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  1. SeanF

    Rear wing seal

    Hi Stuart. I actually did all of those bits too. Just hadn't done them when I took the photo.
  2. SeanF

    Rear wing seal

    Here's how I did it Waldi. Hope this helps.
  3. My 6 at my favourite fishery.
  4. SeanF

    TR6 Radio

    Thank you Steve. Very helpful.
  5. Hi Waldi, I haven't bought the Moss ones, but I did fix my own. If you have a shrinker/stretcher its a fairly straightforward job. You don't have to be too perfect with your circle as there is lots of tolerance with the headlamp bowl. Go on you know you want to Cheers, Sean
  6. SeanF

    TR6 Radio

    Hi Steve, Does this one fit into the original configuration of holes in the H frame, ie centre rectangle and two separate knob holes? If so this looks interesting. Also do you have a link to the magnetic aerial you are using? Many thanks, Sean
  7. Thank you Pete. Its really nice to get a complimentary comment. I think I just managed to find a parking place positioned perfectly for the low afternoon sunshine. The colour is carmine red and the interior is Light Stone Beige from John Skinner
  8. Very Nice Marco. That beats my 40 miles and a quick stop in a car park to take a picture.
  9. Hi Mark, Mine are fixed with Self Tappers
  10. SeanF

    Seat brackets

    This is a picture of mine Keith. The two rears are stacked together in this pic.
  11. Thanks for posting Deggers. It's a lovely video and I enjoyed watching, but the cynic in me can't help but speculate that it's more about video production and you tube follower gathering than self reliance. Lots of beautiful scenery, the same action from different viewpoints and drone work so can it really be true "self" reliance? Much technology involved. Many shots of fishing rod in hand but none of actual fishing and no fish! I grinned quietly when he came out of the door with the shotgun in hand, but again no hunting and no "kill". In fact the only cooking seemed to have been of processed bacon. I will watch some more of his videos but not yet convinced! Cynical Sean
  12. Does a standard TR6 Tonneau Cover (headrest version) fit a car with MX5 seats fitted? Mine are the ones with separate headrests and the seats are mounted on brackets from the technicalities CD. Many thanks, Sean
  13. I re-covered mine using foam from a wheel arch trimming kit. I had some spare since one of the big suppliers persuaded me that I needed to buy the foam separately but it also came with the Skinner trim set. I glued the foam on first then the vinyl covering. Very pleased with the result
  14. Hi John, I had my Gb and OD refurbished at Hardy Engineering in Leatherhead. They come highly recommended and not too far from you. Sean
  15. Neither of my kids (25 and 22) are anywhere close to producing grandchildren yet, so this is Charlie, aged 6 when the photo was taken. Charlie has been with me every step of the way on my restoration and now enjoys trips in the passenger footwell or sitting on the diff bridge. This is a great thread by the way
  16. That looks idyllic Stan and the engine sounds very sweet
  17. SeanF

    Boot seal

    Stuart, do you use the same one for the 6? Thanks, Sean
  18. SeanF

    Boot Lock Assy

    Hi Richard, I replaced mine with pop rivets and peened them as flat as I could with a hammer. Seems to have worked well. Cheers, Sean
  19. Keith, Derek's pictures above illustrate the difference perfectly. The newer brackets move the bumper further out from the valance and lower it. First pic is newer, second pic is older
  20. There should also be some scope to adjust the position of the side lights upwards.
  21. Home of Goodyear tyres (tires?)
  22. Hi Gareth, Yes I've been to one of their Classic Cars and Curry nights. Back in April I think. Recently went to the CC&C night held at Shampan Restaurant in Westerham (closer to Biggin Hill but the address is Westerham.) Mine was the only TR6 at both events but there were some lovely cars. Let me know the next time you plan to go and I will join you if I can. Sean
  23. Red TR4(?) spotted in Oxted Surrey at about midday today. Travelling westward on the A25. Driver wearing a red baseball cap and Reg plate begins ATR... Was it you?
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