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  1. ....and congratulations on doing so! I'm about to get a set for Geoffrey (once he's returned from you know where!!). I have original T-tracs on at the moment but despite excellent tread depth they're 11 years old. I don't fancy doing the 10CR in hard rubber!
  2. "Geoffrey" my TR3 is NSU and was repatriated in c.1989 from the US. I was told that many such vehicles have "spare" Glasgow numbers if that helps.
  3. You were lucky Bob, parking in a wooded carpark flashing your lights would get a different response around here....try searching "dogging spots in the New Forest " ;)
  4. Hi Archie Are you talking about the windscreen or the rear screen in the hardtop? I read your post twice and am still not sure! I have a hardtop to fit to my 3 and am about to embark on this too so I am watching your progress with interest! My issues are several! But include replacing bent windscreen stanchions; fitting the rear fixings to the tub and then of course buying a new soft top! The top rail on the windscreen on mine has the holes already so fitting the front brackest should be straight forward. The hardtops were designed to be removed/fitted with the windscreen in place and so in your case I would offer up the top with the screen (wind or rear!) in place. There is a fair degree of flex in the thing. I'd just proceed with caution and keep everything loosened until you are satisfied that it will fit before you clamp everything down tight.
  5. Thanks H! Entertaining as usual!
  6. Snap! (oh sorry wrong card game!) Been there, done that - but I did lose a few brownie points for damaging the kitchen floor when I mated the two together! (but to be fair she was in on the act!)
  7. I have to put up with stinking, hairy horse clothing (not the riders!!) being put in the washing machine so I feel I have some moral highground! .....(but I wouldnt chance my arm with the dishwasher or the kichen sink!)
  8. No, I value my life Hamish! (even though Vicky was out; she would know!!)
  9. Responding to a suggestion on this forum that my excessive oil consumption may be due to a blocked crankcase breather pipe; I removed it and gave it a clean with copious amounts of Lydian degreasant (a 5 l can of which was gifted to me by the PO). Removal and refitting was straight forward which was pleasant! I'm not sure what I was expecting but I don't think it wasn't completely blocked. A considerable amount of black "snot" came out following a good soak and some vigorous shaking of the tube. If it had all been lodged in the u-bend bit, then I guess it might have restricted the breathing. How much snot is required to constitute a serious blockage? Anyway now that his sinuses have been irrigated I hope it might help the oil stay inside the engine!
  10. Well done Tim - you deserve a medal for that record which will never be beaten! Our MPG over 2196 miles was 32.6 MPG. It was 34.2 in 2016 but I gave it more wellie this time! I can't believe you felt so good at the end; I was in zombie mode and it wasn't until Monday after breakfast that I switched from "never-again" mode to "right-next-time-we-need-to...." mode! Just to keep the thread on track: Today I got back into Geoffrey, having peeled off the soft top and the bathroom sealant, and drove up to the garage to top up the fuel (so that I could calculate the MPG). Lovely to have the lid off again, its really claustrophobic with the hood up and sidescreens on (not helped by the strategically positioned duct tape rain deflectors!!). The alternator is beginning to chirp - bearing - I guess - but it obviously didn't fail on the Run because it knew I was carrying a spare! There is also some clonking coming from the rear end (suspect rear spring bushes?) - not helped by the Turweston Airfield perambulation! (where, incidentally, I learnt to drive in 1978 in a Herald 13/60 estate). The oil use (mostly not consumed but spewed out) was about 4 litres but the back end of the car has an oily sheen and I’ve got to bite the bullet and sort the rear seal (having done the front one the oil is obviously determined to find another route to freedom!!).
  11. Very smart! Can you specify where the mirror pockets are because Geoffrey's are mounted on the windscreen stanchions (an asymetrically at that!)?
  12. Hi Bob Like many things about Geoffrey the heater is a modification! It is mounted wrongly and when I put in a new matrix (fatter) it is now too close to wiring to risk using it! I have a proper bracket now so I can mount it properly (but haven't got round to it!). Also the engine temperature was low and it would have been even lower with the heater on. So it was partially self-inflicted!
  13. Tim Ref. Gearbox, we had a similar problem with gear selection in 2016 which became more aparrent from Bude onwards I.e. it had done many continuous miles and was then asked to change up and down across Dartmoor. By Pimperne it was getting really tricky and I was beginning to worry about it. We soldiered on and with less gear changes need on the last leg we finished. This time we had no issues at all. The only thing I've changed in the gearbox oil. So try that first before you take the gbox out (unless of course you're a masochist!!)
  14. It's a bit blurry because the camera man was shivering! This was at the Monmouth Control stop
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