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  1. SeanF


    Mark, Of course you are right. The pipe in my picture is the return pipe. I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question and hopefully someone else will. What I can say is that I rebuilt mine in the same configuration as before but with a new stainless return pipe, heater matrix and heater valve and the heat output is very good indeed. Probably too good. Sean
  2. SeanF


    Hi Mark, I'm not sure what the mod that you're referring to is, but as far as I know in the TR6, the heater matrix feed already comes from the back of the water pump housing as per the attached pic. This was mine prior to strip down.
  3. The video taken by your doorbell Stan? Love it.
  4. I'm sure they can be glued, but this could cause a problem if you ever need to take the front or rear wings off in the future. I fitted mine with rivets and was glad I did, when my rear right wing needed to be removed a few months later for some re-shaping following a minor accident.
  5. Thanks Steve, I used Elin Yakov's approach from this video https://youtu.be/Hz0hx3ShaQs?list=PLLWNLIF9Lk97xZsbU0dUidAa48bxRUw-t This is the second of two videos and I followed both, with one exception - when it came to stretching the vinyl over the front rail, I propped the rail open about an inch with a couple of short lengths of 2x1 and stretched the vinyl as tight as I could get it. This worked well and when the 2x1 was removed the stretch on closing with the latches was perfect. As you see in the vid, the glue is fairly forgiving and if the first stretch is not perfect you can unstick it and go again. BTW, I also did the webbing fold at the front rail correctly, not the way he does it in the first video. Hope this helps Sean
  6. That's how I did mine during the Christmas break last year. It was freezing outside but toasty warm in the garage. Had two wall heaters heating the room and a fan heater in the car. I was happy with the result.
  7. SeanF

    Finally painted

    Congratulations on a milestone reached Waldi. It's all downhill from here and you will be on the road in time for summer. The car looks terrific as do the gaps as others have said. Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas. Don't spend too much time in the garage, ignoring the family. (I fitted my soft top and had a first complete car drive during the Christmas holidays last year) Sean
  8. Charlie just had to join in. He's a bit poorly at the moment, recovering from a second flare up of pancreatitis. This was him in better form in the summer.
  9. Hi Gary, I can't help with the paint code, but I painted mine with UPOL Power Can Wheel Silver and she still looks good after about 1500 miles. Hope this helps. Sean
  10. SeanF

    Rear wing seal

    Hi Stuart. I actually did all of those bits too. Just hadn't done them when I took the photo.
  11. SeanF

    Rear wing seal

    Here's how I did it Waldi. Hope this helps.
  12. My 6 at my favourite fishery.
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