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    Many thanks guys, spent time playing with my new toy, see general part of forum
  3. The good thing is it is a true vertical lift as apposed to a swing lift you get with a trolley jack. minimum height when deflated is 5.5 inches and max lift 15"inches
  4. the angle needs to be reduced a little to get under the rear apron
  5. Been trying out my birthday/early Christmas prezzy and so far very impressed. Air jack that lifts the car in 3 seconds 15" off the ground. Ok not ideal for a side lift due to chassis clearance on a side screen car but probably fine. I expect it could go quicker but I restricted air pressure to 60psi and it is very controllable. Big pad to seat lift on.. Might even work with a 12v compressor as long as you can get 50 to 60 psi Kind of pricey at £71 delivered but with capacity of three tons it will work on all my vehicles, motorhome, boat trailer Volvo xc90 Suzuki 4x4,garden tractor.
  6. Soda blast with 10% ally oxide added for rusty bits cos paint stripper wont remove that.
  7. Ah well only 1 cylinder left to lose. I bet he charges a good price to the actual owner who drive off in it. Perhaps its for a unintentional static display!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hi Hamish,o cot My solution was to use Outboard motor fogging oil, squirt it through plug holes and turn the engine over a few times to coat cylinder walls. also exhaust side spray to coat exhaust valves and stems. Then remove the rockers and shaft coat that with fogging oil and wrap with cloth also coated in oil. Seal the openings with cloth and tape. This prevents the valve springs having load on for the duration also prevent damp air getting the bores. Fill sump till it wont take any more. Worked for me. Rod
  9. Thanks to my local council failure to keep road drains clean we have been flooded out for the second time in three years. Much worse this time and we had the Fire Service come and pump the flood water clear. They were here for 3 hours and were able to prevent further damage using a 5 inch dia pick up tube and 4 inch outlet so a serious amount of water. These Volanteer guys are the best and i can not sing their praises high enough. They had by mid to late afternoon been out rescuing people and pumping house clear with not hot meal or drinks. My wife and I have been overwhelmed by our neigh
  10. i had my two spare radiators recored by local Serck. The only non original starting handle hole was omitted. Worth asking them if you have a leaking or knackered rad. Usually worth a face to face contact if possible as the guys like something out of the ordinary, the truck division still do traditional type cores for trucks and vans. Rgds Rod
  11. Hi Owen, I know your pain! Depending on how original you want your car there are options available. I research this particular issue some years back and was advised that the issue with repro control boxes is due to recent materials used in them. The original control boxes were made from material before Nuclear testing effects were known. Whether this is true or not is of no matter, the mere fact that originals are still in many cases working tends to support this idea. I would suggest that an original rebuilt and professionally set up is worth it's weight in gold. The same is true of
  12. Check out Outboard motor fuel stabiliser as the better ones bond with water and the Army use it for their fuel during long term storage of vehicle a stocks of fuel. Might work but worth a try. Berryman by name of one Rod
  13. Highly recommend a cleaner I have found which is highly effective and cheep. It is called "Elbow Grease". available in many outlets including Tesco, Home Bargains etc. 1 Litre spray at approx £1.50 which is significantly cheaper than Gunk and the spray bottle very useful. Also works well on wheel cleaning and brake dust. Rod
  14. Hi Andrew Perhaps the loom fixing tabs benefit from additional isolation tubing. Any excess weight can cause fretting and eventual failure. Rod
  15. Perhaps it has something to do with originality and to command top dollar the car has to be right! The yellow car seems over priced with wrong wheels, seats and poor fitting panels from what is visible in the pic. Many cars have been fitted with upgrades to facilitate modern driving and they just don't make the grade for those who want the original experience! If you want a more civilised drive with rack and pinion, servo'd brakes , comfy seats then buy a TR4, TR5, TR6. A sidescreen car done right is a joy to drive the seats are comfortable, the driving position not bad even for over
  16. ask him to deliver for a fee to your home, bonny car I bet the real owner is really proud of it.
  17. Hi Peter this is what I fitted about four years ago, just wondering if these are still the best or likely to fail.
  18. Any one know if the Viton tipped valve needles I fitted are ethanol proof, or is this another failure point? Rod
  19. My replacement was responsible for poor or no reverse gear selection due to being too stiff and too thick in the wrong places. Refitted original, split at the lever like those above, and I used heatshrink to bring the split together. Solved my gear selection problems and I can live with the slightly more difficult process of removing but as the gear lever is tapered not an issue. You need to look carefully to see the fix and know what to look for, so works for me. No idea what I'll do when this one finally dies. I suppose that we should be grateful that we have any supply at all for
  20. For information, I have four axle lining and rivet sets of Original spec and material for 9" drums. Anyone interested please PM me. Rod
  21. Can anyone confirm the exact dimensions of the linings and confirm if there are any variations to rivet spacing for the TR2 linings. I seem to recall something like 1.5"x3/16th x 9"
  22. Hi Dan, I may have a spare set of original linings can you get hold of the copper rivets? I'm not sure I have enough for an extra set.. I have already relined mine, but want a spare set just in case. I'll drop a pm if I can help. rgds Rod
  23. i will be interested if things change after you fit the gear lever rubber gaiter. I suggest that you fit it and trial things before fitting carpets. My gaiter was so stiff that it inhibited reverse selection. Rod
  24. Rodbr

    TR in films

    "The Bank Job" starring Jason Statham, set in seventies has a lot of classics and a few TR's. Worth a watch as it is based on factual events. Rod
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