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  1. On the face of it this may seem a stupid question, but as the result of a serious accident to my left hand some years ago I lost the top half of my three middle fingers and had damage to my thumb, this means that I have very limited dexterity in that hand. It's fine for general stuff, but I can't now hold or manipulate small items in that hand and the general sense of touch is limited and of course reach restricted. This means that a lot of the jobs I used to be able to do on the car are now not possible. I now need to replace the manual windscreen washer pump on my 4A, I have tried reach
  2. Bit of T-cut and it should buff out.
  3. I did have an Accuspark distributor on my 4A, fitted by the PO. However, I have just replaced it with a DD rebuilt Lucas unit, but with a full Lunenition system added, what a difference! Not cheap, but very happy with the resulting smoothness and pick-up throughout the rev range.
  4. What Stuart said. I have the Revington one as well.
  5. Mine are hidden until I pull the rubber forward. I assume that you checked.
  6. I've been following this since the start, I'm just hoping I live long enough to see it turn a wheel!
  7. I booked mine on the first day they were available, still not arrived yet.
  8. I have an Accuspark in my 4A, put in by PO in 2018, so not a vast mileage on it, but I have no complaints about the performance of the ignition.
  9. Yes I believe a number of them do just door cards, I recently got TRGB to fit a new pair of cards to my 4A.
  10. I found that fitting the new cards to my 4a was really easy. When TRGB had the car in for an engine rebuild and a new window I just said "While you have the doors apart can you fit new door cards please", simple as that and no fighting the pin back into place!
  11. Here's my 4a column. As Roger says OD and indicator on the right, lighting on the left.
  12. With the hard surrey top on my TR4a it was obvious that there were terrible gaps at the top and the windows were at the wrong angle. When my car was over at TRGB for a full engine rebuild I got them to check the windows for me. They replaced the glass with new TR4A ones as mine had obviously had TR5/6 windows fitted at some time. They are now in the words of Gary at TRGB the best fiiting TR4(a) window he has ever seen. They now fit perfectly, I'm well pleased.
  13. Plate received from Conrad and now fitted. Thanks Conrad.
  14. Andy, I think I may have bought the last five T-Trac 2 tyres in 165/80 R15, I tracked a set down to a European supplier as I couldn't find a set in the UK. This was last August, Vredestein I believe had stopped making them in this size about then. If buying now I would probably go for the CT22 or the Nankang (which my TR specialist dealer likes). I know this will be of no comfort, but the T-trac 2 tyres are superb on my TR4a, with wires.
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