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  1. Couldn't agree more. My TR4A is currently off having a full engine rebuild, while it's there I have asked them to replace the brake master cylinder metal cap with a nylon one, why? Because no matter what I tried I couldn't budge the metal cap, even tried using one of those kitchen screw cap removers, I could see me tearing the whole reservoir off. At least if it gets damaged at the garage they can just fit a new MC. The clutch cylinder already has the nylon lid.
  2. Recently put these on my TR4A and absolutely love them. Transformed the way it handles.
  3. I agree, of the three main 'classic' tyres the Vredesteen Sprint Classic has the closest to the modern design with its semi continuous groove running round the tyre, and it's a more realistic price. Their T-Trac 2, just takes it the one step more. But yes the Sprint Classic is a very good option for a modernish safe tyre.
  4. They were three years old with about 4k miles on them. Yes a modern compound, the same compound I believe that is used in their Pilot Sport which I use on my BMW Z3M (over 320bhp) but the Pilot Sport have a modern design with the industry standard continuous grooves round the tyre circumference, which give much better lateral control. If the XAS had the tread design of the Pilot Sport I'd have bought them in a shot even at their inflated price. I have found that the Vredesteen T-Track 2 are much more stable round the country roads I drive on than the XAS were. If I were selling tyres th
  5. It was always said that new money bought Rolls Royce, old money bought Bentley and aristocracy bought Bristol.
  6. I put safety first and have just replaced the Michelin XAS I had on my TR4a with a set of the Vredesteen T-track 2 in 165/80 15, these are very popular with the TR4 crowd, and give superb feel on the road and much better grip (to me) than the Michelin ever did with a much more modern tread pattern. I know the Michelin and Pirelli along with the Vredesteen Classic have a more 'authentic' look, but that is no comfort when going through a hedge backwards. The way I rationalise these things now is not 'What did they fit?' but 'What would they fit today?'. Tread patterns changed for a reas
  7. My TR4a has the 165 tyres, with a spare which fits the well perfectly. But my Z3 has 225s/7.5J on the front and 245s/8.5J on the rear. Z3s normally have a space saver slung under the car in a carrier, which the majority of owners take off and leave in the garage. The boot is not big enough to take the road wheels, so the only option for a punctured wheel is the passenger seat. BMW used to sell a special bag to put it in so that it didn't mark the seats or you other half's clothes. Most of us carry an aerosol repair kit and drive home carefully, any damaged tyre is then confined to the
  8. I do like to see a good bit of lead filling, I remember seeing my father do it, it's becoming a lost art. Kudos Stuart
  9. Even a petrol that never has ethanol added like Esso Synergy Supreme will show the E5 symbol on the pump by law, this stands for <5%, so could be anywhere from 0-5%. As I said, Shell have refused to say whether V-Power has ethanol or not, I guess sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. Esso positively state that Synergy Supreme does not have ethanol except in certain areas. https://www.esso.co.uk/en-gb/fuels/petrol
  10. Yes Esso Synergy Supreme (now 99Ron), is my normal fuel for the TR4A , Shell V-power for my BMW Z3M, as the V-power is recognised as the very best petrol for cleaning the fuel systems, especially injectors. Synergy Supreme 99+ fuel has ethanol added in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and in Scotland according to Esso. By law regular Esso Synergy 95 Ron will contain ethanol, only super-unleaded premium fuels are not required to have ethanol added and Esso specifically states that it does not add ethanol to its Synergy Supreme, except in the specified areas. Shell refuse to say if
  11. My MOT tester always suggest running a tank of Shell V-power through any car ahead of its MOT as it is by far the best petrol for cleaning out a fuel system. It is the fuel I always use in my Z3M, this is a 19 year 6 cylinder 3.2l, 326 BHP car, and is particularly finicky on petrol.
  12. Yes, mine are exactly the same, the internal nut is visible with the door open. From my driving position I get a fine rearward view.
  13. If you look at the diagram of parts on the Moss site it shows the order they should be used. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/body-chassis/doors-fittings/doors-fittings-tr4-4a-1961-67.html From the diagram and parts list it looks like, for a 4A, Plain/Thakery/Plain/Nut
  14. I have recently changed the tacho cable on my 4A, and opted for the 51" one from Moss, I believe it's listed for the TR3.
  15. The bike I always longed for ( I had a Triton at the time, a 750cc US homologated Triumph Bonneville engine in Norton featherbed frame) was the 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. A concours one sold in the US recently for more than $500K. The '52 was also the subject of a great song by Richard Thompson which has the line "Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0kJdrfzjAg
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