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    TR's naturally, walking, clays shooting, cooking, wine, Motor Sport, My type of music & finding new artists as well, and generally interesting stuff. iRacing

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  1. Overdrive for relaxed distance driving and even driving around country roads. A car is for driving and enjoying. It was an option when new so it's not an outlandish change.
  2. Well done Hamish. I did watch a bit......but obviously missed the best bit
  3. An emotional decision I'm sure. Having been in a similar situation, it's hard.......but you know it's the right thing to do and it's going to a good home, as my 4 has All the best and I hope you get to be co driver. Lovely car by the way Mal
  4. Compared to the later ones it's chalk and cheese. You can't really beat the air cooled noise and it's an involving drive ( like the TR ). Cool car though, which was being passed between friend for around £7K. Started on the button every time, although the body was a bit rough. The 996 is 320BHP, full leather, sunroof, aircon, electric seats and windows etc etc. Nice + you can get luggage in, which was a challenge on the SC. Strangely enough, the kids are interested in that one, but the TR would have been hard to keep without garages and a strong interest in old cars.
  5. My first trip to the "Dark Side" 911 SC Sport. Now lives in New Zealand My current one is a 996 Carrera 2
  6. No worries Badhuis. I hope that you can continue to enjoy your TR for a looooong time to come. My plan is to use the 911 for a looooong time as well. Another thing is that our kids live in the South of England ( London and Kent ). We are the only Grandparents in the UK as the others are in Australia and Japan. This means that School Holidays get pretty booked ( Post Lockdown bookings are already being made for the summer ). Good fun, but need to get in training now. Anyway I'm very happy that it's in a good home and will be used as it should be. I think the last two years I managed a
  7. Never say never. After years of a bad back, it turns out I have stenosis and scoliosis - this combination means that I am less mobile. I can drive fine, but it's hard to go too far when I get out! It may eventually mean an operation on the spine, but I'm not there yet I have a 911 as well ( which is staying at this time ). Reality is that I am not using the TR enough, especially with a "Dark Side" motor as well. It's not a TR but it's a motoring icon as well and it's Tiptronic with air con. The discussions were long and emotional within the WK household, but reality won over he
  8. I remember it well. Thanks for all your support over the years
  9. Good grief. See TR4 section
  10. It's a sad day for me.... First registered May 1962 I acquired it May 1989 I've sold it May 2020 So 31 years in my stewardship and now sold to Malcolm Ling ( TR Register Member ), who I know will look after the car and take it to the next part of its story. I loved that car, but the time comes.... At least it's gone to another Malcolm....
  11. Whilst it’s Thursday https://youtu.be/21k2De9AWHE
  12. That was a localised outbreak of Frank N Furter syndrome. Normally only contagious in theatres.
  13. The Ram Stack The Float Chamber Inn The Pedal Box The Tuners Ambition
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