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  1. Just noticed....Many thanks also to you, Michael! Best wishes SWillie
  2. Wow Peter, great help! Many thanks John
  3. Hi Folks, I am normally to be found on the TR4/4A Forum, but I hope you experts out there can answer what is the purpose of the bolts on the attached pic of a 6 cylinder manifold? Best wishes Willie
  4. I might just try it! I don't tend to use the vent lid because the blower motor is dodgy! Best wishes Willie
  5. Willie


    Many thanks Stuart. Next time I have the back end jacked, I'll focus my search there! Best wishes Willie
  6. Willie


    Thanks Charlie. Methinks that boulder got in on the act. I looked and fumbled all over the rear end where my newly liberated cable might want to flap aboiut, but nothing! I even wondered if the narrow end of the spring attached to the greasing point on the outer cable, but there was still nowhere for the larger end to go!! Best wishes Willie
  7. I wrote to Moss last year asking what the dog leg lever was and was told it was the vent flap arm. The car was using the rod grommet for the wiper washer hose! I drilled a new hole for the washer hose and found that after drilling the vent flap lever out to 3.5mm the rod could be fitted without any altering the shape. However the trunnion - part number AUE34 IS NOT the correct item for the over-sized lever supplied. I drilled a 3.5mm hole through a 1/4 UNF screw and clamped it to the arm but with loss of circular movement on the lever trunnion hole. The lever will open/close the vent. I attach a couple of shots to try to show the bodge. Best wishes Willie
  8. Willie


    Thanks Marcel. Obviously the wire was in that section between exit from chassis aperture and pivot arm. Not being serious, the most obvious spot was the prop rear U/J!! Shot of spring attached - wide end cradles the outer cable, but the barrow hook's location is beyond me! Best wishes Willie
  9. Willie


    Hi All, Supplementary question. Bump stops replaced. Today I repositioned the handbrake cable to remove risk of contact with brake hose. Attached and shots before and after. Where does the spring go? Currently the cable is relying on the stiffness of the outer cable from where it passes through the chassis rail to the fulcrum arm. Try as I might, I just couldn't locate anywhere it would go to hold the cable in any position!! Advice gratefully received. Best wishes Willie
  10. Willie


    Thank you Peter & Ian - I'll address that when I replace the bump stop - when/if it ever stops raining!! Best wishes Willie
  11. Willie


    I took a few pics on both sides. Here are the clear shots of the slightly differing issues both sides. NS - outboard & turned 90 degrees OS - slid inboard. Poly units on order and silicone lined up! Once again, my grateful thanks to everyone who contributed. Willie
  12. Willie


    Very many thanks John. I think that answers all my concerns. Best wishes Willie
  13. Willie


    Many thanks John. Best wishes Willie
  14. Willie


    Thanks Gents. John - yes please - send a pic to confirm, and maybe help others! Best wishes Willie
  15. Hi Everyone, Why do I always find jobs not referred to in various workshop manuals?? Yesterday on a good hill climbing day out in S Wales more than once we experienced very obvious bottoming out. I was trying to assess if the bump stops have turned round with the raised surfaces pointing to front/back instead of up/down. The parts book seems to show the shoulders [with the hole] pointing upwards. Can anyone supply a decent shot or diagram which will give me confidence to know I have got it right? Also, I am considering fitting poly bumps. Is this a good idea? I attach a shot of the NS which shows the hole in the bump stop pointing backwards not downwards. Should the rubber be under the check strap? Best wishes Willie
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