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  1. Yes, I remember. As excuse, the handling of the TR8 back in 2013 was very unpredictable and Peter and me were always close to the edge of spinning the car from this. The TR8 gained at Spa over the years about 8 seconds.....it should be faster at Road America now.
  2. The thing is, many of the 200hp flywheel power claimed cars didn't outperform my weak TR4 on the straight. conclusion: Maybe the dyno underestimated my car, or the other cars were measured with British air.
  3. interesting figures. my TR4 has only 120hp at the wheels. I really question myself how it manages to win races?
  4. I didn't check. The car will be serviced anyway over the winter. Maybe I find it.
  5. I was going round this weekend.....but I had a hard life with the car. From the first minute to the last race the car went more and more difficult to drive. On the last race, if I take the hands off the steering wheel, the car turns severely left. Seems somethings adjusted itself. So far I didn't see anything broken - this is race 1....not too bad as outcome with 2nd in class:
  6. MadMarx


    It was hard to find. I've checked the carbs and jets several times last few month and didn't find it. This metal bit was as thin as a thin hair.....and I didn't see it properly. I needed a magnifying lense to see it. And compressed air didn't help to blow it out... reaming tool was needed to push it out of the jet. The jet reamers are small enough to fit through the jet hole without touching it or changing the diameter.
  7. MadMarx


    Had since Spa the problem, that the engine won't idle properly. Only on7 cylinders. I thought #2 was the devious one but in fact it was #5 in which idle jet a tiny metal bit blocked the fuel way. The balance bar confused #2 when #5 is off service. With a little jet reamer I cleaned the jet and all 8 are back on service: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUsBIqcID_3/?utm_medium=copy_link
  8. https://www.its-results.com/hvm/2021/8fc55602-8af7-4129-a8fb-6f995057d359
  9. unfortunately I don't have any videos to offer .... my exchange video system, because the old one was broken, has probably been used before. In any case, the recording chip (CF card) was not stuck in the slot as firmly as with my old one. as a result, the chip slipped out during the race ... and was lost through the drainage hole in the floor of the car. as an snap shot: the car was initially impossible to drive on this curvy track and i was slow. Already in spa it became clear, with a 5 second slower lap time, that something was wrong ..... I put that on my age and the slowly d
  10. good luck. Josh is doing fore sure great!
  11. clogged radiator or blown headgasket
  12. Just finished the work on the car. Only a few spare tires and rain tires need to be filled. Should be a fun track.
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