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  1. More than likely Alf. With the demands of my business and the need to complete my house that I started building 30+ years ago, there's not going to be much spare time to work on the TR in the foreseeable future ☹️
  2. Yes, those are the ones Stuart. Gavin
  3. Alf, that long - crikey! Well, I'm sorry to report that I'm no further advanced having been directed to commence construction of a new deck for the house leaving little time for fettling the TR which at this stage is in more urgent need of a rebuilt alternator than a set of mirrors. I currently have three sets to hand, the latest purchase being a set of convex MH3C items from URO Parts. These are the most likely to be retained, although when I'll actually be able to bring myself to fit them (i.e. drill holes in the doors) is still an unknown. Worth a look, they're nicely made and quite compact. Gavin
  4. KiwiTR6

    Tyres once again

    Hi Alan. The immediate improvements I noted after changing from the original 195 Michelins (a modern 'eco' pattern) to the 165 K715s were (a) a noticeably smoother ride and (b) greatly reduced (now virtually none at all) road noise. The car is so much more pleasant to drive as I confirmed again last night. Gavin
  5. KiwiTR6

    Tyres once again

    I'm now running Hankook K715 Optimo in the 65/80 R15 size. They retail here in NZ for around 70 UK pounds.
  6. KiwiTR6

    Tyres once again

    Just done the same and very happy with the 'look' and performance of the car. Won't be going back to 195's again. Gavin
  7. Slotted TRW discs, Mintex 1144 pads, Groodridge braided hoses, Morgan rear cylinders, DOT5 silicon fluid and an Audi vacuum pump running -13psi to the servo has produced a phenominal improvement in the braking performance of my car. I'm also a 'tweaker' :) Gavin
  8. Hi all. Started the TR in the shed today to circulate oil, exercise clutch etc, and noticed that the oil pressure warning light (which has always been disappointingly pale when activated compared to the ignition light) illuminates partially when the headlights are on and the instrument light dimmer is turned from off to on. That is, when the engine is stationary the light goes from pale to a little brighter, and when its running the light changes from off to a very pale (but noticable) glow. I suspect voltage is backfeeding from somewhere. Any suggestions as to what might be going on? Regards.
  9. I wouldn't Pete, I have a friend who converted his 57 Chev and the operating temperature immediately increased substantially. He removed it and went back to normal coolant and then found he couldn't give the stuff away so ended up dumping it. A very expensive lesson learned!
  10. Hi Ian. My car had a twin pipe stainless system with a stainless twin outlet muffler and the original cast iron manifold. I replaced the manifold with a set of 6 into 1 mild steel extractors maded by Pacesetter in the US (needed a little massaging to clear the RH steering shaft) after the stainless set I ordered from Rimmers didn't fit. I then made up my own 2.25"single pipe system with a generic 3-chamber muffler and single outlet. The difference in performance is amazing and the sound is nice but not exceedingly loud. From what I can see, the standard style muffler (or my stainless version of it) is very restrictive due to its design. The car previously felt that way, but now it pulls really strongly from idle through to the redline. I certainly wouldn't consider changing back, the motor is now a delight. Gavin
  11. KiwiTR6

    Choke cable

    Gareth, I wasn't happy with the poor quality of the knob on the repro cable I purchased maybe 12 months ago, in fact, it pulled free of the shaft on first use. The one it replaced was possibly the original style cable with a much nicer removable knob, so I simply cleaned all surfaces with degreaser, roughened with grit paper and glued it onto the shaft with JB Weld. It's held fast ever since! Gavin
  12. Hi Gareth. I'm really happy with the stance of the car now such that I may just leave the springs alone. Bear in mind of course, that my lad in the driver's seat is a fairly solid boy! This is an image of the car not long after I purchased her with the 195's so she has the standard dampers as oppososed to the gas tube dampers she's now fitted with. If you look closely you'll also notice the windscreen leaning back a little from standard - this has since been corrected.
  13. Thanks for the compliment Waldi, but I can't take any of the credit - it's the creation of the PO but I'm very happy to have such a lovely example in my garage!
  14. KiwiTR6


    I've just fitted 165/80-15 Hankook K715 tyres to my car and I'm very happy I've made the change from the original 195/65 tyres the car came with (Michelin Energy Saver) .
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