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  1. I would encourage folks who require a set to get in the queue. These are well-made and otherwise NLA. I purchased mine in 2015 and highly recommend them. Mike.
  2. Hi Peter, Put me down for 2 pairs if you don't mind. Great job! Thanks, Mike
  3. Glad to hear of the progress. I look forward to the final result. Mike
  4. Dan, That looks a bit rough. I believe the housing is an aluminum casting which has undergone some significant electrostatic deterioration. If the sealing surfaces are too thin you may be in for a challenge. (see 12 o'clock in the first photo). At least there is an option once the SDF thermostat housings become available, I am in the queue! Mike
  5. Met Don at the TRA meeting in Ohio in 2004. He arrived solo that time and allowed my father to ride with him on one of the driving tours. This helped get the ball rolling on our own restoration. He and my Dad had a great chat as they both were original owners in the late 50's albeit Don managed to hold onto his car! As mentioned, Don was always helpful with tips, etc. He also travelled widely in North America with a tent and sleeping bag at the ready! Condolences to his family, Michael K
  6. Hi Ian, The thermostat housing is probably highest on the list, followed by a replacement gasket for the L471 lights and baby tenax fasteners...... Mike
  7. Hi, Just wondering if there are any updates regarding the SDF projects for the early TR2? Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi, Graeme the early TR250's have a different plate as shown. I am not sure of the change date or VIN sequence, but that is correct for an early car. Mike
  9. Thanks everyone, figured there could be a "bit of history' associated with the 62 year old panel, but I was curious regarding others experience. Once again Agent Pringle comes thru, now it is his time. All the best Alec. Mike
  10. I recently was able to compare the fit of rear tire doors on an NOS Stanpart TR3A rear valance. The TR3 door I have fit perfectly in size and contour. When I placed the early aluminum TR2 door in the opening it sat proud on either end where the locks are located. The door otherwise was the correct size, but clearly the profile is flatter across it versus the later door. I presume this reflects the different contours of the TR2 thru early TR3 valance versus the later version with the plinths? Just thought I would throw that out for what it is worth. Any comments from previous experience? How ab
  11. Hi Stan, Great job! Hope we have some decent weather for your drives........ I will keep my eyes out for you. Mike
  12. Another Vote of thanks and great job! My two sets arrived last week. Mike
  13. Nice combination Dan. What a find and many happy miles ahead I am sure. Mike
  14. Good luck with your hunt Raymond! Photos upon capture, please! Michael K
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