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  1. I started back in the 90ties with standard pump and Webers and had starvation at full throttle and especially on the Nordschleife. I moved over the Mitsuba and the problem was solved. That was long before I started racing.
  2. The original pump doesn't provide enough fuel for high speeds. No so much of a problem in USA but in Germany it is, if you are reach for 120mph or more.
  3. I'm using Mitsuba from Japan. No regulator, no extra filter, pump in engine bay for easy access. Beware of Chinese copies....they don't work good.
  4. I'm a friend of high tire pressures.....I would use 30-32psi.
  5. I think so too. The car is really a fast one now. Eating Porsches for breakfast.
  6. I've collected snippets from the times, when my race car doing FIA world championship races in IMSA at Mopsort
  7. Before ordering all the parts from suppliers, it is better to understand the "why" and the "what". I can recommend two books: https://www.amazon.de/How-Make-Your-Car-Handle/dp/0912656468 it has a Triumph on the front page and Tune to win - carroll smith I would start with the first one, which has some stuff about beam axle cars. And if you got the clue from these books, you maybe have a better judgment of what to buy and what not. For example I did wrong in the beginning and failed to mount the wheels properly so that they do reach the ground.
  8. I think there is Brian May song called Resurrection.
  9. cool event. seems not support youngtimers.
  10. 11" are the front tires. The rear ones are 12.5 or 13, depending on the tire brand I'm using....currently AVON in 12.5" size. I do feel the shock on the axle, when accelerating or getting off throttle and the up and down shifts. Good you had the same problem, then I have the nudge to do something to strengthen it
  11. I'm asking because if this is a standard week spot it needs to get on the "look at after race list". The forces in my car are high. Things break from time to time. But it is not a nice thought to losing the whole rear axle at 150 mph.
  12. I have the problem that the body shell getting cracks from driving right in front of the lower rear axle wishbones. I sit from time to time on a crack :-) Is this a weak spot on these cars and are there concepts to reinforce it? I would put a 2nd layer of sheet metal on that area. Would this be solving this?
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