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  1. A word of warning - sometime ago there was a bunch of failure prone lighting switches being hawked about. Just test it properly before you fit it. Don.t ask me how I know!! james
  2. I spent a greater part of my career in used construction machines and their spare parts. As a general rule the sale price of « good used parts « was 60% of the new price. james
  3. Now that, Sir, is what I call a very good job. Got another one here for you to do - if you are motivated james
  4. Try some strong vinegar. - there was an extensive thread on this subject a few years back james
  5. I recall - from some 30 years ago - that the steel band was neatly inserted into a furrow sown into the headlining and held the whole thing thing in place because the ends of the rather springy steel strip were jammed into either side of the hard top. Thanks to condensation and thus rust the whole had rotted away. But how the edges of the headlining were held I cannot tell. Driving a TR without the headlining is bit like sitting in a snare drum! james
  6. Needs to be an ajustable reamer to get them nice and tight.... james
  7. Should you find two ‘steel bands’ I’ll take the second one. Mine went AWOL some years ago. I glued my lining to the hardtop, big mistake, as either I used the wrong glue or the wrong material - or both, because the traces of all the stick are tooooo apparent. As to the sides/edges I made such a sow’s ear of it all that I am unable to advise. Fortunately, I very rarely put the lid on the car so it has never bothered me much. But it don’t alf take up storage space.... james
  8. Lucky buzzards, my 3 has its legs in the air, still awaiting the adjustment shims for the rear axle, which were posted from Somerset 2 April and have been lost by Royal Mail, who in spite of their tracing system are apparently incapable of finding them. The trail went cold in Amsterdam which ain’t exactly on the straight line between point of departure and Southern Brittany. james
  9. Ah Fray Bentos, there’s a memory. A memorable outbreak of some kind of food poisoning in Aberdeen in the sixties has encouraged me to avoid it ever since! james
  10. Not only are there two types of thread but also lucar and screw terminals. If they are £5 from Moss then they are overcharging. Must be one of the less reliable components of a TR, granted that it does sit a bit close to the exhaust down pipe. I have vowed to myself that when the current one expires I shall fit the modern replacement on the brake pedal james
  11. +1 to Ian’s question. I find it refreshing that the professionals chip in here to give advice, expose their difficulties and help us. John Skinner’s post contained no advertising at all! It is a bit inconsistent to knock out a professionals useful reply to a question, but allow some supposed amateurs to blatantly advertise their wares Moderators, please review your position on this or at least give us an explanation james
  12. Although I have been wearing specs ever since I emerged from the warmth of my Mother I consider that I am extremely lucky. I am one of the few at our age (70+) who has to take his glasses off to read or work on the TR at close quarters!! But as to seeing far off without them - that’s something else james
  13. Just found this on another forum james
  14. 3M Acrylic Foam reference n° 4945 F. Comes in various widths. Used to hold airplanes together I believe. Look it up on Internet to make sure it is what you want as it may be a bit permanent for your requirements! james
  15. My TR2 didn't get its ally floor until I lost out on what I thought was a 'promise' I was taking a gf home on Aberdeenshire slush covered roads after a long night in the pub. I heard a strong yelp when the snow/slush went up her (very flared) trouser leg, killing any ardours and that was that for the evening. Sorted the floor problem out within the week! james
  16. If it hasn’t been already suggested in this very long (too?) long thread have a look at Teri Ann Wakeman’s site where she gives all the dimensions for fixing the roof sticks and straps. Suggestion: this thread is fascinating and interesting but beginning to cover a serious multitude of subjects. How about starting a new one(s)? james
  17. I did this firewall installation a couple of years ago using the technique of ally angle iron pop riveted to the rear floor and inner wings and slipping the top edge of the firewall into the clips for the hard board at the top. From memory: The first thing to do is to make a template with stiff cardboard, then you begin to realise where the difficult bits are. The bottom and sides are fairly easy (mine is a post 61000). The challenge is at the top, especially above the wings which require much patience and beer. Getting the sheet to follow the curve over the fuel tank takes a bit
  18. Culling some dogs would be an excellent idea according to some. Where did you get this info from. I'm unaware of it - and I live in France. On the other hand a recruitment drive by the police amongst the morons on the beaches doesn't seem such a bad idea!! james
  19. I’m following Bob’s posts closely as I have recently gone through this exercise - at least partially. I have had a 4A engine with 87mm pistons in my 3A for 20 years ( the original one is under the bench) and late last summer had a head gasket start leaking coolant into n°4 cylinder. The head, which came off fairly easily, was checked and lightly skimmed and pressure tested locally and pronounced OK in spite of some battle scars and cracks in and around the usual places. I have always had some minor angst with pinking particularly when running on 95 octane. 98 has always been fairly avail
  20. « Don’t you just love predictive text. « That phrase « stewed ants » was coined by non-Aberdonians in an effort to imitate the local city accent (quite different from the country loons) and long before the days of predictive text! james
  21. Have chain saws been banned in your corner of this world? Looks like sporting work to me! james
  22. In my stewed ant days in Aberdeen in the late sixties a pal had a TR3 with registration LFX something. The floors had been repaired with a Men at Work sign that had been appropriated from a roadside verge. james
  23. Cos it’s a link to where he has stored it on his own C disk!! james
  24. That sounds right. I have 155mm clearance under front and rear of the chassis on my 3A. Source of springs, front and rear, the same as you. james
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