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  1. Thanks Bob will give it a try. Robert
  2. Hello All. A query on door locks. I am rebuilding a 1958 3A but have no key for the door and boot handles. The square shafts on all three have 713 stamped on them. I am wondering if this relates to the serial number of any keys. any advice would be helpful. Thank you. Robert.
  3. Thanks everyone for such speedy replies. I had followed the comments about the tacking strip but hadn't realised the tabs fold over to hold it in place. Many Thanks Robert.
  4. Hello All. I am finally in last stretch of getting my 3A rebuild finished and am now on interior trim. I have a trim set in leather from John Skinner which I must say seems very well made. I purchased the car as a abandoned project so didn't take the car to bits. There are three tabs on the body panels just behind the B posts which seem to hold the trim panels away. there are no slots or similar trim to locate so am wondering what the purpose of the tabs are and if I am missing something. Any advice would be very helpful Many Thanks Robert.
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