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  1. Could be an interesting experiment to Road register and insure a CanAm racer and go for a ride on the M25.
  2. Are there informations if an EU member enters UK with a race car about the cost and the administration things need to be done?
  3. Great Stuff, makes me want to get in a race car again.
  4. When my TR4 was a road car I've used Green Stuff for years and later as race car Yellow Stuff. But then came a point - and I don't know why - the brake pads failed. Especially on the IMSA TR8 car I've lost twice the compounds from the steel back plate (quite hairy at the end of a long straight at 160mph). I moved over to Pagid with both cars and have a lot better brake feel and constancy.
  5. The car is doing well in wet. Nice control and confidence.
  6. The car is progressing. The CanAm racer wasn't happy after I lapped him.
  7. experimenting with tire compounds and spring rates. Good results for making the car faster for next season.....parts are already ordered:
  8. I started back in the 90ties with standard pump and Webers and had starvation at full throttle and especially on the Nordschleife. I moved over the Mitsuba and the problem was solved. That was long before I started racing.
  9. The original pump doesn't provide enough fuel for high speeds. No so much of a problem in USA but in Germany it is, if you are reach for 120mph or more.
  10. I'm using Mitsuba from Japan. No regulator, no extra filter, pump in engine bay for easy access. Beware of Chinese copies....they don't work good.
  11. I'm a friend of high tire pressures.....I would use 30-32psi.
  12. I think so too. The car is really a fast one now. Eating Porsches for breakfast.
  13. I've collected snippets from the times, when my race car doing FIA world championship races in IMSA at Mopsort
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