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  1. Hi All, I did an initial assessment of alignment of trim clips on a pair of new door trim panels. Some of the holes don't align very well. Is there a tried and tested alternative such as velcro? Any illustrations would be gratefully received. Thanks Willie
  2. Hi All, I did an initial assessment of alignment of trim clips on a pair of new door trim panels. Some of the holes don't align very well. Is there a tried and tested alternative such as velcro? Any illustrations would be gratefully received. Thanks Willie
  3. My shot was taken 2 yrs ago. Gearbox and top cover overhaul. I supplied the bits for a mechanic pal to do the tech bits. One issue did arise post work - it floats out of third on overrun just now and again, some days just once. Never under load.
  4. Someone might correct me, but I think it is worn. See shot of mine comparing worn to new unit! Willie
  5. Thanks Roger. I'll try to get them looking parallel to the channels then do as you suggest. Best wishes Willie
  6. Thanks Neil. Do you have any shots of how the alignment is meant to be? When I loosened the top screw I had my left hand holding the nutarea but it moved, so I am ata loss as to exact position! Dumb of me I know!1 Willie
  7. Good day all. I attach 3 shots of door end hex headed screws and internally the plates they secure. I am planning ss replacements, but the plate in R door moved as I loosened top screw and I am unsure what those plates are for and proper positioning for them! I have tried to locate the parts in supplier catalogues, but to no avail. I would appreciate any shots and setting-up advice. Wishing you all good health Willie
  8. AND FINALLY.... 51" cable from Neil Revington fitted. See final shots incorporating advice given here. Rev counter is steady now [waved about a bit before!!]. A big thank you to all contributors.
  9. Thanks, Stef. I did wonder if I was interpreting correctly - viewed from front or rear. I am clear now! Many thanks Willie
  10. Thanks Stef. That's very useful. My long cable went that route, but in big loops! Best wishes willie
  11. Thanks Mike. Exactly what I was looking for! I'll post the final shot when I receive the cable. Best wishes and thanks to all contributors Willie
  12. Just had a thought - might I have TWO speedo cables fitted currently? Does a length around 66" sound about right? Willie
  13. YES! I used the wife's tape measure and it is at least 60" to the bulkhead, so actual length is greater. The debate is now.....48" standard or 51" as recommended by Revingtons. Should the cable be fed straight from the bulkhead under the master cylinders? I am hoping for opinions on that too!! Best wishes Willie
  14. Interesting, Stef. It appears 49.5" is the standard length. Revingtons actually sell a 51" cable! I'll do an approximate measure tomorrow and see if it fits spec! Have you fitted a shorter cable? Willie
  15. Reworked route to obtain smoother line. I improvised a support above the rocker box using a piece of stainless welding rod. No interventions! See additional shots Best wishes Willie
  16. Hi All, I would appreciate feedback on whether or not my tacho cable is fed the wrong side of the master cylinders bracket and, whether the cable is too long. A few photos attached to illustrate. If too long, where do I obtain the correct length? Best wishes Willie
  17. Hi everyone, I hope this finds you all well. I would greatly appreciate feedback on whether or not this fan motor looks compatible with a TR4. Smiths unit FHM4342/01. 06/86 possibly [long shot 06/66]. Does it look a good bet? Best wishes Willie
  18. Willie


    Good points! As to the spare hole in the runner, the holes utilised align with the captive nuts in the floor pan. There is one "extra" hole in one runner on both seats. There are no extra holes at the front on either runner. I just wondered if those of you familiar with the proper seats agreed that you need long(ish) legs. 31" inside leg in my case, so not tall! I must admit, I did wonder if the extra hole, being in the outer runner and so accessible from outside the car, had anything to do with the device to hold the seat down. It does make sense that the MoT item wouldn't apply to a 5
  19. Willie


    That's my conundrum Pete! I just can't get my head round how the system operated! I think I answered my previous comment. Wording in DVLA guide to car tests includes "2.7 Seats These will be inspected to check that: · the driver’s seat can be adjusted · all seats are securely fitted and that seat backs can be fixed in the upright position". Perhaps this doesn't apply to Historic Vehicles? Do you have a photo of the seat clip set up you could share? Also, I'd be interested in any response to my original Q about leg length! Willie
  20. Willie


    A question - if no-one can offer any additional info, is a hinged non-clamped seat an MoT failure issue? Willie
  21. Willie


    Thanks again Ian. When I collected the seats on Thursday, the seller mentioned something like that, but I assumed it would all make sense when i did the installation. As you say, hopefully someone with direct knowledge will clarify! Best wishes Willie
  22. Willie


    Many thanks Ian. Yes, the runners came with the seats. All I have is per attached photos - I have no idea what the whole release assembly looks like or how it is installed / operated! I prefer to use the original set up if possible. Willie
  23. Willie


    Hi Everyone. I hope this finds everyone well! I have just fitted TR4A seats to my 1964 TR4. The car was fitted with Moss seats previously. I have 2 queries: 1) The seats seem to require moderately long legs! I can reach the pedals fine, but the runners are against the forward stops, so someone with shorter legs probably couldn't reach. Is this typical? The runners are properly bolted down through the captive nuts. 2) I need to fit the device to stop the seats tilting forward, but have little idea from oarts catalogues of exactly what the parts look like and how the release work
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