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  1. Hi Rob, Those look like what I need. I have a quantity of the housings and mounts. Rod
  2. Years ago when I was rallying I remember the dash lights for secondary instruments having what was known as a "p" light. These were tiny alloy bodies with bulb inside set on a crescent shaped mount the bulbs could be rotated and provided a down light over the instruments. These were typically used on Helicopter cockpit instruments but 24v, wondering where to get equivilant 12v bulbs these days. These things are very rare I undersatnd and cost sack loads of cash. Anyone recall with more info. Rod
  3. Mine was squashed flat and mangled when I started to reshape. Alloy is a bit foregiving when you bend it back into shape.. It is however original. No matter how badly shaped it is you can reshape and get it to look right. It can be snipped easily to shorten the edge to suit the fibre ends. I can imagine that they are quite thick and you will have fun getting them to mate up with the differing thicknesses. Rod
  4. Beware those who wish to replace their screen as the repro ones appear to be hewn with a hammer and chisel. i have never seen rougher glass other than my last attempt at glazing a picture, Fits where it touches sort of. I tried to smooth the lower sharp corners with a power file but gave up after achieving nothing other than shards of flaking glass. It was like trying to put a pig in a prom dress but worse.. Looked worse than Nora batty's stockings. It took two of us, much thanks to Alan Graham of TR6 fame, alot of slippy stuff to sort of get the factory set sort of round the g
  5. I fitted a set to my 3a with 165 tyred wires, I had to alter the angle of the support brackets and play with the angles on full lock. Although in my case I did not need it, I imagine that you may need to use a caliper bolt to also catch an additional bracket that roots the hose away from the wider wheel. I would not have thought that the offset of a 6 wheel would be much more than a 3A wheel as I thought the extra width was in an outer offset.? Don't know so I will no doubt get an answer, likely a derogetery one. But easy to check with a tape measure and a lump of wood. Good Luck and
  6. 'C' clamp and two appropriate size sockets? more control? Rod
  7. Any one that knows me is aware that I like to try to keep my car as original as possible. BUT and it is a big But I do have a fear of modern drivers either missing lights and signals altogether. I played around with making my own LED lights and gave up as like Bob Le B found that they were not as bright as original bulbs. Things have moved on since then. I decided that I would first try a set or rear lights and Brake light bulbs from Bob. I was so delighted with them that I decided the next thing was to tackle the indicators. I originally fitted the LED buzzer unit in the dash, whils
  8. Here's a couple of pics for reference, not quite original but pretty close. Rod
  9. I have two small areas of micro blisters to sort on the scuttle and rear deck approx 1.5" across so need to be able to spray as I don't think a toothpick will cut it in this case. Unfortunately these two areas are the only ones that the paint shop had left to do after I bare metal stripped the rest of the car. They've now been there for about 3 years and have got not any worse so I presume that if I can sort these out all will be good. What is the best paint to spray that agrees with twopack? Rod
  10. I want to touch in some very small areas on the paint from Stone chips, prams and anorak zips, thanks to show visitors! Is it feasible to use an air brush ( scale model type to tough up two pack. I can not warrant a respray nor afford it! Suggestions for type and method please on a stamped addressed envelope. Rgds Rod.
  11. Brian, I can not stress enough that you must use the correct type of compressor as Stuart says, threaded rod through the centre of the spring pan, spring to the turret. Make sure that whatever you use to retain the spring pan can not either slip or pull through and a large enough washer on the turret top for the same reason. You might be able to get the spring off without a compressor but you might also loose an eye or a finger or two at best. A spring under tension could take your head off!!!! It isn't hard just takes a bit of time and you can keep the panted suspension really
  12. To the best of my knowledge the sequence of only the first TR2 EB numbers say first 500 or so, were sequential or close to but as manufacture numbers ramped up the number of shells used become to be out of sequence, so a leap of faith would be required to get even an approximate number on later cars. I would be tempted to also stamp on the back of the plate that it is fake or guess to avoid mistakenly duplicating the EB RELATING TO A NUMBER OF ANOTHER CAR FWIW the Body number seems to have been painted and the EB (engineering build , specification list)number plate was unpainted br
  13. Envoyez moi votre e-mail par PM Rod
  14. Hi Chris, Great for a hot climate where you don't fit sidescreens. I doubt there is room to open the door with a sidescreen fitted with them mounted on the rear most fasteners. I have Harley Davidson ones on my 3A but the threaded type. Rod. PS Pics on the way tomorrow.
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