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  1. Happy birthday Wayne, thanks for everything you do for the TR Register. Stan
  2. foster461


    If it wasnt clear, no bats were harmed during their eviction and the bats most likely just went into our next door neighbors attic. Love the My Little Pony reference. I keep forgetting to adjust the usual four letter words so they dont get asterisked out.
  3. foster461


    We had bats in the attic a few years ago. We started seeing them flying around inside the house eventually as they worked their way through the various cavities in the structure. They made a mess and our attic insulation was blown paper. Our biggest concern was a rabid bat biting us our one of the cats so we had a specialist deal with them humanely. He went all around the roof closing off any potential entrance/exit except one. For that remaining opening he fabricated a tube out of the wire mesh he was using to close off the gaps and installed the tube (tunnel) perpendicular to the house. That
  4. Dose did not seem unreasonable to me but I agree the duration ( 4 weeks) is too short. Daily vitamin D3 (9600 IU/day on days 1 and 2; 3200 IU/day on days 3 through 28) Stan
  5. One of our local hospitals recruiting for a Vit D/Covid trial https://www.vividtrial.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/VIVID-Overview-Script.pdf
  6. I was able to do everything (with the correct spring compressor) except for the bump stops. For those I had to wait until the engine was installed and I could raise the spring pan with the floor jack. Stan
  7. That was very educational, car engines sure have evolved since 1974.
  8. Never too late Patrick.
  9. I think the biggest factor that will reduce the future value of our cars will be demographics. Once the boomers are gone or just get too old to drive there will be far fewer people interested in owning them. That same factor will lead to a decline in many of the current classic car clubs and lead to club mergers. Stan
  10. My seat belt story https://www.tr-register.co.uk/rebuilders-diary/2015/09/0016/1960-TR3A-Restoration-Installing-modern-seatbelts Overall quite pleased with the result given the compromises due to the size and shape of the TR3 Stan
  11. I was not concerned with noise and heat since I only drive it with the top down and the wind noise drowns out everything above 40 mph. I did want the cockpit to feel comfy though and I put some 1/2 inch jute underlay under all the carpet. Stan
  12. Hi and welcome. The engine number alone is not a lot to start with as it may not be the original engine. The commission plate would have been on the driver side B post but I assume all you have now is the holes from the rivets. Best hope is that the PO can find the title or an old inspection report. Stan
  13. There is often a combination of rubber washers and the alu spacers. The rubber disintegrates and the alu pieces fall out. Stan
  14. Give it a try Ralph and see if the anchor points are clear of the seat rails and the geometry works out for smooth operation. The floor is recessed at those locations so it may need a bit of finesse to get everything to sit flat and be secure. I put custom seat belt anchors in when I restored the tub. One on the tunnel and one on the inner sill behind the B post where the floor edge folds up. Even with the anchors at those outboard locations is is very snug with the seat installed. Stan
  15. Very cool Ben. They were probably close to each other on the production line on the 15th Jan 1960. Wishing you all the best with your project. Stan
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