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  1. Something very dramatic about a black and white pic, this is mine at the Moffat show.
  2. Hi Roger, I take your point but would put forward the following: Given the very small production figures for the earliest of cars it would not be a big stretch to consider that the stock levels for the various component parts and if the supply chain was even set up fully. Furthermore the factory possibly used materials from stock for other models, this could be borne out by the idea that some totally "original" TR's had different gauges in the centre panel i.e Smiths and Jaeger, Perhaps it was more of a lottery as to what was in the stores on the day. It might be worth checking colour combinations available on other period models produced at the factory. If it was me I would find the closest "vinyl" leatherette to the colour I want and have leather matched to it, colour dye can always be matched. I would not go down of all leather in totality as I feel that it apes trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. They aren't and never will be an XK. Give me a shout and we can discuss finding trimmers with very old stock and a less of a production line orientated trim supply. The concours white gloved people leave me cold and I do not see the point. IMHO a good car is all about being as close as possible to how it left the factory. After all is said and done you would not search out 1953 oil, air or even tyres. TR's leaked, dripped oil, had poorly fitting panels and that's why we love them. This is just my alternative viewpoint, thinking out of the box and I fully expect to be shot down in flames by the "as we all now know" brigade. You refer to Stretchy scarlet vinyl the car came with and I would be pretty sure that ain't even close to original. The original stuff ain't got no give unless you steam it and it goes brittle with time. If you really want to get into it the leather grain can be difficult to match because tanning techniques and dying processes also moved on. The only place you get the grain close to being a good sample is where it was hidden in folds out of sight. See pics of closest samples I found to my original trim. Carpets are a total other story and the originals are more like velvet than carpet. The car will only ever be a restored car lovingly done with best efforts to get as close as possible to how it left the factory. Personally I don't like blacks cars with black trim but the do exist. An example in point is the rear reflectors and the mountings, the rear chrome shrouds and squarish lights are indicators of an early car but few people would really notice anyway if they had been changed for the later ones. Best regards Rod
  3. Hi Peter,To be honest I would take great pleasure taking these arrogant SOB to court and I'm certain I would win. My issue is that I am the only home to get flooded inside the house and for 13 years they have ignored the issue and taken the regions massive budget emergency surplus and lost it with poor greedy investment with Icebank but no one ever takes on responsibility. They decided in their wisdom they know the financial markets and failed catastophically. The drainage "experts " decided to site a road drain outside my front gate with one exit approximately 110mm to flow into the main road drain. All talk by assessors and the like has been of "black" water, (RAINWATER, SEWAGE and Kerosine from my boiler.) no one has suggested how this residue will be removed but will only be dried out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong as I feel my issues pail into insignificance when compared to some other flood victims, they lost so much more than we did. Perhaps when there are many the efforts to sort things out are greatly increased from one isolated incident. We moved in less than three years ago and within a matter of weeks our council tax increased two whole bands. I fought and lost my appeal. I feel that as a bare minmm they are due to reduce my Council tax for failed or just plain **** amenity they seem so keen to value houses with these days. Things were so much better when local councils were made up of local people who were not paid lackies. Rod
  4. Hi Peter, There does seem to be a real lack of knowledge and foresight across the board in all walks of life. About 20 odd years middle management was decimated by mass redundancies and firings. So many of these people were a asset to the businesses as they had gone through the business from the shop floor to management and had massive experience and knowledge of how the Company worked. This was particularly true of Councils who got rid of "Roadmen" who had intimate knowledge of their piece of road and kept the ditches cleared and the foliage down, the same is true of the road drains and a singular failure to keep them clear causes back up and eventual aggressive flooding when it overflows. In my experience everyone wants to be a manager with the title but does not know how to or want to actually manage anything. Locally our council is due to spend 23.5 Million pounds rolling out a recycling program that the spent millions on 6-7 years ago buying the equipment that has sat in storage at taxpayer cost, is not now compatible with bins bought subsequently and recycling centre reception. Planning dept seem to be insane and allow mass building on flood planes or where the infrastructure is at a maximum capacity already. You only need to talk to the old locals and they say things never flooded before all the new building.. In my view you need a ten year plan for the infrastructure before allowing any building work. The water system is in places is still working with Victorian cast iron pipework that needs upgraded whilst keeping up supply so it gets ignored and so water is wasted in massive amounts annually. Rod
  5. Hi John, I mean no offence and meant as a general comment but would make this point that each and every tragedy is a greater issue and we all react in different ways. The Rainbow reference was purely co-incidence and unfortunately that is the name of the company is a country wide one that specialises in renting out massive heater fans and dehumidifiers. They seem to be both contractor and at the same time project manger on the same project, unheard of in business and any project I have managed. Rod
  6. Hi John, Not to go through this all again but a fuse will not help you as the damage is done before the fuse blows unless a very low rated one and then again I don't that works either. The issue is as always moisture which causes the internal switch pin to stick meaning exactly what you found that the pull in coil is live and stays live causing the fuse to burn out. The repro ones have a nasty plasticy cover which allows water to run don and into the upper part of the solenoid this eventually causing the pin to stick. I got about a year and a half out of a new one and so am now on my third, You need to really coat the piston in grease and seal the cable entry so that moisture can not enter. It would pay to split the gearbox cover in to two parts as the works cars had and this allows only the rear cover to be removed to gain access to the overdrive solenoid. f you do not pay attention to this you can bet that you wiil have to sort in the near future if unlucky. Rod
  7. Hi Roger, As you know my TR 2 is January 1954 and so within the first 500 so I suspect that the trim in it was original and yours is really only a few weeks/months earlier in real terms. Don't be tempted to go with any trim until you have seen samples.of the material if you really want to get as close to original as possible. As I have said in the past, if in doubt "DO IT YOURSELF", you can't blame anyone else then. Do your research, get copious samples and use a company with a personal touch as I did. Also forgot to mention that the door pulls are also in leather. Believe me I know that the vinyl used does look good but not as good as a closer spec material. As far as weather gear is concerned keep trying to find Nos item as they do turn up and not always as expensive as you might think. I have bought NOS hoods for both my TR2 and my 3a in beige and white, not popular colours but right for me. I then bought the material to match and intend having them covered or getting my Nos frames recovered, even down to the hair removing zips in the sidescreens! Drop me a message and I will show you the difference in the trim materials. Rod
  8. A salutary lesson faced with this situation take Photos and video as back up for what ever you wish to state as you will get creamed. If a Company called "Rainbow" are sent to carry out the drying process refuse to allow them entry as they are liars and cheats. These people came in like a swarm of seagulls crapped on me and then lied about it. They caused damage and then denied to the loss adjuster. After wrenching the skirting boards of the walls and destroying the plasterboard bottom and corners where the boards dug into the p/board they denied having removed them. I intend seeking legal advice about this as they caused my insurance company to refuse to pay for the skirting board damage. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it only now becomes clear what I should have done but did not fully understand the process that they work under. Even if it seems illogical document every step of the process. We were just overwhelmed by it all. We are getting there and still camping into winter it will be a long haul yet but we will be better and stronger as a result. I hope the Council are well tooled up because I am really determined to hold them to account. I have a letter from the Scottish office and our MP dated back in 2009 detailing the steps they should take not reduce any flood risk and they have ignored it for all this time. They have linked rainwater drains to the sewage and this is going to hurt them dearly. To be honest John unless you have gone through this no one can really understand what it feels like to have your home destroyed through no fault of your own.. Rod
  9. An update for those interested. Brand new shiny Worcester Bosch external boiler arrived in my drive yesterday to be fitted in days. This has been a fight but anyone that knows me is aware that I only go down fighting if at all. May put the old one in the garage till it falls apart, toasty work shop dream. Tiler has finished laying oak floor tiles after excavating a two inch drop on all sides in the sitting room and using self levelling compound. About to order 40 plus meters of Oak skirting board and architrave. Cannot start the kitchen till the boiler has been changed due to the mess likely to be created. Every step of this process has been a nightmare firstly getting tradesmen to provide quotes ( as requested by the Loss adjuster) Five heating firms showed up tutted and buggered off again promising to provide a written quote. Three tiling firms quoted stupidly as in 40 bags of tile adhesive and two weeks to do the work. Work done quickly and expertly by members nephew whom I had used before, thanks John Morrison. The issue is that every tradesman seems to be at a premium and the loss adjuster has rates agreed with their preferred contractor who was to travel from Glasgow each day (1.5 - 2 hours each way every day) This would be at my insurers cost and ultimately mine. Each time it rains heavily we worry ourselves sick, fight like fighty things. all due to stress of the loss. It gets cold in the log cabin during the night but I was damned if I would leave site to allow shoddy workmen access and the pyckies to rob me . I have decided to take a break with the camper after we finish and also drive the TR every dry day I can to make up for the loss of the late summer. West coast of Scotland in the Autumn is awesome particularly with a good bottle of wine and walks with my Black labs along the beach is fun. god do we need some fun after this!!!!!!!!!!!! Onwards and upwards Rod
  10. Hi Roger, Mine is as you know an early car although not as early as yours and the bits covered in leather were not that many. dash top, door caps, 's' caps on quarter panels, seat cushions, and seat fronts. I have no reason the suppose it is not original So the following trim was in Leatherette type material. Dash, the narrow Hockey stick section holding covered draft excluder, door panels and pockets internally, quarter panel covers. and three parts of the rear capping. Also the rear flat cockpit cover over the tank was in the same material. The material is not vinyl but much thinner and not very stretchy unless heated a little. It took a lot of work finding the equivalent modern material and it is similar to covers used on old valve radios. This stuff is about 1mm -1.5mm thick and it goes brittle with age, the thickness is very important particularly on the "hockey" stick sections that hold the draft excluders also covered in the same material. The thin plywood needs the very thin material to show the definition of the rounded edges. Rightly or wrongly I made my door pockets from Plywood 3-4 mm thick same as the cardboard and also the rear compartment board in scored ply the get the support and definition. Don't quote me but the boot fuel tank cover was painted body colour not black on my car, how original that is I have no idea. Note the end caps for door caps have end "buttons " made from material and not chrome buttons like the 3a and also foot well sides in very thin carpets. The original carpets were in a very thin and the gearbox cover in multi sections. I had mine made specially from a sample of the original material. I stand to be corrected as normal if I have it wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps. Best Rod.
  11. Hi john, Did you get the details of the double lip seal I sent you, Highly recommend that you go for the Viton version. I note that you have not removed the steering rack, I am sure that you will need to do this the allow the crankshaft bolt to be withdrawn and get access to the pulley. I am surprised that you need a puller but they are a little tight. As regards the Easi sleeve issue these are available from different sources under different names and are at least half the cost of the GKN item or through Moss etc. Try to check out agricultural suppliers or Engineer supplies, The Hayley group are the ones I used and they have outlets over the UK. Take the item in and they can supply. They come with the fitting collar and work exactly the same as GKN one. Even if the pulley looks OK it is worth while fitting a sleeve as a belt and braces solution. used on Half shaft and crankshaft pulley to great effect. About £12.00 each. Rod
  12. In the case of the TR7 I think the designer went on prolonged leave part way through the process and it was completed by a 5 year old with a ruler. HEE HEE! What exactly are you looking for, as the basics are available on Autocar reports perhaps, Try looking up first Press road tests on line as that may provide the details you seek. Rod
  13. Short and sweet as usual Stuart. Quite correct,Ii meant the "S" b post trim is over the quarter panel. The principle was caution about trimming back till final fit. give me a break it was about 3 am this morning. Rod
  14. and finally the b post caps, good luck with this................................................... it took me 4 days to work material for the inside double curvature. All my trim was in leather and copied from the original as a template. you need the work the material in two dimensions so it doesn't look like Nora Batty's stockings. These are my TR 3a but you get the gist. Take Your Time now as you will have to live with it for your lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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