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  1. I bought my hood and cover from Don Trimming. Good quality and value. http://www.donhoods.com/sales/triumph.htm Sean
  2. You can re-create the chrome effect with some chrome paint if you want to. Mask up, gentle rub with grey or red scotch-brite pad, dash of plastic primer, then chrome paint. Works a treat
  3. Hi Hawk, I have fitted one from an MGF/TF to my TR6. Dispensed with the MG brackets and made my own which I attached to the seat belt guide positions on the wheel arches. It works really well. I think I paid £45 for it on ebay. Here's an example from ebay today of the one I have https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG-MGF-MGTF-windstop-windbreak-deflector-with-fittings/153441205314?hash=item23b9cefc42:g:ZuoAAOSwwmlcp3db I attached a piece of vinyl to the underside to act as a curtain between the seats. I think it looks very good in place and it does its job very well...…….but I am biased Pics attached. Sean
  4. SeanF

    Wiper blades

    Hi Mark, I bought the standard Rimmers offering fairly recently and they work very well. It looks like they will be tested in anger on Friday on the drive to Stratford! Cheers, Sean
  5. Hi Lee and welcome to the forum. Depends whether you want someone for a Kentish Man or for a Man of Kent. They're different apparently!. Sorry I can't actually recommend but we have lots of kent(ish) men (of) who will be along soon. Cheers, Sean
  6. I got my local cobbler to stitch mine.
  7. There's a from to fill in to declare your car as MOT exempt. You then submit this form to DVLA with your tax renewal form. I declared mine as exempt but still had the local MOT station put it through the test informally.
  8. SeanF

    TR6 SLJ 922H

    +1 Thank you Derek
  9. Bondarust will accept almost any paint covering. I did my chassis and parts with Bondarust followed by a fairly standard Chassis Black. Cant remember which one. You will see in future use that any chips in the chassis black will reveal a perfect coating of bondarust underneath which is very hardwearing and doesn't chip easily.
  10. Lovely looking car Mark. Congratulations. By the way you seem to have a hard top growing out of your lawn
  11. Where is your hood from Panch? I note that it does not have the quarter light windows. Sean
  12. Very nice job Panch
  13. Isn't this is a negative pressure, (ie vacuum as Harvey says), not a positive pressure? Because the cap vent is not working, no air is getting in to replace the fuel that is going out then when the cap is opened there is a massive "breathe in"
  14. And no umbrella over the top
  15. Graham Andrews is your man. The office will put you in touch.
  16. SeanF

    TR6 owner

    Waldi, you used to be so popular here...….shame
  17. Hi Dave, It came directly from the Moss Motors website and opened without issue for me so hope it didn't cause anyone any problems. As Nigel says above and I misleadingly forgot to mention, you also need to use contact adhesive on the sill carpets. Cheers, Sean
  18. Just to clarify, the "fitting kit" is a separate purchase from the carpet set. I fitted new carpets to my restoration project a few months ago and it is very straightforward. If you google TR6 carpet fitting you will find quite a few helpful instructions such as the one I have attached below. There is no right or wrong way really. I fitted sound deadening and felt underlay under the carpet. The only carpet I glued down was the bit on the rear diff cover/parcel shelf. The rest is held in with the poppers from the fitting kit. Placing the male parts in the correct location on the floor and riveting/screwing them down is tricky but not too difficult. Cheers, Sean 642-916_INST.pdf
  19. Congratulations Len, Looking forward to reading it. Sean
  20. Hi Roger, Depends what "lead in the direction of" actually means. Does it mean that the open end should face towards the direction of rotation or face away from? The picture clearly shows the front clip with the open end upwards so either the words are unclear or the picture is wrong. I genuinely don't know. I currently have mine with the open end of the front clip upwards but I'm very happy to be corrected. Best, Sean
  21. I'm intrigued. According to this illustration from the WSM, the front one should have its open end up? Rear brake shoe clips.docx
  22. The front one is the wrong way around. To me the rear is correct
  23. SeanF


    Pleasure Nigel.
  24. SeanF


    Here you go Nigel. Hope it helps. Sean Scan Brake Servo pages Haynes.pdf
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