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    TR's naturally, walking, clays shooting, cooking, wine, Motor Sport, My type of music & finding new artists as well, and generally interesting stuff. iRacing

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  1. 4Mal


    I like 'em without bumpers....but I'm biased.
  2. Nice photos Hamish and lovely area.
  3. I have used Swissvax on mine since restoration and repaint, along with proper prep and the cleaner. I did have a brief dally with some other carnauba stuff, but...straight back to swissvax.
  4. 4Mal

    TR4 in front

    I like to think it’s a 4, even though it isn’t.....
  5. 4Mal

    TR4 in front

    I like to think it's a 4. I'm with Pete.
  6. And from me. Hope all is good.
  7. Happy day David. I'm raising an espresso now.
  8. Brilliant Tom. Well done TRE. Article and photos for magazine please. Give the guys at the base my best
  9. 4Mal

    New MOT

    Excellent Roger. Did you give it some fresh Linseed before the day? The over riders can act as daytime running lights
  10. https://www.lubricants.total.com/does-motor-oil-expire http://www.elf.com/en/advice-corner/engine-oil-faq/does-motor-oil-expire.html From t'internet. When I have an opened can of oil for 3 years or more, I have got rid. Especially modern high performance oils for the Porsche or daily drivers
  11. Hi Jim, pm me your email and I'll send details and photo It's this one, also available in Stainless https://www.holden.co.uk/displayproduct.asp?sg=1&pgCode=010&sgName=Electrical&pgName=Lighting&agCode=0060&agName=Numberplate+Lamps&pCode=L467/56790#prettyPhoto
  12. Having replaced my old style with electronic versions, I have 2. 1 for Temp and 1 for fuel. I cannot find it now, but I did read an article recommending this. They have worked fine for years now.
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