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  1. I thought that the indicator bulbs front and back are 21W each, + perhaps the side markers at 5w. John
  2. Check the diaphragm in the distributor, do a suck test, on the tube to the distributor, it should hold a vacuum, if its not holding, extra air is entering the manifold via the tube, you could blank off the tube to try if it makes a difference. John
  3. John L

    PI is dieseling

    As a matter of interest which plugs are using? John
  4. I think they are lower inner wishbone bushes, the top bracket has its own bracket,. not a bolt. John
  5. John I understood wrongly then that the 6 cylinder cam sprocket with a double chain couldn't be turned over to use more adjustment, please confirm I'm wrong please. John
  6. John L

    Engine out

    Jah How do you get round the silly hump on the steering bracket, do you take the sump off first perhaps, what's it like aligning up the gearbox for reinstalling? It looks like taking the engine out, it will come out easily enough, its the clutch alignment when putting it back to be more of the problem. John
  7. John L

    Engine out

    Is it possible to take the 6 engine out leaving the gearbox in situ, its very close at the bulkhead, to lift the engine front to get over the silly bracket at the front? May be possible to get out , but perhaps a nightmare to get the alignment with the clutch to get it back in. I didn't really want to have to take all the tunnel and seat out again. Any tips would be appreciated John
  8. I think 7 bar is a bit low, it can go up to 7,5 bar running. I mean the little o ring in the tip of the injector, if it leaks it will let the fuel run back into the mu, so the engine has to turn over a while until the pipe fills up again. which injector lines are you using the black thin tubes? Also one of the unions could be leaking a bit of air, but not enough to leak fuel strangely enough. I have taken the non return valve rubber sealing washer out and turned them over, the seats in the union are not well machined, I did all except 2 and 5, I just hooked out the spring turned the rubber over and has been better for a while. Mine doesn't start on all cylinders if left for say a week or two, I know it would be nice, but once its been running it will fire up on all 6. John
  9. Is the choke cable opening MU enough? Could be the little injector seals be leaking allowing the fuel to leak out, or the non return valves in the adaptors at the MU allowing fuel to drain back. Do you let the pump run for a while before cranking? Sometimes helps. What's the pressure at the MU when cranking? John
  10. Have you fitted the dowel bolts in the gearbox engine flange? Did you change the cross shaft bushes? When you depress the clutch can you select reverse without crunching? It may be the clutch is not opening enough with wear on the pedal and master cylinder push rod perhaps. Perhaps it could be the gearbox snout that is not correct, Roger on here had a new one that was dimensionally wrong. Has it always made the noise? John
  11. John L

    Heater valve

    There is this one that can be fitted into a heater hose, but just need a connecting tube into the block, same sort of valve as the USA one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/London-Taxi-TXI-TX1-FW-D-Heater-Control-Valve-Metal-High-Quality/142143952947?hash=item2118709833:g:~uEAAOSw8gVX-z1n John
  12. If you take the diff down, I would go for ordinary rubber mounts, the poly ones can add some noise into the body, also take the rear plate off and add a drain plug in the aluminium cover perhaps. John
  13. John L


    I'm sure Stuart on here has recently recommended some very strong adhesive that he uses, but I cannot see it at the moment, sure he will be along soon with the answer. John
  14. Thanks Peter, does that mean that all 22d6 distributors have the tacho drive, just for future reference, always willing to learn. Do I also notice that #1 inlet has the exhaust valve top rotating caps? John
  15. John L

    Electronic ignition

    I have fitted many of these to MG's and have one in my TR5, https://simonbbc.com/Powerspark-Electronic-Ignition-Kit-for-Lucas-22D6--25D6-Distributor-K1--R4 John
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