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  1. FINAL (?) UPDATE: I gave the tank one final check over for "smelly fingers" . To my surprise, I actually got the fuel aroma from the innermost securing screw on the fuel sender plate. Carefully applied Heldtite and the smell has finally gone after overnight stand. In case of the leak returning, I have ordered a set of fibre washers and a Viton gasket and will obtain a new sender from Revingtons. I purchased a UV torch and am awaiting delivery of enough indicator to cover a full tank. I won't be using it on this occasion. Am I right in thinking the torch won't detect fumes if no li
  2. Will do. I'll share the final outcome. Kit ordered. Willie
  3. Thanks very much for ll today's inputs. I think I'll invest in that UV torch and dye and go from there. Best wishes to all Willie
  4. Filters are tight! Yes, Stuart, I'll get a suitable brush and get dusting! as soon as I confirm no dampness on my toilet roll sheets! Any reliable supplier of R14 5/16" hose recommended? If no leak discovered, I guess new tank and Revington sender as current one reads 25% low. Willie
  5. Thanks Stuart and Keith. Stuart - hose type per photo attached. YES, alloy tank. I have run my fingers over every accessible seam, but no petrol smell or dampness. Ditto on all bolted threaded blanks. Keith - Sender as I acquired the car 9 years ago. Filter ahead of pump, with another in engine bay just ahead of #1 carb to stop issues with jamming float valve. I have dabbed Heldtite over the screw heads and around the circumference of the mounting flange to no avail. Messy but in desperation!
  6. UPDATE: Still have n obvious petrol smell in boot, despite changing filler neck hose for a Mackay unit c/o Revingtons. I haven't tried the "talc test" yet, but have gone for wrapping toilet paper round the hose end gaps top and bottom to see if the paper looks shrivelled if damp. Done same under fuel pump assembly. Pics attached. I've run my fingers all over seams, sniffing every few inches - NOTHING! My gut feel is that with an almost full tank, the fumes are being generated from the top somewhere. Otherwise there would be dampness, surely? Willie
  7. I’ll keep the talc suggestion in mind. Thank you Stuart. I did some top end sealing earlier so will find out tomorrow if successful. Gut feel is the escape is gas rather than liquid, so near top as tank is very nearly full ( anti E5 impact). Willie
  8. Thank you everyone for the useful suggestions. I'll try to seal the sender first, then look t filler hose. Keep going until no smell, then......argh, more expense!! I'll feedback on the outcome [eventually]. Best wishes to all. Willie
  9. Rich, I inherited the car with the Facet fuel pump. I suspect stealing a couple of BHP's here and there was the motive [electric fan also and 123 Dizzy]. I've done a fair bit of running fingers over seams and mounting lugs but no smell of fuel so far. The smell is obvious even after 24 hours, but no damp or stained areas! Hence losing the will. I'll redouble efforts in this nice mild weather and see what comes!! Best wishes Willie
  10. Thanks Mike. I’ll check tomorrow. It was renewed with the filler cap, but worth verifying. Willie
  11. Another point.....the fuel smell doesn't emanate from the filler cap! Willie
  12. My car is July 1964 by the way, in case breather changed.
  13. Just to reiterate, the smell is inside the boot, but all connections are dry - checked numerous times.ALL hoses renewed with R9 early in 2020. There are two hexagonal blanking plugs on top of the tank, also dry. Is one of these for the breather? Photo of the subject will be appreciated, together with any part number and where to get one. I have owned the car since early 2013, so wasn't involved in the tank swap. For the record, Charlie, I live upwind of the chicko!! PM me if you want to take a look! Willie
  14. Tank is Moss aluminium circa 2006. Just before raising the subject here, I painted Heldtite on the half of the sender unit I could access straightforwardly. Perhaps do the same to the front from the cockpit! The fuel cap also from Moss supplied as photo. I didn't mention it, but the smell builds even when the car has been stationary.
  15. Happy upcoming New Year to everyone. I'm losing the will to live over my failure to locate the cause of an obvious fuel smell at the rear, especially in the boot. The car has a Facet fuel pump mounted in the spare wheel well. All the hose joints and inline strainer etc are completely dry. At the start of 2020 I replaced all hose with R9. This included the filler neck hose and filler cap. Any thoughts? Shots of Heldtite sealing in filler neck and filler cap. Willie
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