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  1. Just a few days before leaving to England. New tires are installed, bought high octane fuel....the weekend can come.
  2. Mick, Marco Werner was about a second faster with his Pro Car M1 than the TR8. I'm not too far off. During this race dealt with him and the yellow Porsche 935 for about 3 Laps, then my fuel pump has shut off again and both flew by. Later that race the right front tire lost pressure. No idea why. Today I drowned that wheel under water and I see very 10 seconds a little blub at one spot, between tire and rim. The wheel did hold pressure for a week now. Maybe the valve opened at high speed as I don't use valve caps?
  3. I ran EBC pads (yellow) for many years, but suddenly 2 years back from now the pads started to deteriorate on the tracks and fell apart on several occasions, TR4 and TR8. I moved on to Pagid racing pads. Fantastic. For sure much more expensive, but almost ever lasting and braking is much better and way more predictable.
  4. I had a look on the data recordings. Topspeed 255,4 kph Interesting that the roof spoiler lowered the topspeed only 1 kph, but provides a better cornering performance. I had the subjective feel that it was more influence on topspeed, but numbers say the truth. 1.97G vector acceleration! And I brake too early the software says. The roof spoiler gives 10kph more on the fast right kink.
  5. The Trabants are Icons of this racing series....Like your Queen. Nobody would touch them and they stay clear from the ideal line as good as they can. The racing series brought 120 cars to Hockenheim and seperated the faster ones from the slower in two grids which was fun too.
  6. The Trabants are loved by the spectators and treated with care by the other drivers.
  7. Entry list: 1 NL Albert Westerhuis Trabant 601 RS 60A 2 BE Bart Lemaire Trabant 601 RS 1972 60A 4 NL Anita Renes Lotus Sunbeam 1979 70A 5 GB Abbie Eaton Holden Commodore V8 70B 7 GB Martyn Ellis Lotus Sunbeam 1979 70A 8 CH Roger Bolliger Pontiac Trans AM 1971 70B 9 GB Alan Breck Ford Capri 3500 70B 13 DK Jacob Forman VW Golf Oettinger 80A 15 AUS Bill Cutler BMW 535i GR2 70B 17 NL Tjarco Jilesen Porsche 964 RS 1989 80B 18 NL Tijn Jilesen Porsche 944 80B 19 NL Leo van der Beek 911 Carrera 1985 70B 21 CH Bruno Kneusli Sunbeam Tiger 1965 60B 22 GB Alex Elliot BMW 3.0 CsL 70B 28 GB David Thomas Ford Capri 3.0 MK1 70B 30 NL Hans Wolters BMW 1800 1969 60A 33 HK Adrian Brady BMW 30.0 Csl Luigi 70B 34 NL Peter Stox Porsche 964 1989 80B 35 NL Jan Schouten BMW 635csi 80B 40 NL Martijn Bijster Escort MK1 RS2000 70A 42 DE Christian Marx Triumph TR8 IMSA 70B 44 NL Jos Stevens Lotus Elan 60A 46 CH Robert Dubler Chevrolet Corvette 1956 60B 47 CH Amanda Hennessy Corvette 1968 60B 48 CH Thomas Dätwyler Opel Kadett C 70A 56 NL Ruben de Bruin Vauxhall Astra 80A 69 GB Simon Watts Datsun 240Z 1972 70B 73 DK Kim Christensen Jensen Healey 70A 77 D Walter Hoffman McLaren MC1 60B 82 GB Daniel Minton Ford Escort MKII Gr2 70A 82 GB Steve Minton Ford Escort MKII Gr2 70A 97 GB Andy Wilson Ford Falcon Sprint 1964 60B 99 NL Roel Schmitz Porsche 944S2 1989 80B 101 GB Malcolm Harding Escort MK2 BDG 70A 103 CH Urs Steffen Triumph Spitfire GT8 60B 114 GB Mark Lemmer Ford Escort RS1600 70B 114 GB Simon Graves Ford Escort RS1600 70B 117 NL Harm van de Laan Saab 99 EMS 1975 70B 124 NL Marcel van Rijswick Porsche 964 1989 80B 139 D Christian Nowak CN-Cobra 60B 161 NL Dimitri Galanidis Porsche 964RS 1989 80B 368 NL Bjorn Hees BMW E30 325i 80B 400 GB Jack Tetley Manta Thundersaloon 77 70B 495 NL Willem van der Veen Volvo 360 80A 666 NL Marian Verbijsterd Toyota Starlet 70A 697 DK Niels Ole Andersen Ford Capri GT MKIII 70B 914 NL Michael Siemerink Porsche 914 GR5 70B 944 GB Rupert Bullock Porsche 944 80B
  8. Ha, your TR4 is way faster than mine. Maybe I dice with Chris Edwards.
  9. The others race elsewhere. I'm at Spa with the TR8 but I could bring the TR4 too.
  10. Occasionally i'm getting across the TR Enterprise cars at Spa. They do pretty well and have good power figures. Cheers Chris
  11. So I shall bring my TR4 to Spa too?
  12. The TVR Tuscan is a great race car. V8 with overhead camshaft, 460 hp, independ suspension all around, huge brakes. Everything you need to be fast. Currently he finished 6 times in front of me, and me 3 times in front of him. The guy is nice and a great driver. This will be continued. The early retirement is from the crash switch. I went over rumble curb and the fuel pump was switched off by the crash switch. I take this device out. The faster the car gets, the more this device cause trouble. PS: I've met Gerrys Marshals son once.
  13. As you point it out, is flat cornering good or bad?
  14. Many tire problems. I have two flat tires. I guess from the F1 carbon bits on the track
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