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  1. Anybody going on Saturday, for a meeting at 12.00 at the stand? John
  2. Would some kind fellow please explain the above please, so I fully understand. I understood that camshaft lift is the point that the follower just starts to rise. probably using a DTI. I understood that valve lift is the point that the valve actually starts to open, with the std vale clearance applied, again with a DTI on the valve spring cap. My camshaft provider says they are same, but surely this cannot be correct, unless there are different crankshaft degrees for the two surely, please put me out of my confusion, or have I got it wrong? So if I have a camshaft that says inlet opens at 35 degrees before TDC, do I take it to be cam lift or valve lift, surely it must be stated with the cam spec? Please put me straight...…. John
  3. Window draft excluder can be had in varying thickness and colours, and is usually self adhesive on one side. Not sure how thick it has to be though. John
  4. Use a straight edge between the two pulleys, will tell if the alignment is correct. If the pulley has that much of an offset you should be able to see if its the correct way round, the cutout in the oil thrower is to allow the thrower to be fitted if the key is in place, its held tight buy the crankshaft nut. John
  5. Is this any use? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/COLUMN-OVERDRIVE-SWITCH-CHROME-TRIUMPH-TR4A-R-H-D-PART-NO-139793/352267398540?epid=1923049474&hash=item5204c5ed8c:g:WioAAOSw5VFWQgQg John
  6. If you unscrew the dashpot lids and leave them loose when you accelerate do both lids rise up? If not the gasket on the air cleaner side is fitted wrong or the gasket on the other side of the carb could be fitted incorrectly? There is a cutout in the gasket on the engine side, that should be fitted correctly. Looks like the front float chamber is a bit at an angle or is it the photo? This will upset the level of fuel in it. John
  7. Have you checked the vacuum connection at the distributor, and is the distributor vacuum diaphragm leaking perhaps, as this is connected to the front manifold? John
  8. In a word yes.This side towards the crankshaft. John
  9. Thanks for the dimensions, so your car is a TR4 not an 4A? The lip side of the seal should go towards the crankshaft, it will also have a spring like ring on the outer part of the lip, that helps the seal to grip the shaft/collar. John
  10. @F1loco If you still have the bar out would you be kind enough the measure the overall width of to the outside of the plates please? John
  11. This little program may help as well in deciding where to start, http://www.s262612653.websitehome.co.uk/DVAndrews/webers John
  12. What's the best option to use, the WSM says adjust 1 and 3 with 10 and 12 open, and so on, I rechecked with the pistons at their TDC and find there is a difference, so which is the best to use, a CP engine on PI? John
  13. You can get mechanical or hydraulic dollies like these, they squeeze together and so would lift the wheel a bit but not a huge amount, but you could then regulate the height with a jack perhaps. https://www.matthys.net/en/car-jack-dollies-hydraulic-2-pcs-1220880 John
  14. I know the part numbers are different, as the L/H shaft is just a little bit longer than the R/H, I'm not sure if the splines of the sun gears are the same, but they may be, perhaps somebody else could confirm. John
  15. The one thing I still don't understand here is, when you get the cam to just be starting to open, should you subtract the tappet clearance, so that it is actually opening of the valve, or is this taken into consideration when the values for valve opening are made? Obviously this is not true if you have equal overlap? So if I have a cam with the inlet set to open at 35Degrees BTDC is the tappet clearance in this measurement? and this is the point that the rocker goes tight so just opening the valve? Know doubt somebody could set my mind at rest please? John
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