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  1. That seems a lot, I had a pair of K&N filters (KN56-9132) fitted to my 4a in June last year and they were £125.00 +Vat for the pair. Moss shows these as £130 might be worth checking to see if that is for a pair. Abingdon list them at £78 each.
  2. I need a new coil for my 4a fitted with the Lumenition Optronic ignition, Are the Lumenition coils MS4+ballast resistor, or MS6 worth the extra cost over the Lucas DLB110. Ideas and any other recommendations please.
  3. When I bought my car it came with a brand new Coventry Hoods and Tourneau surrey top in what appears to be a matching bag which also has a compartment for the frame. I can't say whether they also made the bag though as it doesn't have their label, might be worth giving them a call though. I leave the hard top on over winter and just carry the Surrey in the boot in summer just in case, but have never actually put it on the car!
  4. That is what I had read, and wanted to avoid, by reconfiguring the rear of the box so that it actually fitted the space, meant the final fitting to the dashboard was relatively simple, with all six fixings lining up easily. I don't understand why the suppliers still make a box that is a pig to fit when a simple redesign makes it a simple job.
  5. I have fitted the new card glove box, however, when I measured the space available for it compared to the dimensions of the box, there was no way that it would be a direct fit without alteration, which trial fitting confirmed. I know some people soak the card to allow it to distort, this wasn't something I wanted to do, so I entered full Blue Peter mode and decided to reconstruct the box so that it would be a direct comfortable fit. Out came the craft knife, impact adhesive and card rivets and after a bit of cutting, gluing and riveting it became an easy direct fit to the space available
  6. Thanks guys I have ordered a new card one.
  7. I want to fit a new glove box to my 4a, I know they can be a bit of a 'challenge' to fit, my problem is that I only have full use of one hand as I managed to lose a few fingers on my left one. How easy, and what is the process of fitting a new Moss plastic one. I don't particularly want to pay my garage to fit it if I can do it without too much hassle.
  8. Out in my TR4a today for an enjoyable ride, now we are used to other TR drivers and even the occasional MG driver waving or flashing headlights in greeting, but this was a bit different. Coming towards me in heavy traffic was a 70 plate Porche 911, as he got closer to me he flashed his headlamps and gave me a big thumbs up out of his window. When he got alongside he said "I thought I was in a cool car, but that wins".
  9. Thanks Rob, you are a star. Any idea of a supplier for the 17/30 fuses?
  10. OK, I just cleaned all of the connectors on fuse box, I believe it is the original 1967 one, and reconnected the terminals and everything is now working. I do have a spare new fuse box, I think I'll change it over just in case. Thanks for your advice Rob, greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for your help Rob, I'll check. I don't have a voltmeter, as I said electricity is a foreign language to me. I'll get some fuses and try changing it. 25amp? The wires at both ends look fine.
  12. I've just checked and the wiper, fan and indicators have also stopped working as have the brake lights. The side and headlights are fine.
  13. The fuel and temperature gauges on my 4a are lifeless, All of the rest of the gauges are working fine. I assume that the fault is with the gauge voltage stabilzer, so have ordered a replacement. My father was a professional car electrician, so I never had a need to learn, and electrics still remain a mystery to me. So, are there any other reasons that just those two gauges have stopped working?
  14. I have the 165 Vredestein T-trac 2 on my 4a, and they have performed really well for me giving me reliable grip and handling.
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