hi Malcolm, Tip: Start from the middle and work out alternately keeping tension as you go. If you don't you may end up a bit tight at the outer edges. Took me 4 days off and on to fit my NOS soft top. Remember trial fit and mark three times before making holes, make them to pin mark first and enlarge either way as you look for final fit first. No second chances!!!!!! I did the hood first to get the fit first and then the flap. Fit with hood warmed first not an issue for you I imagine, try it Scotland!!!! Hows auzzie life working out for ya? rgds Rod.
  13. Hi Malcy, Spot on. It does make it bulge a bit because of the foam inside and does not really stop the moisture at speed, still worth the work. Don't make the hole too big, just big enough to slip over the Tenax post.
  14. Hi Chris, Enjoy your first TR. I have to say that if as you say the car has only 350 miles since a last nut and bolt resto I would NOT expect any clunks from the rear nor exhaust fumes into the car . I have side screen cars with much worse fitting weather gear than the 6 and yet I get no fumes inside. Given you have only driven the car home a journey of no more than 70 miles I would be asking the sellers about these issues and about any warranty in place. I can imagine you spent a significant amount of cash as it looks a very nice one. Did you get an inspection report about the car before purchase? Perhaps before too long it might be worth doing so based on the result of talking to the seller. These are not issues you should have on such a fresh car and do require to be looked at and a good result expected. from the seller. Rod
  15. hi peter, Lead singer was in a wheelchair throughout the performance. He must be good to sound no different even sitting. Not sure of what the issue was as there was no announcement just the show. The three backing singers have incredible voices and all different and each got a huge reception after each solo. Rod.
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