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  1. Hello fellow members iam thinking of installing a anti roll bar to the front of my Tr4a from Moss, I have been told you can use the front of the original fitted radiator shield to mount the front of the bar can you advise.

    Yours Peter.

    1. Motorsport Mickey

      Motorsport Mickey

      Yes, that's how some of the TR specialist mount them, check on their websites and you'll find diagrams which help a lot. 

      PS: what do you think the anti roll bar will do ?

      The factory devised these cars to understeer...it's safer, you turn the steering wheel and if you're going too fast you go straight on until the speed scrubs off and then the car turns in. If you fit ONLY a front anti roll Bar it will turn the understeer into UNDERSTEER, the clues in the name...anti roll. When the car rolls it passes weight from the inside tyre to the out side tyre, giving more grip to the outside wheel, it being pressed down harder, a front anti roll bar prevents that happening (anti roll you see, the wheels are effectively attached together). So the car doesn't roll as much on the front and the across car weight transfer (the anti roll bar) deforms the tyre footprint available at the front reducing it, meaning less grip...you will understeer more...but at least the car attitude is flatter.

      To gain a handling benefit you need a rear anti roll bar also twinned with the front anti roll bar, that stiffens the rear of the car also causing it to deform the tyre patch there reducing the grip and preventing the rear wheels from pushing the car through the tyre steering effort the front wheels are trying to impart, the car doesn't understeer so much.

      Mick Richards 

    2. Tr4a Pete

      Tr4a Pete

      Thankyou Mick the car has a rear anti roll bar fitted already it's been stored for 42 years and never moved except a lot of parts dismantled and left in boxes.

  2. Hello My first time iam needing some advice, I have a tr4a that has not been on the road for 41years its in really good condition i have had the engine and gearbox out to paint the engine bay,so I took a look at the clutch brand new just stuck to the fly wheel any way today i was hoping to put the engine and gearbox back, Engine on crane tilted at 45 degrees oil spilling out from the bell housing when I separated the box from the engine first time no oil in the bell housing it's been dry for the last 3 years no drips. Hope you can help Yours Tr4a Pete.
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