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  1. foster461


    Its funny how after a multi-year resto project we may have solved the problems of rotted sheet metal and missing trim but struggle finding slotted head screws. I did really well except for the screws for the scuttle vent escutcheon. I fitted the equivalent chromed phillips head screws just to get it attached figuring I can always swap them later if and when the correct screws show up. Could not agree more about the value of the forum and the help we get. Stan
  2. foster461

    Spring is in the air

    Still mid winter here too. How does the flamingo like the cold ? Stan
  3. foster461

    charging up a mobile

    I kept my TR3A as positive ground and used an insulated power outlet mounted as shown in the picture below. There is an inline fuse protecting it and I am aware of the issues of plugging in anything metal that has a grounded case. Our phones and GPS unit are all plastic so I'm not too concerned.
  4. foster461


    Looks fantastic John. Must be a challenge getting all those long door TR2 details right. Stan
  5. foster461

    Grille Trim WANTED Please

    Bob , TRF sells some of this trim. http://trf.zeni.net/TR2-TR3GB/279.php Stan
  6. foster461

    The Missing Link

    That is correct Iain, that same bracket is present on the other side too in case the chassis was used for a RHD car I assume. Hopefully someone has similar pictures from an earlier car.
  7. foster461

    The Missing Link

    Tony, these pictures are from my TR3A so may not be the same as your car. First the lower bracket. And for completeness the upper support bracket which I believe does not exist on the TR2 with the one piece steering column.
  8. foster461

    3A Wedding Transport

    Rich, that bottom picture is priceless.
  9. foster461

    3A Wedding Transport

    I love these wedding pictures. Something to compete with the TR plus dog pictures which were also very enjoyable. Stan
  10. foster461

    New guy here

    Hello New Guy Lee and a very warm welcome. The TR Register has registrars that maintain records and cover all of the TR range. The TR4 Registrar is Jon Marshall and you can find his contact info on the TR Register main page Contact tab. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/contact Just scroll down to the Registrars section. Pictures of projects always appreciated. Stan
  11. foster461

    3A Wedding Transport

    Great picture John. Husband looks to be around 9ft tall so good to have so much leg room in the TR3. Stan
  12. foster461

    TR3A oddity recently sold on eBay

    That TR3 doesnt look horrible despite the mods but there is something odd about the way the bottom of the doors meet the sills. Maybe it is just an optical illusion. Stan
  13. foster461

    TR6 overdrive stuck on ?

    A whack using a hammer and a brass drift on the brake ring will often free a stuck Overdrive. Another step if the rubber mallet doesnt work. Stan
  14. foster461

    TR6 upgrades

    David, there is a lot that you can do to the rear end, particularly the front and rear diff bridges to strengthen them. They were flimsy to start with and just got worse with rust and stress. You can buy some kits that have the sheet metal pre-cut to box in the front diff mounts but I have not seen anything for the rear bridge. It is all simple stuff to fabricate and weld in especially if you have a bare frame. If you are tempted by some of the so-called upgrades, tell us what you have in mind as some of them do more harm than good. Stan
  15. foster461

    Project Binky no.22

    The production quality gets better with every episode.

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