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  1. Did the new Dash idea pan out, there is nothing on your web page in regards to them?

  2. When I purchased my TR 30+ years ago I had the metering unit and injectors rebuilt. Unfortunately life got in the way of my restoration and the parts have been sitting in a box. Seems like there would be a need to redo everything as the seals etc put in back then are not current fuel compatible. Does that seem to be reasonable? I also rebuilt all the the hydraulics back then, even though I used a lot of rubber grease, should I anticipate rebuilding those? Ken in California
  3. Kenrow


    If you don’t want to go the led route I believe I have some diffusers in my spare part bundle. PM me if interested...
  4. Just a quick into. I’m new to the register but not new to Triumphs, having owned a 70 TR6 (sold), a 72 TR6 (rear ended and totaled), a 68 TR250 (rolling restoration, in my son’s possession), and my current project a 67 TR5. Note I said current project and not new, as I purchased this car in 1986. Between getting married, a new job, and twins, the restoration has been on hold since about 1990. I started with restoration of all the mechanical systems and then hit 80% of the body work. Since then I have done nothing, so basically I have had a car sitting in boxes for the last 30 years.
  5. Here in the US you can get 100 ft. of Nylon 12 tubing in a multitude of colors for under 20 USD.
  6. The previous owner of my Tr 250 put in larger valves and seats, i went to redo my valves and my engine builder refused to move forward. I now have a big paper weight due to cracks between the valves.
  7. Can anyone confirm the length of link wire? Thanks in advance, Ken in California
  8. Kenrow


    Anyone following Fred Millturn Parts. They are working on a choke cable conversion kit that enables the CP throttle assembly to use a single inexpensive choke cable (no affiliation with FM) Ken in California
  9. My 23 year old Bosch fuel pump for my TR 5 just gave up the ghost and I was looking at these: Walbro GSL394 Inline Fuel Pump 190LPH High Pressure (universal external pump) (walbrofuelpumps.com) Walbro GSL392Inline Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure (universal external pump) (walbrofuelpumps.com) The website has the both the 12v and 13.5v performance curve which is very helpful. Ken in California
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