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  1. Charlie was close. The fuel filter was not sitting on the exhaust but was under enough stress that the output connection was bent almost at a right angle, probably influenced by heat. The car ran fine for a few miles and then would cough and splutter. I would pull over a wait a bit and it would start and we would continue. Eventually I noticed the bend in the fuel filter and I removed it. No issues since..
  2. We should all have one. https://uknews.orvis.co.uk/brief-history-flat-cap/ I have had many of the cars in that video but never a flat cap.
  3. The real reason the navigator wears protective headgear. With the lamp handle and grab handle the cockpit is a dangerous place. Stan
  4. Curious to know what is the range of motion for that light ?. Does it just rotate or can you also tilt it ?. I imagine the wiring will limit the degree to which it can rotate so are there built-in stops to prevent over rotation ?. I also see in Stuarts picture there is a button, does that have to stay depressed for the light to operate or is it a switch ? Stan
  5. This is an eBay ad that I captured some time ago. It was for a set of the TRF repro spats with the fitting info. https://1drv.ms/w/s!Ai4dm1gs-OYYjeBNLMEiaP2jQ1zjVA?e=aBibkZ
  6. I also have both and as someone mentioned the performance is comparable at least up to 60mph. I am however willing to drive the TR6 a lot faster just because of the modern steering and suspension, more comfortable interior and driving position and less buffeting from the wind. The TR3 gets pretty uncomfortable at speeds above 50mph with the top down while the TR6 is good for up to 90 mph with the top down and the windows up. Love driving them both. Stan
  7. How far away is the garage from the house ?. If it is within wifi range the battery Arlo cameras are pretty good and the battery goes for 2-3 months before it needs to be charged. They support geofencing and scheduling so you can do things like arm them when you are away from home as well as between dusk and dawn. I prefer the camera to the alarm because I can make the decision about what is going on when I get the alert and call the local police if I need to get someone to the house quickly. Stan
  8. https://patrickcumby.com/finding-the-moki-dugway/ I imagine this will resonate with more than just a few of us.
  9. I would definitely eat that Hamish. Scone, clotted cream, sugar and palm oil with a hint of nuts and cocoa. Yum
  10. The story here is that younger people have a more aggressive immune system so a stronger reaction to the vaccine. People over 70 have little or no reaction. If Vit D plays such a major role in the immune system I would have expected Vit D level to also play a role.
  11. If Vit D plays a role in the immune system and reducing the impact of covid19 infection, what should we expect with regard to reactions to the vaccine based on vitamin D levels ?. I have had both pfizer shots at this point and no reaction at all. Stan
  12. 1940 Model A checker cab
  13. Looks great Hamish and dont listen to these culinary challenged individuals that want to put the jam on first.
  14. Ronny Moortgat is looking for any history about his TR4
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