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  1. you’ll have to let us know when you’re coming up - there’s a good B&B (and a very good pub) here in the village!!!
  2. Are you participating Tom?
  3. The start is on my doorstep then! When?
  4. Just to add to those above, I used an air impact gun... Straight off with that... Cheers Ian
  5. Bought one of these from Marco a while back... Highly recommended! Cheers iam
  6. Hi Chris Others shall no doubt have other thoughts... I’ve encountered the problem a couple of times when fuel level in the tank was around ¼ or less... As soon as I filled up all was fine... I’ve also heard that darker cars suffer more due to heat absorption and transfer to the tank temperature... Hope this helps. Cheers Ian
  7. I found that the ‘half-way’ setting as originally set is firm but certainly not harsh... Pleased to hear you’ve found something you like! Cheers Ian
  8. Hi Richard Yes, just counted the number of complete revolutions and set half way... I have standard springs... I think! Cheers
  9. Hi Richard I fitted my Konis several years ago (all four corners) and set them at the half way point of adjustment - as a starting point. However, I found the ride to be ‘firm’ but comfortable, so have left them at that! Cheers Ian
  10. I undertook a replacement (also from Neil) two years ago after a little trepidation, but all went well and was relatively easy, and as John L says above, make sure engine is at TDC before removing the MU. The ‘worst’ bit was bleeding the injectors afterwards. As for timing the MU I just followed the description in the Haynes manual... Hope all goes well! Cheers ian
  11. All depends on driving style and roads... A steady motorway trip (70mph) I’ve managed 32mpg, but in mixed roads with slower traffic it’s more like 22-24mpg (P.I. with electronic ignition). I’m generally returning 25-26mpg with a refurbished MU from Neil Ferguson... Cheers Ian
  12. Dave I have a self made one from instructions appeared in TRAction many years ago... It works for me! I’m 5 miles NE of Driffield so not too far from you... PM if you’re interested. Cheers Ian
  13. Hi Jim Changed all six when I changed the MU out a year or two ago... All eventually self bled - took a fair bit of cranking... Cheers Ian
  14. Andrew I have a bottle or three of the stuff - I’ll check the labels tomorrow for ‘instructions’... Merry Christmas!!! Cheers Ian
  15. Andy I was near Stafford for a few years - there are a good few local members of the Stoke group (monthly meetings just south of Stone) that I am sure will allow you to pick their brains! Good luck! Cheers Ian
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