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  1. Plug welding some new tabs on would not make too big a mess if you have some paint that matches. Might be a problem if the other side of the panel has underseal on it though. Stan
  2. Nope. That extra pump above the alternator is the air pump found on some later cars. It pumps air into the exhaust manifold as an emissions device. Overall looks like a good deal. Stan
  3. That looks more like an altercation with a cement truck.
  4. My TR6 on 3xdcoe's does not need the choke during the normal driving season (April through the end of October) but if I have to start it in the middle of the winter it will not start from cold without applying the choke. Stan
  5. Well that is the last time I order an egg salad on rye sandwich..
  6. Another excellent bit of research and fabrication to create an NLA part. Well done.
  7. We did our fall tour today. Definitely hardtop weather. Dry but cold.
  8. Ready for the Fall driving season which in my case is typically one day long. Very 70's look with the black vinyl roof.
  9. If that bracket is just bolted to the original lever shock mount it is vulnerable to ripping the side out of the crossmember and breaking the welds that secure the crossmember to the chassis. Lots of examples of this failure on the internet including mine. Stan
  10. What does that Manvers shock mount look like ?. Some of these conversions have other issues but perhaps yours is a better design. Stan
  11. Nice picture. Looks like it may be an earlier long door TR2 and has a single spot lamp on the driver side. Looks pretty clean despite the weather. Stan
  12. Russell, I would not sweat getting the pistons and liners out intact. A new set is likely in your destiny anyway and they are very affordable. Under $500 for the set and will give you a few more cc's with the 87mm kit without getting into esoteric head gasket issues. Stan
  13. Thats great Andrew, these cars need to be driven regularly and you get to have some fun with the kids. Hope you are doing well. Stan
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