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  1. Have a look at Worcester Classic Cars.
  2. I used to own a Daimler SP250 Dart, which was ex Met-police still had the bell on the front bumper. Best engine I've ever had in an old British car by a long way. Didn't have it very long as I had other calls on my finances. Last time I saw it was in 2015 when it went for £50k at the Brooklands auction.
  3. This is the backlight on my 4A, this shows how the seal should fit.
  4. If my 4A didn't have a servo fitted when I bought it, having driven others without the servo I most certainly would have fitted one to mine, to me it makes the driving experience so much more pleasurable as I'm not into the hairy chested macho philosophy of if you can lock the brakes you don't need one. If it makes driving more pleasurable for you when you don't need the legs of a second row to brake, then go ahead and fit one. There aren't many TRs out there that can be called 'original' now anyway. Mine's a Lockheed.
  5. At my school back in the sixties, the standard fair in the buttery was a bread roll with a chocolate bar in it, this was put in the oven until the chocolate melted. I think we'd have drawn the line at clotted cream and Nutella. The lady who served in the butt was called Mrs Crisp and as one of the school's four 'Bougher' prefects (Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy, and Captains of Rugby and Cricket) I was allowed to go in the out door and out the in door.
  6. In Auto Bild's 'classic' tyre test in 2019 on a Healey 3000, the Blockley tyres didn't do well they came a distant sixth, behind Dunlop Sport Classic, Michelin XVS, Vredestein Sprint Classic, Pirelli CA67 and Avon Radial Steel. Only beating Retro RC101 and a no-name budget tyre.
  7. If the TR4 or TR6 GT options had been around I'd still have bought the GT6 I think the nose shape balances the GT styling more. This was my ex Leo Villa (Malcolm and Donald Cambell's chief mechanic) GT6 that I restored. I think the shape was wonderful.
  8. My father was an automobile electrician all his working (non-war) life, his father started the garage in 1912, initially to convert the London taxi cabs fleet from acetylene to electric lighting. My Grandfather was a superb engineer and magneto specialist, doing all of the ignition systems for Malcolm Campbell's Bluebird cars. Both my Grandfather and father smoked roll-up cigarettes and would have one constantly in their mouths, but using the Rizla Blue papers they would go out unless drawn. In those days they would strip a dynamo or starter down and clean all of the components in a bowl
  9. One of the most impressive drives I've ever seen.
  10. Just had a look at mine, this is a mohair surrey by CHT, to be honest I think I've only put it on to try the fit as I usually have the hard top on or have it open, but the soft top sits in the boot for a very slow emergency. Just a metal bar, in the rear pocket.
  11. https://www.tr-registershop.co.uk/firesafetystick-10398-p.asp Colin
  12. I personally would stick to the 165/80 R15, they were designed to run on these, and they really do make a difference to the handling and feel of the steering etc, especially at low speed. Your choice though.
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