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  1. Would someone be kind enough to share their pictures with me as I am at the same stage with my rebuild? many thanks Richard
  2. During my rebuild I also have noticed missing tie rods and this thread is very helpful. Looking at the parts catalogue there appears to be a bend in the middle of tie rod. Is this necessary and does it help hold the rod in place due to a bit of induced tension when fitted? Also the Moss catalogue quotes different part numbers for each side. I cannot see why but is there a difference between the left and right doors? kind regards Richard
  3. Thank you everyone for your comments. I have been in contact with Niphos Metal Finishing in Crewe (recommended by Craig from TR Bitz) and they can re-chrome in satin chrome, so I think I will go down that route. I would like to express my appreciation of the TR Forum, and people like you who make it, as a fabulous resource for a rebuild, and I hope my 6 will be complete in the next few months once this lockdown eases further. Richard
  4. Thanks to both Bruce and Derek for these speedy responses. I’ll see what the rechroming company says and if it is not possible then Derek’s solution may be the way (and cheaper) to go. Richard
  5. I have a metal 3 spoked TR6 steering wheel that I would like to restore. Previously I saw a thread on the forum from someone who had carefully removed the rubber grip (but now I cannot find it), which would allow rechroming but the colour does not look as though it is chrome. Does anybody know what the metal finish was for these steering wheels?
  6. RJB

    TR6 door handles

    Thanks Stuart. Something else to add to my shopping list! Makes one’s mind wonder why they were changed.
  7. RJB

    TR6 door handles

    During the course of my 1971 TR6 rebuild I have noticed that the door handles look like those from a TR4, according to Bill Piggott’s lovely book Original Triumph TR page 163. Do I conclude that my handles been changed at some point In its earlier life (I’ve owned my 6 since 1983) or did Triumph sometimes use TR4 handles if they were short of parts? Many thanks for your replies Richard
  8. Thanks very much for both of these replies. My return pipe seems way too long but I’ll check it anyway.
  9. I am also rebuilding my 6 from bare chassis. Both the workshop manual and Moss catalogue (part number 148945, page 69) show a connecting hose a short way back from the metering unit, where the 3 pipes run alongside the chassis, towards the rear of the car. My replacement fuel pipe kit has a continuous length of copper pipe for the return fuel pipe only. Is this connecting hose necessary, as I cannot think of any reason for it apart from potentially being a source of fuel leakage? I don’t see this connector on the nice pictures of John’s chassis. looking forward to your responses kind
  10. RJB


    Thank you so much. Absolutely correct, as I’ve re-read the instructions that came with the superpro kit. In fact this is what in did first time, then I started to doubt myself!
  11. RJB


    I am rebuilding the front suspension and there appears to be discrepancies with the order of the washers, sealing rings etc on the trunnion to lower wishbone bolt. A YouTube clip says (from wishbone outwards) water shield, bush, rubber sealing ring, thrust washer. This also appears to be the case with the workshop manual. When I try this the rubber sealing ring won’t stay in place when I fit the bolt as there is nothing to hold it in place (I am using suprapro polybushes which may be wider than the originals). However, the original parts catalogue and the moss parts catalogue show water shield
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