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  1. foster461


    I think Rob has it covered. The heater is not too hard to extract but once you get it out you will want to clean it, check it for leaks, paint it etc so a good winter project. Stan
  2. That has to be a tough day but it looks like a good outcome for everyone.
  3. Still using points and condenser ?. A few things you can check there and coils often go wonky only when they get hot. A warm welcome from me too. Stan
  4. I wish you had not posted that picture. I have Miata seats in the TR6 and they are very comfortable. I rebuilt the TR3 seats with new springs etc and while they look correct for car shows they are dreadful for anything but a short trip. I also fitted 3 point belts however and they work fine with the standard TR3 seats. Stan
  5. Good D3 discussion in this video and some details I had not fully realized like why it is bad to shower with soap after being out in the sun.
  6. That sure did make me smile. Thanks for posting it.
  7. The attachments area in your profile should show you which posts an attachment is in ( and the links are active so you can go to that post). You just cant manage attachments in the attachment area any more. Stan
  8. It's great that people are getting out again and I appreciate all the great pictures. I have started to do grocery shopping more frequently now that everyone has got comfortable with the new normal and I can take the TR6 to the grocery store as I did today. After a slow start and a cold spring we had a spectacular summer day today.
  9. Nice video Rodney, good to see you are still active with the gopro. The TR7 looks very happy on those narrow British roads.
  10. It is highly unlikely that you would get infected passing someone on a footpath for example or even in the aisle of a large building like a big supermarket. Infection needs exposure and duration. The longer you stay in close proximity to other people the more you need the face mask and social distancing. The masks my wife made are great, they fit well and tie behind the head. I wear mine for three hours at a time with no discomfort.
  11. Do you have any more pictures/details of that very interesting air box ? Stan
  12. I liked them both and think they both have a valid point. If there is a high enough correlation and I think Peter believes there is then raise the visibility and step up the 400 IU dose to 1000 while you do the controlled study or have enough data from covid19 victims to draw an irrefutable conclusion like the parachute. What if the vit D status of every covid19 victim were known and 100 percent of the people that died were deficient ?. We would not be having this debate. But because we dont have the data to show causation we need the study.
  13. Good job Andrew. First step in getting your license back and a symptom free year. I would have found that a very long year I think. Stan
  14. Good news re the test results. Be sure to get tested again if you feel a little horse. Stan
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