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  1. Very early cars were slightly different again, these recreated from original trim
  2. Hi Brian, I think you meed to go still further down with the front lower section and the rear should lift. You need the front flap in as far as it will go and fully in not crimped up at the nose. So down further and forward as mucjh as you can. The flap sometimes need to be worked in to keep the shape. A bit like this
  3. What about this scaled off a toy car.
  4. Soda blast, best thing i ever did Rod
  5. measure the diameter of the inset of the grommet and the hole in bracket, check the difference as they may never fit without a mod to the hole. use caliper or the dividers from a geometry set if you don't a caliper. Rod
  6. Try soaking them in boiling water to soften and some KY jelly and push one edge in a ease the bush into place and insert metal tube. Rod
  7. possible that the brass plates in barrel are stuck. Remove barrel and soak in diesel or the like and check the blades move on the springs. When the key is inserted into the barrel all the blades should be flush allowing the barrel to rotate. Rod
  8. Hi John, they are Harley Davidson motorcycle ones. Not brilliant but work OK and look period. Not happy with screen top but due to the foam u seal under the top with fasteners. Rod.
  9. Hi John, The sailmaker sounds ideal if nothing else for advice. Ask if he makes yacht spray covers. I found a really good one just north of Belfast to make a hood cover for my Quicksilver 620. The material used was very similar to mohair but stiffer. Find a Marina supplies company as there are some serious yachtsman down there and there will be a quality service some where there. I fitted this myself but it took real courage and many days inside and out with heat and copious measurements, clamps, three hands and everything I had. It ain't right but I'm happy with it. Rod
  10. john, having spent the premium for a mohair hood which is not standard hood I suggest that the fitting is a job for a pro. There is nothing worse than a badly fitting hood and side screens. Unless you are a confident diyer with some upholstlery skills it takes a lot of time and commitment to make the holes in the new hood and you can not unmake them. I measured and planned the first holes over three days. You need to get the hood sticks right or it sits like Nora Batty's stockings. IT WILL ALWAYS HAUNT YOU IF IT'S WRONG AND YOU KNOW IT!
  11. Possibly reversing light mount though not ones on accessory sheet I think as they were Lucas L 494
  12. agree with Stuart, why pay huge cost for lessor result. two alternatives to the Dunlop ones which I don't believe to be appropriate but each to his own
  13. Full blown lefty sentiments I see "nothing to see here" apart from mandated election monitors refused entry and access. Counting offices shuttered off from access. Sheriffs refusing to enforce court rulings on access. 130,000 postal ballots came in at 4 am after counting stopped for the night all for Bidon!!!!!!!!!! Postal ballots in dumpsters all over the place. Video evidence of vote counters filling in ballots. Only states where Democrats have Governors and supreme court judges are there major issues and these being swing states with history of voter
  14. Hi Conrad, If you look a little closer in the pic beyond the pump you will see the T piece for the pipe work. This is machined out of a solid billet of brass and would not be the cheapest part to manufacture but if you give an Engineer a task it will be the most beautiful thing............................... before the suits start to budget cut. Early days of production produced some interesting solutions and most were hand done. Rgds Rod
  15. Hi Conrad, I think if you do a search for early Tudor washer pump it does look close with perhaps different knob but I would say period after market but Factory ?who knows sorry! Rod
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