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  1. Heres a picture from my TR2,3,4 manual. It will depend really where the lip of the seal is in the seal itself, Some have fitted a double lip seal here. Make sure the circlip on the input bearing is not blocking the drain hole on the left side of the gearbox, make sure all the bolts have only copper washers fitted as the threads are open into the gearbox, including the 2 at the bottom on the layshaft hole. John
  2. Never used them https://www.lincon.co.uk/classic_car_batteries.html John
  3. I have been given a nice Chrissy present from my wife, a new wool set of black carpets with underlay, from TRShop. I have now started to fit them but are unsure of a couple of things and wondered what others had done, having never done this job before. Along the curved sill panel there are some slots in the panel, some are covered with a piece of plastic like tape glued down, what could be used to clover a couple that are not covered? The original fixing studs in the floor are all still in place, should I cut a hole in the underlay, at the appropriate place to allow the carpet to be clipped to the stud on the floor, so keeping the underlay in place under the carpet? or must I get the longer studs, which seem to be a silly price? It would seem that I just have to make 4 holes in the carpet and the underlay to mount the seat rails, and tighten down the frame, is this good practice? I don't think I need to make the mat removable, by cutting slots? Any help would be much appreciated please. John
  4. John L


    What temperature thermostat is fitted, that will determine the hot of the heater, do you have a heat gun available to check what heat is where? John
  5. Weaker mixture, compared to when you had the choke on? Engine speed rises. How far open are the butterflies, fag paper gap, do you have the later manifold with the bypass? Are the butterflies centred in the bodies? Are the right springs in the vacuum capsule of the MU? John
  6. Try Chris Witor https://www.chriswitor.com/proddetail.php?prod=140509SH John
  7. I know these are available in nylon or something as hard, but does anybody make/supply a bronze bush? Seems it could be an item to get made in bronze? There are some parts for the pedal shaft bushes on the Buckeye site, unfortunately I don't have a lathe to turn some up. Also the middle bush could be difficult to manufacture, or has somebody been able to do it without cutting and rewelding the shaft? I have fitted several of the nylon bushes but they don't seem to last very long,with the heat off the manifold and everything in that area is hot! John
  8. Hope this may help, these mirrors are quite difficult to get the mirror glass twisted in the frame to be able to see behind.
  9. What about TRGB near Cambridge https://www.trgb.co.uk/ John
  10. It would appear that this is one of the best paints, as well as Bonda Rust. Is it possible to use part of a 1/2 pint pot of POR put the lid back on and later perhaps a few days reopen, will it still be usable? I understand its like a 2 pack paint, and very durable but have never used it, is the Bonda Rust product the same, and can this be had in black or is it always red oxide colour? Are there some recommended suppliers of both items, it seems like Frost or Holden for the POR, but not sure about Bonda Rust. John
  11. I know these are on offer from most of the well known suppliers, but I cannot get a price from Skinner as they may be better quality? but they are closed for the holidays, would anybody have bought one of their wool sets for a TR6 recently to get a comparison/idea of the price against the others please? John
  12. With the 6.00 and 12.00 movement you are using the weight of the wheel to help the amount of play, compared to the 3.00 and 9.00 value where you are not using the weight of the wheel, I think you need to press harder for the side to side movement, the play has to be the same in each plane. John
  13. Make sure the circlip doesn't block this oil drain hole at the side, the circlip and gearing can turn in the housing, I used a little bit of bearing fit to locate the bearing and stop it turning. I also use copper washers on all the 6 bolts as they are not blind holes. John
  14. Is the spacer #58 in RogerH's post always fitted or does it depend on which spring is fitted? Is there a chart/list which details this please? John
  15. Make sure there is plenty of grease on the seal side of the bearing or the seal will burn with no lubrication.
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