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  1. Perfectly happy Ed, the engine has been rebuilt since that post, so I know that all the coolant channels are pure and have no gunk, and the radiator is new. I have every confidence in it and Revingtons who did the work were happy to refill with it without question (not because they sold it- I provided it from my stock, before some wag suggests that they would wouldn’t they!). One point I would make is that if there is the slightest weep or leak in the system it will find it......hence my new radiator! Its like Marmite- I love it, many don’t. There is a more flammable substance circulating
  2. For what it’s worth when Geoffrey was tuned recently at Revingtons on the rolling road we had TRouble getting it tuned until we disconnected the vacuum advance tube from the 123 distributor (which I had reinstalled when I first acquired the car). I’ve no idea what the final timing setting was as they’re bespoke to the modified engine but the 123 distributor is set to “B”.
  3. As a new Devonian, and incipient smallholder, I can only wonder why you boys don’t make your own! It’s not hard, just tedious. You could try some pickled eggs as well whilst you’re in preserving mode!
  4. I’ve run T-tracks with tubes in with no issues. Got mine last spring from Vintage tyres at Beaulieu (also have a shop at Bicester). And they balance them properly!
  5. I’ll take my chances Iain
  6. Indeed Roger, the cream first issue does however give me problems as I’m a firm believer in jam first - the Cornish way. I fear ostracism early in our sojourn in Devon and may have to go undercover! Fortunately burning at the stake has been discontinued in the county I’ve been led to believe.....
  7. Thank you Roger, I’ve had a great day (so far....and the night is young/not happened yet). It was particularly enhanced by exchanging contracts on our new abode in darkest Devon.
  8. Roy, pretty sure tank “A” is from a 3. My spare one is currently in storage so I can’t confirm immediately. Not sure re the straps.
  9. I think an oil temperature gauge is one of the more useful additions, Hamish. Certainly for continental touring and rallies in high summer temperatures, which is what floats our boat!
  10. My TR3 had an oil cooler once, it used to do hill climbs and sprints with the PO. He installed it along with a oil temperature gauge. The oil cooler kept leaking and was ditched. The temperature gauge remains and the oil temperature has only once reached anywhere near 100 on a rally stage in the Black-forest involving hills in 36 degree weather. It usually sits at 70; 80 at most and is a useful gauge to have IMO. So unless you’re planning to do what Hamish does or similar, I’d think hard about installing a cooler, unless you enjoy chasing leaks! A sucker fan vs a puller fan is a dif
  11. Possibly, Roger, but then so do I! I was in a queueueueueue yesterday. The good news was that, as a result of my patience, I’m going on for my op a week today to have the engineering wire removed from my kneecap. Thought it might come in handy for the TR so I’ve asked to keep it as a souvenir!
  12. Our thoughts are with you Tom Ben & Vicky
  13. Very impressive Bob, you clearly need to give it more beans. Geoffrey is much better and has been fettled post running-in and is going well; so I suspect my results won’t be as impressive. Next year you must camp with us reasonable rates will apply ! B&V
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