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  1. Thanks everyone. Fluid is very probably overdue a change. I think the cylinder cap might hve needed to be tweaked tighter. Just did this after returning from a challenging run up Hay Bluff and along Herefordshire's Golden Valley [hilly, tight bends, single track roads]. I attach a couple of shots, although I do not want to promote cars on to Herefordshire's famously empty roads!!. 1st shot Hay Bluff, second is view along the Black Mountains with Brecon Beacons in background. With a lot of firm braking, the boiling theory makes sense. Willie
  2. Will do Roger. Many thanks for the steer. Willie
  3. Hi Roger, I think level is OK. Here's aa shot to confirm. Willie
  4. Hi All, Got back earlier from 120 mile jaunt in South & Mid Wales having successfully tested my new coil. No issues there, but before I put my TR4 in the garage, I checked the engine bay. For the second time in a week I discovered fine yellowish tinted droplets atop the brake master cylinder. Can anyone explain the phenomenon? Pic attached. Best wishes Willie
  5. Dittto Jonathan, pleasant surprise to bump into you at Holdens this morning. At least I have a UK made coil on board. Looking forward to further camaraderie at Malvern! Willie
  6. I have just fitted a new coil - Lucas DLB110. I'll purchase a spare at some point to go with the distributor cap and rotor arm I already carry. Many thanks to everyone who has added comments. News of the issue spread! We arrived at Holdens in Bromyard just as another TR4was departing. He immediately recognised me from a discussion he had yesterday!! The gent is the one who regularly wins the PoO due to his high mileage [as well as a high quality presentation]. Willie
  7. Jim, WE were driving on a decent A road at about 55mph; started to go up a 200 metre bank when....uh-oh says I, there is absolutely no power whatsoever. NO misfire, NO kangaroo petrol, just NOTHING. Rolled to a halt and just no hint of a firing stroke when I tried to restart. Starter motor behaving normally. Looked for loose wires, checked elec fuel pump in boot - no issues. After a WyeDean group colleague told me about coils coming back to life when they cool, I tried to start the car this afternoon - it fired up instantly. Willie
  8. Thanks Roger. I'll stick with the 123 dizzy, but I have it planned to carry a spare coil. I do already have spare dizzy cap and rotor arm in the boot. A bit frustrating yesterday, as trip was in part to clock up miles for PoA contest at Malvern in August. Denied about 50 miles!! Rats. Best wishes Willie
  9. I'm very poor with electrics and don't possess the means to measure that! Willie
  10. UPDATE: A fellow WyeDean member just contacted me and suggested it might be over-heated coil. I just spun over the motor and iT STARTED immediately. I'll change the coil tomorrow and hopefully that's the end of it. Many thanks for your responses Willie
  11. The call out guy did remove #4 plug and checked for a spark. None if I recall correctly. The engine turned over on the starter, but absolutely no hint of any firing. Fuel pump running and in-line fuel filter not blocked. I checked that whilst waiting for him. I was planning to get a new coil tomorrow which will be a carried spare if it makes no difference. I asked the question in the Forum in case the guy missed something! Willie
  12. Hi All, no further issues with losing oil, but yesterday the wife & I were returning from mid Wales to Hereford when suddenly there was a complete loss of power - no stuttering or misfiring first, just total power loss out of the blue. We had to be recovered back home. Call out guy felt it was probably due to coil or 123 dizzy. I will pop over to Holdens in Bromyard tomorrow to get a coil but I wondered if anyone could confirm those likely possible causes. Car spins on starter just fine, and everything else appears normal, inc electric fuel pump. Best wishes Willie
  13. Update: tests gave following results in psi {cylinders 1-4) 156, 152, 152, 148 Willie
  14. I'll be struggling with that, Bob. The gauge hasn't just started giving high readings, it has always been on the high side. Perhaps the next step [after checking compression on Monday] will be to see if it happens again, given that the difference now is the removed top end extra lubrication. Willie
  15. Update....oil feed to rockers now removed. Engine from start up hit 60 psi at 850 rpm with choke. When temperature was in the 70 degree zone, 60 psi at tickover, rose to 70 psi at 2000 rpm! That's the target! See shot taken earlier. Do I need to adjust anything? As a matter of interest, does anyone know the AF spanner size for the PRV adjuster locknut? Looks to be just under 1" AF. Willie
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