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  1. Thanks Roy! It was a bit of a mixed bunch-semi pro drivers in 400bhp+ cars on slicks on track at the same time. Just had to bring the car back in one piece! Our lap times are almost identical now, so we make a consistent team in longer races. Ben
  2. Yep. I had to research this when reproducing the back light frames. A local contact and life-long TR enthusiast has a very rotten but totally original TR5 in his workshop, so I went to take a look. It was parked up with something like 30k on it, 40 years ago and has never been apart. The hard top was fitted from new. Ben
  3. The Masters All-comers race at Brands Hatch GP,2016 was my first ever race, in Karl Wetherell's FIA TR4. In at the deep end! The guy in the Ginetta was a novice in someone else's car and held me up on every single corner. I got past him a couple of times, but he'd just out accelerate me every time. Since bringing the car back in one piece, he invited me to share the drive at quite a few more events. Looking forward to getting back out there this year, after 2 years off. Ben
  4. You've probably already dealt with this now, but those lumps on the underside show that the frame was originally for a 4A or 5. They're only there to stop the trim panels flapping about. To fit a later frame to a 4, you'll need to grind the lumps off. The only other differences between a 4 frame and a 4A/5 is that the later frames have longer studs in the first position aft of the B post. These studs, instead of going through the deck (like on a 4), slide past the deck in this area and would originally have had a folded steel bracket that hooks under the lip of the deck.
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