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  1. This is from a TR 250 but I believe they share the same flywheel. Measurement is 34.6 mm. If you looking for the step down from the flywheel face to the mounting face, its 14.7 mm
  2. I went with synthetic c/v grease which is red Moly. You need to check compatibility of any two greases if you are not starting from fresh.
  3. This is from Elin Yakov's Rusty Beauties. Not sure if this helps.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6iHpnIge3M&list=PLLWNLIF9Lk97xZsbU0dUidAa48bxRUw-t&index=40
  4. Thanks everyone, found the answer here on the forum (I did try a google search earlier, not sure why this didn't pop up (user error most likely)). https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/49440-ptfe-fuel-lines-and-hose-ends/
  5. Does anyone know what size thread the MU hose fitting are? Same question for the PRV?
  6. Here is the schematics for a 73 US Carb TR 6: https://trf.zeni.net/TR6bluebook/index.php?page=53 https://trf.zeni.net/TR6bluebook/index.php?page=49
  7. Quite an improvement, well done…
  8. In the 90's it was a big deal in the US to go to 15" x 7" zero offset Panasports with 215/65 tires. This combination put the tires about 1/4" outbound from stock. In order to minimize any interference, the procedure was: 1. Poly bushes, important to take out any slop in the suspension. 2. Use weights that only glued to the middle inside of the rims. 3. Reverse the top outmost A arm bolt and use a 2 - 1/4" Grade 8 bolt (1/4" shorter than stock). 4. Radius the corner of the top A arm. (if need be).
  9. Any chance the Pilkington glass was the wrong part (maybe tagged with the wrong part #). Seems odd that Pilkington would not be using the triplex mold if they absorbed triflex. Any comment from whom you bought the glass from?
  10. You can get them from TRF pre-bent for a good price...
  11. Thanks for the information, Stuart. From what you have written it sounds like one needs to fit all this up prior to painting the car. Is that the case?
  12. Do not forget if your combustion chambers have been modified you will need to take that into account in your head thickness for a given combustion ratio.
  13. I believe the 8.1” push rod length is the standard length rod for the 9.5 CP TR6’s.
  14. This is true for the TR 250 and up to 72 US market TR 6’s. As noted previously the difference is only the inlet spacing, exhaust is the same.
  15. Two good resources on cylinder heads are Richard Goode (https://www.goodparts.com/tr6-compression-ratio/) and Chris Witor (https://www.chriswitor.com/technical.php) Your chart seems to have quite a few errors if I’m understanding what they call overall thickness.
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