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  1. Just to add the contrary view Phil, I fitted the bushes first then pulled the metal tube in afterwards. Don't know if you need to do the wishbones as well, but if you do I found this video quite helpful. Cheers, Sean
  2. Hi Dave, I used the cheap hammer type when fitting mine with the hood on the car. Used my newly painted boot as a bench . A thick blanket folded over on the boot, sheet of plywood on top of the blanket, couple of big towels folded on top of the plywood, then a length of 2x4 on top of the towels. The receptor part of the tool was sat on top of the 2x4 and the whole mechanism moved from one side to the other to do the side snaps. Worked fine at spreading the load and absolutely no damage to the paintwork. Cheers, Sean
  3. Hope someone can help. Only posting this here because the bar is empty.
  4. Thanks guys. Oh well. Shows how much I know
  5. Very true Mick. In a nice way, I'm glad it doesn't just happen to me. Sods Law
  6. Markus, How much oil did you put into the PRV hole? When I did it I kept pumping it in until it started to flow back out the hole, then closed the PRV up again and cranked. Not sure you should leave the PRV open when cranking as pressure will not build up and nothing will flow. Cheers
  7. Looking good Steve. Might go faster now!
  8. Hi Markus, This happened to me when I was trying to build pressure prior to my first start a few months ago. After some research I came across the advice to remove the oil pressure relief valve and using a squeegee bottle or a trigger oil can, pump about 100ml of oil into the opening. Make sure you get the nozzle all the way in so that the oil goes down inside to the pump. Replace the PRV nut and try again. Worked for me and it was such a relief to see the needle climb on the gauge! I was also advised that there could be an air lock in the small pipe to the back of the OP gauge so to remove the pipe from the gauge and pump some oil down the pipe also. I did both and between them they worked. I assume you have filled the filter with oil? Cheers, Sean
  9. Hi Bob, It had sat on the shelf as removed from the car for over 4 years while the rebuild was going on, and on initial test it turned really slowly. Having taken it apart and cleaned / lubricated the relevant parts as per the picture above, it worked perfectly in a bench test and had a very good voltage drop etc. On the car it works well and starts the car perfectly, except that every so often instead of engaging and starting the engine it whirrs with a sort of high grinding noise and doesn't turn the engine over. Does this a couple of times when the key is turned, then reverts to working perfectly again. Cheers, Sean
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