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    TR's naturally, walking, clays shooting, cooking, wine, Motor Sport, My type of music & finding new artists as well, and generally interesting stuff. iRacing

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  1. Its a good series and gets some good behind the scenes content. Better than the "neutered" press conference stuff.
  2. Insulation and draught free is a big issue when heating a garage. My daughter was having and extension built last year and they were still living in the house - they got a couple of the finned mobile oil filled radiators and I was amazed at how they warmed up the space
  3. Brilliant. Driver would be knicked now for holding it whilst driving.
  4. Thanks Hamish0 + your Dad for making it. These are a joy to watch
  5. Thanks Hamish Lovely day with family and a BIG lunch
  6. Enjoy the day all and every best for 2022. Happy motoring !
  7. Oh good grief..is that all I'll just have a nap
  8. Looking Good Hamish. Should be some good videos next year?
  9. Gosh. Festive TR. Looking sparkly
  10. 4Mal

    Good Bye

    sad day Roger. Like others I hope you change your mind, for you have a lot to contribute ( and have ).
  11. Many happy returns Hamish. Hope your Mum is on the up
  12. Brilliant Suzie. In Awe of what you have achieved and put yourself through.
  13. Well done Suzie! have a chill out this month!
  14. Brilliant!! I'll be thinking of you both
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