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  1. John L

    Front Brake Calipers; reseal?

    There is a part number of 17H7679, dare I say... it fits MG and midget callipers, may be of help? Available from Rimmers and Moss John
  2. John L

    Another Stromberg Carburettor 175 CD2 Question

    Kevin Can you give us any reference numbers or tags on your carbs, usually attached to one of the 4 diaphragm screws, and also the code of your current needle jets, also the colour of the large spring in the dashpot. From this we should be able to advise a better needle if we know where we are starting from. John
  3. John L

    Impact Driver

    Look for one with a highest undoing torque, its usually the undoing nuts that are difficult.
  4. John L

    Tacho cable routing

    Having got the tacho to bits and cleaned up the input shaft, it seems to working ok now. I just need a rubber grommit that shields the ignition light, can anybody recommend a supplier for one of those please, it must have run for a long time with the ignition light on and got very hot perhaps, the oil pressure one is fine. It seems AES supply the seals and rings. John
  5. John L

    Carburettors & distributor

    If you have fitted one of the simpler Hall Effect electronic ignition systems like Accuspark, you will definitely have to retime with a strobe, its because the magnetic rotor part has the magnets between the cam lobes. You will also have to balance both carb air flows. I have a Stromberg manual, if you need some pages copied please let me know. John
  6. John L

    MU Return Pipe

    Iani I have a early CP system, that I would like to update a bit. If you are getting a new tank, I would make sure it has 2 return positions on the left top side, one should be for the return of fuel from the pressure regulator valve, a decent size not to restrict any flow and the other would be for the leak back from the MU, which should only just be a dribble anyway. If you look at the images for the CR you will see that it has 2 return connectors. John
  7. John L

    Our Forum, and the Way Forward

    Is there a reason we have to have cookies on the TR site and forum? If you block them which does seem easier in the latest W10 1809 version, you cannot enter the site at all. Just for my own curiosity please John
  8. John L

    MU Return Pipe

    The Moss catalogue is useful for this sort of detail, it depends whether you have a CP or a CR system. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/fuel-system-induction-controls/fuel-injection/fuel-system-tr5-tr6-to-c-cp50000.html https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/fuel-system-induction-controls/fuel-injection/fuel-system-tr5-tr6-to-c-cp50000.html Hope that helps John
  9. John L

    Engine Noise.

    I just found a Moss part number ADU1402 Non return valve for manifold, bit expensive though £18. John
  10. John L

    Diff seal

    If the breather is now clear I would run it for a while, I would think that the leak would dry up, or certainly not get any worse. Doing the seal on the pinion seems to be a bit of a troublesome area. John
  11. John L

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    Malcolm at Prestige injection offers a new tank outlet adaptor, but I didn't see it on his list of parts, but in his description of his kit he says, To ensure this the kit is supplied with an adaptor that replaces the original 1/4" bore tube outlet. The original tube outlet is removed, the new outlet screwed in this increases the tank outlet bore to 8.5 mm. It has a push on connector for rubber hose. I'm considering one of these to maximise the flow from the tank. John
  12. John L


    Could also be item #6 in the picture above, it keeps a bit of tension on the sliding steering rod, its under the left side rack mounting rubber. John
  13. John L

    TR5 rear springs on a TR4a

    Stuart When you have to reset the rear brackets what do you use as a starting point say with the std springs on a TR5, then I suppose measure and see what has to be changed. What's the ideal starting mounting bracket positions inner and outer please? John
  14. John L

    Tacho cable routing

    Having now got around to investigating the noisy cable, it seems that the cable is free, and that doesn't seem to be the issue although it will get some graphite on its assembly. Turning now to the tacho head, which way does the cable turn into the head? It does seem a bit stiff so don't wont to turn it the wrong way. It would seem I have to open up the tacho head and degrease somehow the axle spindle, I presume this is where the problem lies? Any info on this would be much appreciated, will have to order some new o rings for reassembly, did find one source on ebay, again any recommendations of where to buy? John
  15. John L

    I've Been Robbed

    Hi Roger Did your improvement to the selector seals work?.....Interested to know what you actually did to stop the oil coming out. Do you have quick fasteners for your gearbox cover?? The bolts don't have a chance to get rusted in..... John

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