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  1. I think there is Brian May song called Resurrection.
  2. cool event. seems not support youngtimers.
  3. 11" are the front tires. The rear ones are 12.5 or 13, depending on the tire brand I'm using....currently AVON in 12.5" size. I do feel the shock on the axle, when accelerating or getting off throttle and the up and down shifts. Good you had the same problem, then I have the nudge to do something to strengthen it
  4. I'm asking because if this is a standard week spot it needs to get on the "look at after race list". The forces in my car are high. Things break from time to time. But it is not a nice thought to losing the whole rear axle at 150 mph.
  5. I have the problem that the body shell getting cracks from driving right in front of the lower rear axle wishbones. I sit from time to time on a crack :-) Is this a weak spot on these cars and are there concepts to reinforce it? I would put a 2nd layer of sheet metal on that area. Would this be solving this?
  6. Did a bit of testing tires and stuff.....car is going well.
  7. Hi Mick, I think The Taming of the Shrew is done. Replacing the broken front dampers and rising the spring rate to 900 lbs helped a lot to calm the ride and getting writ of the pointy behavior. The car is easy to handle and even if she's throw out the back end, easy to catch back. 255 kph on the front straight. Now the only thing missing....proper rain tires. That was the reason I was behind. The Avon ZZS is not soft enough for rain. It does well on a damp, more dry than wet track....which resulted in a P4 grid position, but in the rain I ended up 11th. All the rain tire cars in front of me.
  8. A little race video:
  9. Finished to prepare the cars for the next weekend. The car needed a new fuel cell. ATL seems to make fun of their customers to move around the certification stickers. On the previous tank, the sticker was on the top right, now it is on the bottom middle. That would need to cut another hole in the container top. To handle this, I located the tank with these two bars and hope, this is okay for racing. The car has now refreshed front discs and new front dampers. The old dampers were more like decoration than damping....making the car jumping....very bad at Brands Hatch bumpy back part of the track. I hope the new dampers make the car faster. But engine is doing good: TR4 is also ready to go: I needed to replace the whole fuel rubber hoses as they became hard as a rock and spilled fuel like a shower from this to the next moment. Dangerous! I think many CSCC will be there too. Will be a nice race weekend.
  10. okay. Was just a thought.
  11. I was invited to USA again to race there with a Triumph TR8 Anyone else is going there on the first September weekend?
  12. Hi Jon, if your Griff is appendix K you can enter and I know you normally have an international C?
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