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  1. good luck. Josh is doing fore sure great!
  2. clogged radiator or blown headgasket
  3. Just finished the work on the car. Only a few spare tires and rain tires need to be filled. Should be a fun track.
  4. They have these red rain lights....those are visible...nearly blinding bright, even in tight fog or rain. If I race I don't care about safe. If I want to be safe then I sit on the sofa watching a talkshow about the Kadeshians. If I sit in a race car I do my best to be fast, keeping that thing on the road and not crashing others. I drove in drowning rain which made the spare wheels flooding away, tight fog in the night, snow, strong winds, high temperatures and never feared anything. I have this accelerator thing on the right....this is controlling the risk I go. I would exp
  5. Seems the F1 drivers should be replaced with CSCC and Triumph Competition drivers at Spa. We would give them a race for the money.
  6. made snapshots: According to the ISC, Verstappen did wrong, and so did the Judges.
  7. I'm not a Hamilton fan, but in this case it wasn't his fault. He had the right to be there and Verstappen turned into him. ISC (International Sporting Code) is quite clear about this situation. If the front wing of the overtaking car is next to the rear wheel the leading driver is not free of line and has to keep space for the overtaking driver. From my guess, Hamilton tried to avoid the foreseeable collision but didn't manage to brake harder not locking the front wheels.
  8. Always good to take ready to go cars back home. There where people who had less luck. I saw a Elan rolled over and also a Lotus Sunbeam on the roof. Many red flagged races from crashed cars.
  9. ha, 2:49 in the wet would be fabulous. I drove 3:35
  10. The last race was a slicks in rain experience. During pregrid it started heavy raining. All cars went back in the paddock and changed on rain tires. Unfortunately my rains weren't properly inflated and it would had took too long for me to change...I would have missed the start. So I stayed in place and hoped for the best.....but the whole race was very wet and slippery. But I wasn't last. I managed to overtake 2 cars. Quite scary to drive 130 mph on a wet track on slicks.
  11. You are very kind. The best I did last weekend was a 2:48.8.....but I can do a 2:44.3.....and the plan was to go down on a 2:42.....which failed completely. But I wasn't the only one who struggled that weekend. Hope I find my performance. And yes, I enjoy to be Porsche poison.
  12. had a race weekend with TR4 and TR8. My laptimes in the 8 were too slow but I guess this comes from not driving that car at high speeds for almost 2 years:
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