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  1. foster461

    Car Films

    That is pretty remarkable Hamish. So the video was captured separate from the audio and somehow synched up ? The commentary was really well done, love the humor. I wonder if that Rolls recovery vehicle survived.. Stan
  2. David, I'm sure we will all benefit from your expertise. I did a lot of promo videos during my working life, followed around by a crew that captured the interview with me and a lot of B footage. An all day thing that resulted in a three minute film. Roger (Pogo) did a nice production with his son a couple of years ago. Lots of different camera positions that made the whole thing interesting and engaging. The difference between capturing a moment on video vs telling a story. As Hamish is discovering capturing the raw video is the easy part and I like the storyboard idea, it makes you think about the story you want to tell. Personally, I'm happy if people strap on a camera and upload the video. The shots of the cars and the local roads are priceless. Stan
  3. There is not much lateral wiggle room in those hinges without making elongated holes in the bonnet and/or scuttle. I have a similar problem and I have opted not to fix it at this time. life is too short. Door will be easy to fix and repaint. Show us some pictures of the rusty bits. Stan
  4. The most common leaks from the front are the timing chain cover and seal, the oil pan gasket and the block that spans the crankshaft with the often wood wedges at the sides. Clean everything up and see where the leak is, not forgetting that a leak in one place can lead to a puddle somewhere else. Stan
  5. What device and software are you using for editing Hamish ?. There are some excellent free options like Shotcut that are very powerful but have a bit of a learning curve. That is what I have been using on a Windows 10 laptop for my video experiments. Stan
  6. It looks pretty good from the pictures and a bit of patina is not a bad thing. You could take off the windshield, capping, easily removable chrome and then mask up the rest. To go beyond that would be removing wings etc and that will likely be a can of worms. Whitewalls are not my cup of tea but they were a factory option so I'm not sure why some people have such a hard time over them. Stan
  7. Loved the video Hamish and great job with the audio and the video. Also appreciate the tour of the Derbyshire countryside. I was encouraged that you can drive at 40 and 50mph with just the aeroscreen and not even a pair of sunglasses. Stan
  8. I had no problem fitting this on my TR3a with the apron already in place. The hardest part was figuring out all the folds and which direction all the folds need to be. We painted it body color to give it some additional protection and to make it blend in. Stan
  9. My TR6 halogen headlights are **** too. They have direct power from a relay. I added fog lamps and now I can see where I am going at night. Stan
  10. Nothing weird when I shut it of, just park it and turn the key. I'll leave it for a couple of days while I do some TR6 stuff in the cool garage and see what it does after sitting for a while. Stan
  11. Oil pressure after a "cold" (it is 90 degrees F ambient today, probably closer to 100F in the trailer) start this morning was 70lbs at idle, going up a bit when I revved the engine to back it out of the trailer. In general the oil pressure stays at around 70lbs during normal running and drops back to 50lbs at a hot idle. It has been a few days since I did the head re-torque where one head stud was clearly under torqued and I have not seen the cloud at startup since. It could be my imagination but the engine also seems to be running a couple of degrees cooler. I went out for 30 mins in varying traffic today and never saw the gauge even get to the half way point and it normally runs a little hotter than that on a hot day like today. Not quite ready to declare victory yet though, hard to believe all if that is coming from one under tightened head stud. Stan
  12. You can bolt the drivers seat in just for a test drive before you commit and install the doghouse. It is just 6 bolts for the seat runner. Stan
  13. Well it wasnt that kind of poof but since Alec often referred to my TR3 as poofta blue I'm going to run with it just for today.
  14. My door capping end caps fitted ok but I imagine they will rust over time. Your stainless solution looks good and would likely cover up more of the material poorly wrapped over the edge of the capping. Just need to be willing to drill that hole.. Stan
  15. That is hearbreakingly sad news and what an ordeal for Tom.
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