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  1. Bondarust will take cellulose but you might want to use a surface prier that you can sand flat before the top coat. I would suggest aerosol over brush painting. It should be fairly easy to isolate the battery tray with judicious masking.
  2. Happy Birthday Richard and many happy returns Sean
  3. Thanks Kevin and Bob I already use chrome and edge in different circumstances, but as a creature of habit have always opened the forum and most of my daily visit sites in IE. I don't seem to be able to get a desktop shortcut to a site if using chrome. I was a little bit irritated at having this sprung on me without any warning, but I'm over it now Sean
  4. Did anyone know that we were getting a new forum format/layout? I didn't and it does not seem to lay out properly on my laptop. I use IE on Windows 10 and the new layout looks like this on my screen: Doc1.pdf Anyone got any ideas? Very annoying. Thanks, Sean
  5. Shouldn't they have put the glass in before the outer seal?
  6. Richard, Give John at MJK blasting a call 01293 862400. He's in Charlwood Surrey but right next to Gatwick Airport. He's done lots of bits for me, including my body tub and much cheaper than the numbers you quote. Sean
  7. I have a pair of quartz wall heaters in my garage, similar to these https://www.screwfix.com/p/mh-10-1-wall-mounted-quartz-heater-600-1200w/1238P?tc=WB4&ds_kid=92700055281954496&ds_rl=1249404&gclid=CjwKCAjw19z6BRAYEiwAmo64LRumFF-sDXO2g0_JoWKaRCfHQmHOoYxJb1FVjex_ky3qa2t5P6SIeRoCyJYQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds# I don't have a need to keep my garage temp controlled as it is dry and well ventilated as discussed above, but they are very effective for warming the space up quickly when I want to work in there in the colder months
  8. +1 or a small stick such as a match to dab a drop of paint into the chip. If done so that the drop sits slightly proud, you can often flatten with 2k grit and polish out so barely noticeable afterwards
  9. Happy Birthday John and many happy returns. Have a great day.
  10. SeanF

    Andy Murray

    Top Tip 3..... Convince your colleagues that you're Andy Murray by bringing your mum and girlfriend to work with you every day... Boom boom
  11. Hi Dave, Isn't funny how two different perspectives give two completely different opinions. All of the reasons why you didn't like it are the reasons that I did like it. I didn't sit there thinking about why they drive the way they do or why anyone would enter their well prepared car in such a race. That's beyond my control. I simply enjoyed the excitement provided by the close racing and will certainly be going back for more. Cheers, Sean
  12. Very nice Murray. Looking good in red. Oh and the car is not bad either
  13. Hi Glenn and welcome to the forum, The workshop Manual includes all the measurements and instructions on how to check so you could have a go yourself to begin with. Would at least highlight if any major problems. By the way you should remove your email address from your forum profile as it makes it very easy for bad people to find out all about you. I have a 74 TR6 which I rebuilt over a 5 year period. Ended up buying a replacement chassis from CTM engineering. Cheers, Sean
  14. I've just had a great afternoon watching coverage of this weekend's round of the BTCC from Knockhill on ITV2. Anyone else catch it? Absolutely marvellous bumper to bumper racing with lots of different event classes. Apart from the BTCC we had the Ginetta Championship, Junior Ginetta Championship, Porsche Carrera Cup, Formula 4. Three races from each class. Much better than Formula 1 IMHO. Now looking forward to the next round from Thruxton on Sept 19/20th
  15. OK, sorry, the tips need to be about motoring and cars... I get it now
  16. Anyone remember Top Tips from Viz? If you are choking on ice cubes, drink some boiling water. So clear the obstruction
  17. Hi Ed, The below is copied from the datasheet: Ingredients Per 100g of Liquid contains 9g of Hydrochloric Acid, Contains <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, <5% Cationic Surfactants, Disinfectant, Perfume
  18. It works really well on stainless steel, but don't put it anywhere near chrome. It's a relatively strong acid.
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