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  1. okay. Was just a thought.
  2. I was invited to USA again to race there with a Triumph TR8 Anyone else is going there on the first September weekend?
  3. Hi Jon, if your Griff is appendix K you can enter and I know you normally have an international C?
  4. I've read that CSCC s going to Dijon this year. Triumph Competition is there too. Maybe there is interest of the CSCC drivers to have a go with Triumph Competition? Getting more out of the weekend. :-)
  5. I want to maintain the Canadian color scheme.
  6. Not me driving, Martyn Adams is on this photo I think.
  7. seems some people saw the back if this car:
  8. I go beyond 5.5k if there are long straights. I'm running a 3.6 axle. The engine pulls good from 3k upwards. Very relaxed driving. High gear and letting the engine doing the job.
  9. Some logging date: max lateral G force: 1.8G max longitudinal G force: 1.2 G Top Speed: 248 kph Estimated min laptime: 2.41.5 (if all sectors would be perfect)
  10. The V8 has not much power, but much torque and at a very low point. Shifting at 5.5k doesn't hurt the performance. At least, fast enough to beat a 996 GT3
  11. Oh dear. Yes, Chris Edwards showed up at my place and asked for a valve spring, which I unfortunately didn't have. But next time I have. I put some in my box. Sorry Dave, that you camshaft broke. Another good reason to stay away from high revs. The TR4 shifts at about 6k and the TR8 about 5.5k.
  12. The weather was warm enough that the tires made stripes on the floor:
  13. Hi Mick, for testing I had set the front dampers from run to run harder. But I'm not sure that harder damping did do well as the car started bouncing. I need to look deeper into this. The good thing, I came closer to my desired laptime. 2:44 is not too bad under this very hot conditions with ambient temperatures of about 36°C. I broke the watt link braket:
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