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  1. Most of the TR6's here in the US are using E10 fuel and I am not seeing any issues with the Strombergs beyond normal wear. I think at this point all of the rubber in the fuel systems has probably been replaced. Fuel lines, fuel pump, carbs. Stan
  2. It is a simple ball valve, no diaphragm like the original. The operation is via the same cable and is much easier to operate. It is generally known as the Everco heater control valve, part number 74648. Stan
  3. If I am understanding you correctly, your point is that no matter what electrical load the ice cream van has or the operating conditions, it is the battery powering the inverter that is doing most of the work and the dynamo only needs to have enough oomph to keep the battery charged. Would the higher output dynamo not be more effective at doing that given the amount of time the van is sitting idling and its constant stop-start mode ? Stan
  4. The owners manual is vague.. store the spare wheel and the tools in the luggage compartment.. My 1974 TR6 has a leather strap in the rear left corner of the spare tire compartment that I'm pretty sure was where the jack was secured. My spare wheel compartment is full of spare parts so the jack is just stuffed where there is space for it. Stan
  5. Last year I also found my J type was dropping out randomly. Tranny oil was a little low so I topped it up but the problem persisted. Later on a club run the car would not start but when jump started it would run. Turned out the battery positive cable going into the battery connector was badly corroded. It would pass low current like the ignition but higher currents like the starter motor and possibly the OD solenoid could not overcome the resistance. Since I cleaned up that cable and connector I had no further issues. Could have been a coincidence, this driving season is just starting and I'll see how things go. Stan
  6. Thanks Hamish. I'll share that with my local gang too as we have a few Binky fans.
  7. https://chestercathedral.com/event/two-twisted-by-david-mach/
  8. foster461


    I have had Tim's logic controller in my TR6 for a very long time and using the standard OD switch. It is not an inconvenience to have to move the OD switch to the off position before the OD can be re-engaged again. Usually what happens is I change gear, remember that I was in OD and move the switch to off. I installed the controller behind the side trim in the footwell and the idiot light LED in the central dash support. I love this thing. Stan
  9. I thought you would have finished that Spit bu now but it looks like you are making progress..
  10. The price seems about right for a Marx kit minus the alignment tool.
  11. Geo's TR3 will start a new life in Argentina The car is headed to Argentina to an enthusiastic (and younger) owner who (among other things) drives in those mountain rallies they are fond of down there. I am glad to see it going to someone who will flog it & flaunt it from time to time.
  12. In the worst cases the two rear cylinders are pretty much surrounded with concrete-like material and the only remedy is to pull the head and remove it by whatever means you can including the coat hanger and elbow grease technique. This was exactly my situation. I could poke a metal object into the drain hole until I hit the cylinder wall but nothing drained out. I had just poked a hole in the sediment. Hopefully you wont have this problem. There is a timing cover bolt that goes into the water jacket and removing this bolt will allow the block to drain and drop the coolant below the top of the block so that you can remove the head without flooding the sump Stan
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