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  1. Hi Rob Welcome to the Forum. There are a number of us on the Forum .....owners of Left Hookers / USA import. I keep a couple of the loose coins ( $ ) I found in the car , in my glove box as good luck charms. Someone has always done it before , so keep the questions coming. Mention all the facts you've observed as it will help with the diagnosis .Have a clear idea in your head as to what the finished article is going to look like. That way you won't waste time and money going down cul de sacs. Listen to the advice but make you own decision .Your car , your ultimate decision. Good luck and have fun doing it. Bob TR4 , New White ,1965 LHD , imported to UK 1995
  2. This is what you need with Lucar connectors and plastic insulator covers each end for the coil / distributor lead. https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/66/category/11 Code 010102 14/0.30 8.75A OD2.6mm Bob
  3. Darran That looks like a very nice solid car. Welcome to the Forum. Bob
  4. Dave Points gap and points surfaces clean whilst you're in there , although if some plugs are firing , it's not crucial. More likely the HT leads contacts inside the Distributor cup or the leads themselves. Firmly secured either end and no visible external damage ? Pulling off one HT lead at a time , if one does not make any difference to the engine running , then at least you've identified a relevant cylinder to concentrate on. People have had problems with dodgy plugs, if you have spare ones you could try substituting. If not , swopping the existing plugs might " shift " the problem to a different cylinder thereby identifying an iffy plug. Cleaning a dirty dud plug doesn't make it a good plug. Oil Filter A visit to the website www.moss-europe.co.uk will throw up a parts diagram for the Oil Filter and Mountings. Item 18 , Part Number 500319 is the SPRING ,on main bolt that you are probably referring to. Fresh washers might be appropriate if you existing ones are a bit past their sell by date , to stop any potential leaks. Good luck with it. Bob
  5. Roger Rod could try OSC ( https://www.osc-chessington.co.uk/ ) Unit 1 , 104 Leatherhead Road , Chessington , Surrey KT9 2HY Tel 0208 397 1144 Rob Hamer. Rob served his apprenticeship on TRs and painted the Boss of Moss' TR. His main bread and butter work is Rolls Royces and high end Classic cars. He painted my TR4 and another Thames Valley Group member's TR4 , plus another mate's Morris Minor. Top quality work. Another option to approach for a quotation. He is normally able to come out to the car to quote. He certainly knows how the TRs are put together , which is more than most ordinary body shops do. Bob
  6. Sean I side with Mike that the solenoid is possibly suspect. A comment , did you clean up the commutator end face lightly with sand paper. From the picture the brushes themselves seem to have enough "meat" left on them. They are not catching when in their normal position are they ? Not impeded by the wires / debris. ( Sometimes the cause of a graunching sound when the brushes are on the way out or the brush holders are clogged up with carbon dust ). Good clean sound earth strap , engine to bodywork. Connection clean / good , feed from ignition to starter. Firm attachment at the terminal that can't be waggled by finger pressure. Clean surfaces where the Starter is bolted to the engine ? Bob
  7. Sean When you tested the starter , what exactly was the outcome. Was it completely dead i.e no clicking of the solenoid or some noise but no obvious turning. A full description will assist in the correct diagnosis / possible solutions. Bob
  8. Stan , Thanks for posting the link. Great to see TRGB featured. I've entered a period of depression now. My TR4 resto ( admittedly part time ) took me 12 years ! Car SOS , the usual 3 weeks to fix ….yeah , right , an inspiration to us all. If only it were that easy ? Bob
  9. Al I searched for a part number / diagram but couldn't find what you were looking for. A couple of suggestions , until a TR7 electrical expert comes along ! This company I've used a number of times , sells a wide variety of connectors www.autoelctrcialsupplies.co.uk Plenty of pictures to compare with what you've got. If you draw a blank then you approach TR7 breakers , some one like Robsport www.robsport.co.uk to take a second hand one off the shelf. Happy Christmas Bob
  10. John Where are you at with the prep ? Old rivets drilled out , bits ( that dropped ) in the frame hoovered out ? Vinyl trim and screen fitted ? Are the " spire clips " for the sun visors / mirror fixings in place? Part Nos FC2804 ( 4 off ) , Mirror GHF711 ( 2 off ). 2 rubber Capping strip plugs available 612976. Capping strip ( soft top ) 808231 , rivets RU608123 x 11 off. 2 fasteners for soft top 610624 and 2 screws AD606071 fix the spire clips hardware stuff to the screen itself first , check that your capping holes marry up with the frames holes. From memory I put a small bead of sealant on the back top edge of the frame , prior to assembly. I'd take Stuart's advice on the wisdom or otherwise of this action , he's a far wiser man than me ! I put a few thick nails through the capping , into the frame to keep things in line and worked outwards from the centre pushing hard down with the riveter. I then attached the two fasteners for the hood on the outside positions of the capping. It was at this stage of proceedings in my resto that I discovered that the painters had thoughtfully removed the two brackets / hooks on the upright sides of the frame ( that keep the hood flap , top of the side windows down ). A great number of expletives where uttered , before I calmed down ! Good luck with it. Bob
  11. John Brilliant ! That's what you call service these days. One problem solved... onto the next ? Bob
  12. You could try these guys https://www.tippersvintageplates.co.uk/ They've been around for a few decades and "supply missing digits " ( under their restoration page info ). Worth contacting ? Bob
  13. Well done Gareth ! A box of chocolates / flowers / treat ,whatever , for your partner will earn you some brownie points for the next time a third pair of hands / feet are required. After a long restoration on my TR4 the investment was well worth it. Bob
  14. Took my youngest grandaughter ( age 7 ) out in the TR4 , for the first time yesterday. I received a comprehensive and e x h a u s t I v e Safety briefing before leaving the house Her comment to Grandma , after returning home, was " It's AWESOME , everybody was looking at us !! She was a little puzzled as to what the chrome door pull was for though. Not too many of those on a modern , eh ? One convert ( got to start them young ). Bob
  15. Hamish It looks like a 4A wing to me , complete with holes for the light and a second hole further back ( what's that for ? ). It would need work but looks to be basically sound for the greater part. Personal collection Wolverhampton , not sure where in the Country you are Inno71. Welcome to the Forum by the way from a 1965 ex USA TR4 owner. Restoration is always about the standard you want to achieve, the use to which the car will be put, your skills, experience , available time and not least how much money ! It sounds as though you have some experience " under your belt " with your Mini. The metal's a bit thicker on a TR. Do join the Register and get yourself along to the local Group meetings ( lots of brains to pick for free ). Good luck. Bob
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