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  1. The fact that only some panels have the problem kind of eliminates the cover as the direct cause and points to a problem with the paint on the affected panels that may have been triggered by the cover/storage conditions. Stan
  2. When I bought my TR3A project in 2010 it had a newish looking chromed exhaust trim fitted. It was the first thing that I removed and the last part that I fitted 6 years later. It was the only part on the car that I did not have to repair, replace or refurbish. It looks just like the Moss part. Stan
  3. Front door bell Sean. Normally it mostly captures video of the turkeys lining up on the snow-covered front lawn, aka Runway 1. There is a flock of around 50 birds that use this area for take off at dusk and landing at dawn as they spend the night in the woods next to the house. Stan
  4. Fitted a new water pump so went out for a short test drive.
  5. With the fan belt off, when you grab the pulley and wiggle it do you feel any play in the shaft/bearing and when you rotate it by hand does it make a noise or feel uneven ? Stan
  6. Multiple bonus points there - great looking TR6, top down on Xmas day with someone under 60 years old driving it.
  7. Nope. The truck (aka TR recovery vehicle) is the smallest of the Ford trucks, an F150 crew cab with a 5ft bed so no chance of fitting a 13ft TR in the back. 3.5 ltr 375 HP twin turbo makes it a great tow vehicle while getting reasonable gas mileage around town. Around here, every other vehicle on the road is a half ton truck like the F150 - Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra etc. While it is a small truck, the TR's still look like a toy next to it. Stan
  8. Thinking one of the radiator hoses was the cause of me losing coolant I replaced all the hoses and took it out yesterday for a test drive. It was an unseasonably warm day, mid 40's F and the roads were dry. Test drive went well, none of the new hoses leaking but the apparent reason for the coolant loss was coolant peeing out of the water pump. New pump ordered.
  9. Episode 28 was posted a couple of days ago. After a bit more fettling and fitting Binky has gone off for final bodywork and paint. I hope we get a few episodes with the engine and tranny getting rebuilt. Surely they will need more brackets.
  10. Thanks John and I hope you and the rest of the gang here have an enjoyable and relaxing Xmas. Stan
  11. foster461

    Finally painted

    This is what my wheels look like And this is one of the lug nuts View with the nut removed I can get between 8 and 9 full rotations of the lug nut by hand before it seats in the wheel rim recess. I torque them to 60 lbs ft. Stan
  12. foster461

    Finally painted

    Congrats Waldi, your TR6 looks very nice in that color. As Neil mentioned, I also have 15x6 Panasports. They use special lug nuts that are made for those wheels and I dont recall any issues or concerns with the thread engagement. My car is spending the winter in my attached garage so it is easily accessible if you need me to measure anything for comparison.
  13. Well spotted Derek. Maple, Russet and Sienna. I guess brown must have been a thing in the 70's. For such low mileage it looked a bit ratty to me. Nice but not quite a cream puff.
  14. Sienna Brown the hottest color in the showroom ?. Really ?. Predictbaly all the foam in the seats and visors has turned to dust.
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