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  1. I have an Accuspark in my 4A, put in by PO in 2018, so not a vast mileage on it, but I have no complaints about the performance of the ignition.
  2. Yes I believe a number of them do just door cards, I recently got TRGB to fit a new pair of cards to my 4A.
  3. I found that fitting the new cards to my 4a was really easy. When TRGB had the car in for an engine rebuild and a new window I just said "While you have the doors apart can you fit new door cards please", simple as that and no fighting the pin back into place!
  4. Here's my 4a column. As Roger says OD and indicator on the right, lighting on the left.
  5. With the hard surrey top on my TR4a it was obvious that there were terrible gaps at the top and the windows were at the wrong angle. When my car was over at TRGB for a full engine rebuild I got them to check the windows for me. They replaced the glass with new TR4A ones as mine had obviously had TR5/6 windows fitted at some time. They are now in the words of Gary at TRGB the best fiiting TR4(a) window he has ever seen. They now fit perfectly, I'm well pleased.
  6. Plate received from Conrad and now fitted. Thanks Conrad.
  7. Andy, I think I may have bought the last five T-Trac 2 tyres in 165/80 R15, I tracked a set down to a European supplier as I couldn't find a set in the UK. This was last August, Vredestein I believe had stopped making them in this size about then. If buying now I would probably go for the CT22 or the Nankang (which my TR specialist dealer likes). I know this will be of no comfort, but the T-trac 2 tyres are superb on my TR4a, with wires.
  8. My family started and ran the first Automobile Electricians in the UK, started in 1912 converting the London taxi cabs from acetylene lighting to electric lamps. Most garages in South London brought their cars to our garage for electrical repairs. So I need no lessons in this area, but thanks for the thought.
  9. Personally I don't like the battery terminals close to the bulkhead, and I have never had any problem with using a spanner safely in their current position , but to keep you happy I'll put some shrink wrap onto the clamp.
  10. That is fantastic! I'll PM you.
  11. On the Moss site it's part no 616275 Part 44 on the illustration. If you can help that would be great.
  12. I've been trying to find a replacement glove box catch plate for some time, none of the usual suspects seem to have one. Does anyone know of a supplier? The one I have on the car has been hammered flat and reshaped so many time that it really need replacing. Colin
  13. Yes the cable on the battery is for a CTEK battery charger. The PCV down pipe vents to the ground, but as you'll see I have a hybrid system with a TR4 style crank case breather as well going to a catch tank on the bulkhead.
  14. The drivers door window was replaced as it had the wrong glass in from the time when TR4a glass wasn't available and I believe TR6 glass was often used. They reconditioned the regulators and the fit of the glass now is as near perfect as can be, tight and even all round. Oh and that's with the Surrey hard top fitted, which as you know can be very finicky.
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