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  1. Is there anyone in this great club prepared to lend me a Lift-the-Dot punch for the duration of fitting my tonneau. I thought about buying one from Moss but saw the price and needed a defibrillator thereafter. I’m in the London Group and happy to collect. Or posting is an option if the lockdown proves to be an obstacle. Reimbursement of costs a given. I’m sure we can come to some arrangement concerning compensation. In the same vein I have road spring AND valve spring compressors (used once) if anyone requires these on loan. These too are an expensive tool to use once .
  2. Thanks to everyone for this fantastic advice.
  3. You beat me to it, ChrisP. I have to agree and very quick too. Really appreciate this Bob. I may well IM you if only to show you pictures. Truly the spirit of this wonderful club.
  4. I am considering fitting a tonneau to my ‘6. I’m a fairly competent DIYer and was wondering if this was something I should leave to the experts? My inclination is Standard PVC does anyone have any bad experience or advice to offer concerning alternative materials? Is there a consensus on best supplier? Are there any special tools I might need? Are there any resources out there which I can consult prior to installing? And finally…assuming I get it installed … is there an “official” way to fold the cover when not deployed?
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