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  1. Hi Roger, You just click the edit link and you immediately go to the quick edit function. Once in there, you can elect to go to the Full Edit screen.
  2. Sorry, John. I've not noticed any problem. We are constantly upgrading the forum software and I think the version we have now is pretty good. I will look into the Quick Edit problem though. Cheers, PS. Just trying the quick edit myself here. Yep, it appears to be working ok for me?
  3. Took the 3a out for a whopping tour around the North Yorks Moors. A bit parky, but thoroughly enjoyable. Even enjoyed washing her down afterwards. Best fun ever.

    1. ianhoward


      Great roads up there Webby - my old stomping ground!!!

    2. cvtrian


      did you call off at the Lion on Blakey Ridge (my cousins pub)?



  4. Excellent! Many thanks for the very helpful replies. A friend of mine was enquiring; he knows a chap who has a weak left leg wants to drive a TR3. Your help is invaluable and may make a chap very happy indeed. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone installed an auto box in a 3? Is it possible, please?
  6. Dear Webby,

    Received today "spam" ? direct into my message box from "niloofar" and his website


    Isn't it strange ? Reagrds-sidescreen(Raymond)

  7. Webby, my christian name and surname are displayed but Iwould like to have a pen name displayed instead ( F69 ) What do I do to change it. Thanks Richard

  8. A friend of mine needs some 185 x 70 R15 tyres for a TR5. Anyone out there know where he can get some please?
  9. Just send me your new display name, and I'll change it for you.



  10. You can change your details in your "My Setting" section (Top Right)



  11. Bowled over by amazing TR magazine & kind mention by Chairman

  12. Bowled over by amazing TR magazine & kind mention by Chairman

  13. Hi all, Wharfedale member Paul Smith got a 1st at this year's Newby Hall Classic car event. This show is a big one-day show with over 1000 cars taking part. I was admiring the entries when I stumbled across a very proud Paul Smith with his 8 year restoration project, and very nice it was to! I took a photos with Paul's camera and asked him to email them with further details. Pauls said: "A bit of back ground on the TR3 - It is a 1956 model, Reg 131UXM. It is a US import from Texas, brought back into UK late 1996 and I bought it off Gary Bates in Feb 1997. The car although qui
  14. North Yorks Moors Railway held a gala weekend on Saturday and Sunday, and I dropped down to Levisham and met new members Dave & Sue Platts from Teesside. Here are pictures of their superb TR4a IRS Sorry they are not the sharpest photos, but they were taken with my telephone. Dave and Sue are pictured in the right hand side photo immediately behind the car (not the guy bending over!). My brother in law, Max, is lusting after Dave's car on the left!
  15. Not sure, but I'll print off your mail and let him decide. I think he is after a new one though? Many thanks for posting. Cheers,
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