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  1. I wonder if they aren't smoother with a heavier flywheel because I had a couple of engines fully balanced and although they were smoother overall, they had a rough patch at a bit over 3000. I believe the TR4A had the heaviest flywheel and wonder if it helped with the rough patch.
  2. http://blog.modernmechanix.com/mi-tests-the-triumph-tr-2/3/#mmGal
  3. The best place for Molyslip is in sidescreen steering boxes. It actually makes a difference you can feel. I've got one of two huge tins of Graphite grease that I'm slowing emptying into my various nipples. I got them when a local RAF depot closed amd it seems a pity to waste them.
  4. Make sure the fan belt isn't slipping
  5. Drums are awful after modern brakes, so upgrading is sensible and I can sell you a pair of calipers if you can collect. I fitted three piston E Type ones to mine from the early seventies.
  6. I had a lot of trouble with Lucas pattern coils amd that included wrong part numbers so that the one I was using was drawing 7 Amps instead a bit under 3 Amps. It was 6 Volt labelled 12. I suggest that you put an ammeter in series with the supply and check how much current it's drawing. The most reliable coils I've used are Accuspark's general purpose ones on EBay for £13.95, but Bosch VW Beatle ones are excellent too.
  7. Rolls-Royce got that one wrong on the MK VI Bentley, they had the front SU overflow onto the Dynamo brushes and it caused quite a few fires over the years.
  8. IMO red is an impossible colour and black would be a better option. Only one thing worse than red is two reds clashing. Rich is doing a red leather Rolls-Royce 20/25 by Gurney Nutting ATM if you'd like a picture and have an air sick bag handy. We use Boyriven motor Wilton in everything except some R-Rs & Bs where we can't get a colour and the extra pile doesn't get in the way, Then we use 100% Wool Belgian Wilton. These are the best and even Belgian Wilton is only £60 a metre, so it's worth it for how much nicer it looks. In my TR we've stuck to rubber mats in the front with underlay
  9. Prescott is one of the best motoring venues IMO. Great atmosphere.
  10. . This is the correct jet position and provided the float heights are correct (7/16" on H6) the butterflies are synced and the Pistons aren't sticking, the car will run as it should. It's that simple.
  11. I think most old engines run weak on the current fuel, which is very different to what we had way back. My Healey was particularly bad at running on till I put it on a rolling road. Hasn't stopped it completely, but it's much faster and much better. I think it's worth having done. My Bentley was miles out too, just have to get the TR done now.
  12. Remember that these cars originally had cross ply tyres and that they needed a bit of tow in. Radials don't and so parallel or very near is best.
  13. It is a lovely story and great that so many widescreen cars are getting the love they need. I hope it brings lots of happiness to the family.
  14. Lovely place, but has a bit of car fallen off in the last picture. What a cracking place for a drive. In Gloucestershire I'm always five cars back from an elderly Fiesta or Micra with a dementia sufferer in it driving at 27mph and dabbing the brakes.
  15. There's a problem obtaining an image address with iOS 8
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