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  1. I will bring some finished radios to Harrogate if anyone is interested. Please let me know beforehand. Many Thanks
  2. I agree, very helpful, but was disappointed that he failed to tell me the price he quoted me on the phone didn't include VAT and delivery. Bit of a surprise when I received the bill.
  3. hi Pink, all our radios have been serviced, i.e. transistors, which tend to fail after so many years, are replaced, along with any out-of tolerance resistors and capacitors. They are thorughly cleaned inside and out and left on test for minimum 6 hours. They are to the original spec. i.e. mono rather than stereo but now have the luxury of a lead to which you can connect an external source via the 3.5mm plug. Usually this would be an iPhone or iPod, or other device which has a 3.5mm socket. This could be another brand of phone, an mp3 player or DAB radio. I hope this answers your question. Any other info please email me at the address on the website. Regards. David
  4. Here is a link to my website: www.retroretreat.co.uk Click on the "Radios" page and you will see a selection of Motorola and Radiomobile Radios I currently have available. Or if your TR already has a radio and you would like it serviced, and/or converted to play iPod/mp3 player, please get in touch. Thank You
  5. I saw the majority of the cars when they finished in Otley - Well done to all those involved!!
  6. www.adgscreenprinters.co.uk Based near Bradford, West Yorkshire. Established for 30 Years. Please get in touch for any of your Screen-Printing needs. Many Thanks
  7. Hi, open to offers really. It's in great condition, having only been out of the box for the first time last year. I know they cost £380 new. cheers. David

  8. What sort of price had you in mind for the carcoon? Rebuilding a 3a in the cold garage.



  9. I agree !! but if it's a 4A wouldn't it be Wedgwood Blue?? (here we go again.......)
  10. Hi Marc, you can have my copy for £200. It's in lovely condition David
  11. Hi Ian, I have sent you an email regarding the above. Many thanks. David
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice. I will try a few things, starting with different fuel and an additive, then probbaly an anti run-on valve. I will report back
  13. That's really helpful - if you are in Australia !
  14. Hi Andy, form what i remember, they look sooty but the tip is clean and sandy coloured. Monty, I will try Shell next time I fill up
  15. Hi Steve, yes I have just had it tuned so assume everything is as it should be. When you say a "cooler" plug, what would you recommend and where from? Cheers
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