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  1. Mine is on the other side and the ducting points at the front carb only. My bonnet hinges are on raised blocks and when it's running you can feel the draft by the windscreen so it is clearly shifting the air.
  2. Bob's pictures will be a lot better than mine partly as I'm currently about 200 miles away from the car/photos and also you really wouldn't like to see the state of my engine bay when I did take some pictures. (The view is greatly improved now). Whilst you're awaiting the demonstration of Bob's photographic skills suffice to say that I fixed the fan to the edge of the ducting on the inside of the apron with a right-angle bracket. The flexible ducting was secured using cable ties attached to the radiator stays.
  3. Bob is correct (and has saved me the trouble of a Google!) Thanks Bob
  4. My solution wasn't my idea but I got an inline fan from Merlin Motorsport. It's original purpose is to ventilate boat bilges. Hence it is known as the "bilge pump". It's made of plastic and isn't particularly pretty but could be painted to help it blend in. When I was at Merlin I was intending to purchase a far more expensive, metal model made by a well known electric radiator fan manufacturer. However the "huff" - technical term - was far better from the cheap plastic one. It's mounted behind the grill with a piece of ducting up to the carbs. I only switch it on in traffic queues and it makes the car far less grumpy.
  5. When you eventually get it out, loop a short length of rope through the wheel then you have something to pull it out by in future
  6. Wherever you go be aware that until the engine is stripped down you won't know how much needs doing. Do you know what the previous owner did with the car? Gentle pootling around or competition? Factor in enough ££ for nasty surprises and then you can be pleasantly surprised when its not needed!
  7. I agree John, I have a cut off switch in the cockpit and my CTEK charger has a socket hard wired to the battery so that I can just plug it straight in.
  8. It's worth doing a search for mirror solutions for sidescreens on here as there are several threads and even more solutions suggested! I have gone for the Revington column mounted stalk solution. Haven't used it in anger yet but you can reach the stalks without removing a hand from the wheel. That suits what I do with my car!
  9. I'd suggest a chat with Revingtons. You'll need to fatten up your piggy bank if you decide to modify.
  10. ........but if anyone out there has a masochistic tendency or a desire for originality I have just removed mine from the TR3 and replaced it with a TR6 2-speed kit. To be fair I was pleasantly surprised how effective the originals were in rain, but wobetide you if you just wanted to clean the screen when it wasn't pouring down!
  11. Is the choke cable touching any of the injector pipes? It may only happen with the bonnet down......
  12. I presume that you wouldn't contemplate an asymmetric set up? I attach rally plates to this bracket, which is bolted to the bumper irons, with nylon ties (it has been tested to +110 mph )
  13. Try Vintage Tyres at Beaulieu. I got a set of T-trac 2's from them 6 weeks ago. They were stamped "DA" - defective appearance but neither VT nor I could see any difference between them and the standard and they were £45 each. They fitted and balanced them too while I waited.
  14. Ben Freer

    TR4 Rebuild

    I'm fully expecting a full report tomorrow recounting the tale of how you managed to extricate yourself from the spray booth after sticking yourself to the panel like the numerous insects your captured yesterday. Hopefully with all your limbs intact and not with them folornly waggling about in an otherwise perfectly sprayed surface......
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