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  1. Congratulations Sam. 1972 was a great year for the TR6. Stan
  2. As I recall the rear end of the inner sill is open with the flanges bent outwards. The sheet metal of the wheel arch covers it. I put a half inch hole there filled with a grommet for future rust proofing.
  3. Good job. Thanks for posting the pictures and following up on this four year old thread. LVJ 620 looking great. Stan
  4. We have not seen Richard here for several years but if he still has that TR6 it has been in very good hands for the last 46 years. Stan
  5. Congrats Don. We will be at 40 years with the TR6 next year.
  6. Mine is also ridiculously stiff and apparently this is not unusual. Luckily I dont use it very often. A big part of the problem seems to be the jets binding in the carbs and the Rube Goldberg operating mechanism isnt efficient enough to overcome it. One approach seems to be to disconnect one of the carbs (front ?) as that will still start the engine on a cold day but will be easier to apply the choke. On the few occasions that I need to start the engine in the winter I operate the choke as usual then open the bonnet and pull the jets down by hand. Stan
  7. Sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.
  8. Thanks for all the pictures. Getting to an IWE is still on my bucket list. Stan
  9. Did the GB sticker predate Northern Ireland being part of the UK ?. Just wondering how this was not an issue before now. What do NI people put on their cars when they cross the channel ?
  10. This question was discussed a while back Yves, take a look through this thread:
  11. I just push bullet connectors home with a small screwdriver, taking care to push the bullet not the solder or the wire. I have holes in my left hand as evidence.
  12. There a couple of sources for a factory record search that may be able to match just on the engine number but how do you know that is the original engine ? Stan
  13. Welcome Mike !. Your TR3b looks pretty good. Has some issues obviously but we have seen much worse. The local guys can help you with local resources but one thing I would mention is that is normal to get the tub stabilized (sills, floors, door pillars etc) using the chassis as a jig to keep things aligned and once the inner tub is sorted the chassis can go off and do its thing and you can deal with the outer panels knowing that the body and the tub can come together at a later date. It looks to me from the pictures that your tub is going to need some major surgery and likely new inner and oute
  14. Sounds like there is still some Triumph remaining if the brake lights don't work. Looking forward to some pictures and welcome Rob. Stan
  15. > Sandy,& Lulu would be turning in their graves if they were dead Now that made me laugh Roger.
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