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  1. Willie


    Thank you Peter & Ian - I'll address that when I replace the bump stop - when/if it ever stops raining!! Best wishes Willie
  2. Willie


    I took a few pics on both sides. Here are the clear shots of the slightly differing issues both sides. NS - outboard & turned 90 degrees OS - slid inboard. Poly units on order and silicone lined up! Once again, my grateful thanks to everyone who contributed. Willie
  3. Willie


    Very many thanks John. I think that answers all my concerns. Best wishes Willie
  4. Willie


    Many thanks John. Best wishes Willie
  5. Willie


    Thanks Gents. John - yes please - send a pic to confirm, and maybe help others! Best wishes Willie
  6. Hi Everyone, Why do I always find jobs not referred to in various workshop manuals?? Yesterday on a good hill climbing day out in S Wales more than once we experienced very obvious bottoming out. I was trying to assess if the bump stops have turned round with the raised surfaces pointing to front/back instead of up/down. The parts book seems to show the shoulders [with the hole] pointing upwards. Can anyone supply a decent shot or diagram which will give me confidence to know I have got it right? Also, I am considering fitting poly bumps. Is this a good idea? I attach a shot of the NS which shows the hole in the bump stop pointing backwards not downwards. Should the rubber be under the check strap? Best wishes Willie
  7. Very many thanks Gents - you never let me down!! My acquaintance was in a 4A so that probably accounts for the difference! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED. Best wishes Willie
  8. Hi Roger, I'm still not getting the answer!! Just looked at a shot I took at IWE in 2015 as I was negotiating the sprung spoke steering wheel seen above. That TR4 with spoked wheel [and o/d] has the indicator stalk on the left. I just want someone with the knowledge of the factory set up to tell me I'm right OR my acquaintance from the other day is right! Lots of good and sensible points made, BUT NO ANSWER. Best wishes Willie.
  9. Here are the extracts from the Handbook....left side for RHD? Willie
  10. Sorry Tom...what is iirc? Willie
  11. Thanks Rob.....however, I am interested in the answer to the specific question - ON WHICH SIDE OF THE STEERING COLUMN WAS THE INDICATOR STALK FACTORY FITTED ON A TR4 WITHOUT OVERDRIVE! Best wishes Willie
  12. Thank you both for your input. I'm hoping someone knows what is correct! I like the car as standard, subject to minor changes, but would be most interested in the "correct" layout, having been informed by a knowledgeable-sounding individual that the left side is incorrect!! Best wishes Willie
  13. Hi All, I was challenged the other day - the indicator switch on my TR4 is on the wrong side, quoth he! My non-overdrive has the stem on the left. He said it should be on the right. The original handbook states that it is on the "inboard side of the steering column cowl, [and shows it there in the labelling of Instruments & Indicators, both LHD and RHD]. I sent a tech query to Moss and Adam replied thus...."I have always known the switch to be mounted on the right side as sitting in the driver's seat in a RHD car. As a family we have a Mk3 Spitfire, Mk1 Vitesse and a TR6 all with overdrive and the indicator switches are all on the right side of the column, same side as the column overdrive switch. > Our schematic shows it on the right side too." Bill Piggott's originality tome describes it as being on the steering column on the opposite side to the optional overdrive. My gut feel is that makes it on the LEFT as mine is. I suspect there is a danger of parts books favouring US cars due to the overwhelming number of LHDs to RHDs. Pic attached of my car's twig. I look forward to expert opinion! Best wishes Willie
  14. Thanks Stuart. I figured that was the case. Pity it makes such an awkward job. I'll see whether or not I can/will relocate it when I decide to install the hazard switch. Car out and about this weekend, but I'll get round to it!! best wishes Willie
  15. Many thanks Peter. I've been overwhelmed by the fantastic info I have been sent from several people. Here is an annoted doc showing where I eventually found the relay [I think]! Best wishes to All Willie LOCATION OF FLASHER RELAY.docx
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