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  1. There should also be some scope to adjust the position of the side lights upwards.
  2. Home of Goodyear tyres (tires?)
  3. Hi Gareth, Yes I've been to one of their Classic Cars and Curry nights. Back in April I think. Recently went to the CC&C night held at Shampan Restaurant in Westerham (closer to Biggin Hill but the address is Westerham.) Mine was the only TR6 at both events but there were some lovely cars. Let me know the next time you plan to go and I will join you if I can. Sean
  4. Red TR4(?) spotted in Oxted Surrey at about midday today. Travelling westward on the A25. Driver wearing a red baseball cap and Reg plate begins ATR... Was it you?
  5. SeanF

    Trailing arm studs

    Tim, If you search, this has been the subject of very heated debates on here in the past. I helicoiled mine for UNF. Just be careful not to overtighten even with helicoils. Ask me how I know.
  6. SeanF

    J-type overdrive

    And don't select reverse while the overdrive is engaged
  7. SeanF

    TR4 Rebuild

    Well done Roger. It looks great.
  8. Lovely evening at the Classic Cars and Curry night at Shampan Restaurant nr.Westerham Kent last night. Not a huge attendance due to weather, but there were some lovely cars there including a beautiful Healey 3000 and Jag XK120(?) The food was excellent as well.
  9. SeanF

    TR4 Rebuild

    And it wouldn't fit in your engine bay anyway I used 2K Roger. 2:1 with fast hardener and 10% thinners. When the first coat goes tacky eg sticky to finger touch on a piece of painted masking tape (so that it leaves a fingerprint impression but doesn't come off on finger) then its ready for the next coat. Depending on the temperature and the type of hardener used this was usually about 15 minutes between coats in my case and I applied 3 coats. Little bit of orange peel but flatted out beautifully.
  10. SeanF

    TR4 Rebuild

    Hi Roger, I recently had the "opportunity" (not) to do some bodywork on and respray my rear wing. I bought a very cheap (customer return) small garden gazebo on ebay and put it up in my garage. I then used a step ladder, shelf, and a length of 4x2 to hang it up and sprayed vertically. Worked very well. I still have the gazebo if you would like it. Cheers, Sean
  11. Nice Car Peter. I like the colour. Here's mine in the rain at the International last week. Sean
  12. Hi Rich, My mate Mark and I had a chat with you on Saturday evening when we were on our way to the forum drinks meet. I definitely fall into the category of "interested party" and in my opinion, you did a great job of convincing the listener as to the technical substance of your products. I am interested in a replacement diff but I just need to be convinced that a. it is really my diff that is the problem and b. that I want to go the replacement route rather than have mine refurbished. So I will very likely be back in touch. Keep up what you are doing. I agree with others on here that your products are definitely desirable but not the kind that someone will just pick up and carry away from a stall. Thatdoes not mean that your attendance at the event will not result in sales! Cheers, Sean
  13. I bought my hood and cover from Don Trimming. Good quality and value. http://www.donhoods.com/sales/triumph.htm Sean
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