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  1. Thanks for all for the responses, seems to a range of views on this one. Best Robert.
  2. Hi All. Just installing new wiring harness and bullets are very tight to get on and ever harder to separate. Somewhere in the distant memory banks I seem to recall reading the use of petroleum jelly on them. Is this 'Vaseline' and if so does it not cause a poor connection or is it conductive? Any advice or alternatives welcome. Many Thanks Robert.
  3. Thanks all. will just keep trying to free them off. Cheers Robert.
  4. Hi All Further to recent chats on stator tube wiring and tight fit of wires I have a choice of two tubes both of which have old wiring stuck in them. the better of the two has wires out at both ends so not a case of bullets being stuck but wires will not move I think they are in a fabric sheath. Any ideas on how to shift them would be helpful, have soaked in WD40 but no joy. Thanks Robert.
  5. Thanks for that . will take the barrel out to see whats going on. Robert.
  6. Hello again. I now have an FP713 key which goes in the locks but will not turn. Have also tried FA and FS keys but these do not go in. As previously mentioned the locks have 713 stamped on the shafts. Any more ideas or advice would be great. Thanks Robert.
  7. Hello Roy I do have a new steering column loom that I do not need as I now have a new head with loom attached. still sealed in packet, it has staggered bullet connectors and is fabric sheathed .Do get in touch if interested . Robert.
  8. Thanks Bob will give it a try. Robert
  9. Hello All. A query on door locks. I am rebuilding a 1958 3A but have no key for the door and boot handles. The square shafts on all three have 713 stamped on them. I am wondering if this relates to the serial number of any keys. any advice would be helpful. Thank you. Robert.
  10. Thanks everyone for such speedy replies. I had followed the comments about the tacking strip but hadn't realised the tabs fold over to hold it in place. Many Thanks Robert.
  11. Hello All. I am finally in last stretch of getting my 3A rebuild finished and am now on interior trim. I have a trim set in leather from John Skinner which I must say seems very well made. I purchased the car as a abandoned project so didn't take the car to bits. There are three tabs on the body panels just behind the B posts which seem to hold the trim panels away. there are no slots or similar trim to locate so am wondering what the purpose of the tabs are and if I am missing something. Any advice would be very helpful Many Thanks Robert.
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