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    The interesting ones were Imp, Midget and Saab 96 (well modified). Not so interesting Cortinas, Marinas, Escorts, Cavalier, Astra, Sierras and Mondeos. Throw in a Merc 250TD and Disco 3 which were good. Currently Volvo V40 (190hp reasonably brisk), TR4A that I've wanted since before all the rest.

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  1. Didn't have the camera for the run out to Stein on Saturday to pick up freshly landed Langoustines for dinner but managed this from the Sunday spin out. Waterstein Head and Moonen Bay from Neist Point. Only half a dozen cars there yesterday, will be rammed in the summer.
  2. Thanks Stuart and Pete. Looking at some other posts the seals and pistons seem to be a bit of a pain to replace so I'm thinking maybe complete calipers might be best for my capabilities.
  3. Current visibility in North-west Skye - 600 metres. Should improve for Wednesday.
  4. Thanks Sue, didn't know about the water but certainly intended to bleed anyway having done the rears. I'm using DOT4, is that ok?
  5. You're absolutely right, no reason at all, just my suspicious nature I suppose. I'll go down that direction, would stainless pistons be more reliable?
  6. That's what I'm thinking but is there any reason why both should be the same?
  7. Having repaired the rears I've now turned my attention to the front brakes in a bid to improve performance. The car pulls up without deviation, just not very well. Looking at both discs from the wheel side they seem fairly normal, shiny, used. Peering through the inspection holes on the backplates all I can see is rust covering both disc surfaces, not used. All the brake components were replaced by the PO about 5,000 miles/4 years ago. The pads look reasonably thick and are all a little bit loose in the carriers. Can anyone point me in the direction of why both discs should have the same probl
  8. It's about a 40 mile drive away which would be no problem to pop down in an evening. We stay 7 miles south of Dunvegan off the A863, north west Skye, are you stopping to visit any of the usual places or simply touring?
  9. If you're stopping anywhere on Skye or the near mainland would anyone in your group be okay with me having a wee look at their TR4A? I've nothing much to compare mine with here and it would be nice to see both original or mods in the flesh.
  10. Well the lawnmower worked perfectly well without it.This was the fleet to-day, I think I did the most miles on the red one, followed by green and just a short blast in blue (low on fuel the only excuse).
  11. 'Admiring' the drops of oil on the garage floor this morning I found this object. Anyone got a clue as to what it is? It's a rubber tube with a pull thingy, about 30 mm long, 9mm ish diameter. It was found in the area underneath the engine, but like anything it could have descended from anywhere, might not even be off the TR4A!
  12. Thank you for the before and after photos, it now makes a lot more sense. I thought I was looking for wear in the rectangular hole itself and found none when I stripped the brakes recently. Luckily I took photos whilst the lever and slave cal were off the backplate and now I can see what to look for. I have the start of some wear, but nothing like yours,so I'll know to keep an eye on it.
  13. Yes, I totally agree, that's why I'm concentrating on brakes before the cosmetic stuff I need would like. It's probably 35 years since I last worked on drum brakes, just glad I never threw that brake adjuster spanner away.
  14. Knowing I have to replace the brake linings I took off the the hubs this afternoon. The nearside looks ok to me, dirty but dry. The offside has a problem in that a lining fell off when I last inspected it, hence parts ordered and job commenced. Between first inspection (beginning of June) and to-day the car has only been run in and out of the garage a couple of times and the brakes used to prevent ejection through the garage wall. My concern is that to-day the offside brake cylinder appears to have some tiny pale crystals encrusted on it that weren't there previously. If it's brake fluid could
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