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  1. Remember Teflon Tony? Still pontificating on the airwaves; well we now have Teflon Tartan Tufty........
  2. Peter, nodes in cereal or any grass are the only place that the stem can change direction so to see elongation of the node is a natural response to the change in direction of growth. I would have thought that if steam was expelled from the nodes it would kill the plant. I can’t explain how “Stressgard” works as it claims to increase yields and plant resilience. If this worked in the field it would have been adopted commercially.
  3. My 2d-worth. Not agricultural activity. Likely to be survey pits for development but it may not be roads or buildings, I recall test pits being dug for a prospective extension to a graveyard to check the depth of bedrock......
  4. Hi Roger, sorry we’re on the drag. It’s all to do with Devon being being in a different time zone to Hampshire.......we have yet to get used to it......anyway we hope you had a splendid day! Ben and Vicky
  5. Ditto, I shall enjoy it while I can and let someone else worry about it when I’m gone. It’s a valid question though but I suspect that there will be a considerable delay in implementation.............. if I’m still up to it nearer the time I might install a solar panel on the boot lid............
  6. This is our set up. It’s neatly tucked away inside the glovebox. Photo credit to Steve McKelvie - RIP - a fellow competitor and ace navigator on the 2017 Paris-Prague Rally. https://stevemckelvie.wordpress.com/category/paris-to-prague-rally/
  7. Perfectly happy Ed, the engine has been rebuilt since that post, so I know that all the coolant channels are pure and have no gunk, and the radiator is new. I have every confidence in it and Revingtons who did the work were happy to refill with it without question (not because they sold it- I provided it from my stock, before some wag suggests that they would wouldn’t they!). One point I would make is that if there is the slightest weep or leak in the system it will find it......hence my new radiator! Its like Marmite- I love it, many don’t. There is a more flammable substance circulating
  8. For what it’s worth when Geoffrey was tuned recently at Revingtons on the rolling road we had TRouble getting it tuned until we disconnected the vacuum advance tube from the 123 distributor (which I had reinstalled when I first acquired the car). I’ve no idea what the final timing setting was as they’re bespoke to the modified engine but the 123 distributor is set to “B”.
  9. As a new Devonian, and incipient smallholder, I can only wonder why you boys don’t make your own! It’s not hard, just tedious. You could try some pickled eggs as well whilst you’re in preserving mode!
  10. I’ve run T-tracks with tubes in with no issues. Got mine last spring from Vintage tyres at Beaulieu (also have a shop at Bicester). And they balance them properly!
  11. I’ll take my chances Iain
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