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  1. Sorry that I can't help with standard stuff. My car hasn't any.
  2. 100 hp more is certainly a challenge. Have I ever see you this driving in a race?
  3. Eau Rouge is good fun in that car. 5th gear all the time :-)
  4. Got parcels from USA: An there is not much wheel spin out of corners:
  5. I was on a suspension website today and they start with 900 pound springs and go up to 2000 pounds. So I'm on the beginner level of spring rates :-)
  6. MadMarx

    TR4 in front

    TR4a IRS, not live axle.
  7. They started leaking because they were assembled the wrong way somehow in the past: Many bolts. They have forgotten to put the silicone between the halfs, and not in the bed.
  8. MadMarx

    Hot TR7V 8

    Restrictor? Plate with a hole in it.
  9. MadMarx

    Hot TR7V 8

    BTW...on my 8 I have a free flow cooling system. No thermostat, no restrictor.
  10. MadMarx

    Hot TR7V 8

    does your waterpump rotate in the correct direction? there are two types of pump, and one type is rotating the other way. If you are running the wrong one then you won't get much flow. Your pump looks like an early pump so it should be driven by a standard oldfashioned pulley belt.
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