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  1. I hope Jim wont mind me attaching this? May be of use also. John TR6GroundPoints.pdf
  2. MG owners club do adaptors for £64, https://www.mgocspares.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.cgi?WD=cones balancer wire wheel&PN=MGOC_SPARES_Spinners___Ancillaries_878-p3.html Scroll down the list. John
  3. Whats wrong with Cadmium types, please explain. John
  4. What was the fail figure, what year are they testing it on? John
  5. Martin Mine do have the reinforcement around all the air balance tubes. Also noted is the number 1 is in front of the letters DD. My build date was 23 May 1968. John
  6. Martin My 3 throttle bodies are all DD1, and I don't have the front air screw fitted, these are all still original, engine # 2492. Does this help? John
  7. John L

    Leaking MU

    You may have to turn the other drive gear in the pedestal, and the crank needs to be ATDC on #1. CR Petrol injection.docx
  8. Tim I missunderstood your original question, The bolt I put just a copper washer, is the one that holds the water manifold to the head, the bolt on the lower left looking at the front of the engine. I think all the water pump studs are blind into the housing behind. John
  9. I think the bottom one is the only one. John
  10. I fitted a copper washer on that bolt. That bolt is open to the water jacket, so water can creep up the threads and out under the spring washer. John
  11. As a matter of interest are the sellars/senders charging VAT, it should be vat free in UK and the vat in the receiving country is what has to be paid + the admin free. John
  12. John L

    Leaking MU

    Hope it doesnt get lost on the way to UK or back
  13. I have a Nextbase 522GW unit, it can have a rear camera attached. This unit uses a cigar lighter socket for power. The only problem I had on my trip to Moscow was that I hadnt realised how many bugs get stuck on the windscreen and blur the readings on the playback in the evening. Note, to keep the windscreen cleaned during the day! Also get a huge sized card, as its amazing how much space it uses on a card, before rewriting over, we did have a few long days driving. John
  14. John L

    Leaking MU

    You are correct, there shouldnt be petrol under the black cover. Make sure that you turn the engine to compression on #1 cylinder to TDC. As there is nothing adjustable in what you are taking off its a doable job. The lower nut of the 3 that hold the MU on, can be a bit of a challenge, but a 1/4 drive socket with extension its doable. I havent actually changed that diaphragm, I think there were some pictures on this forum here not so long ago, perhaps a search might find it. John PS this video may help but I think in Dutch,
  15. This is Lidl's version, Parkside brand, not sure the difference between Amazon and Lidl, depends when Lidl have them in. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BX4TQGD/ref=asc_df_B08BX4TQGD1615910400000/?tag=lion0d29-21&creative=22374&creativeASIN=B08BX4TQGD&linkCode=df0 John
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