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  1. Takes you back to the old USSR, where the geriatrics in power had to be held upright they were so decrepit
  2. I use the TR6 for towing & don't have a cooler, never needed one.
  3. Roger, you'r not supposed to stand on the brick !
  4. I am going to be controversial with a few points Many of the slaves were sold to slavers by either their own chiefs or were captives in tribal warfare, would they have survived if not sold ? Africa, like any other region has had dominant & subservient slave tribes Due to lack of food / disease, how many of the slaves who were transported would have survived in africa Some / many ? owners would have treated their slaves well, looking after their investment It was not just africans who were slaves - indentured servants were probably treated worse as they were not an
  5. only hand sanitizer, hic
  6. Sorry Rob, don't agree, the chlorination is to reduce production costs in the US, why put our country's health at risk to increase US companies' profits. ps I used to be a research microbiologist & currently work in the food industry.
  7. Re dismountable flatbeds, only the sort that comes right off was able to recover me, the 1st one which only tipped resulted in the exhaust pipes catching on the road. Neither the driver nor I was going to risk them being damaged. The driver managed to get the strap under the spoiler & far enough down not to damage it.
  8. duncan


    Agreed Mick, forgot about the photo recon ones
  9. duncan


    Yes Mick, flew over France operating from the south of England, non were based there, only Hurricanes & I think Gladiators
  10. duncan


    To be pedantic Mick, I don't think any Spitfires were sent to France in 1930/40, only Hurricanes. I don't think the RAF actually had any operational ones in '39 & Dowding, quite rightly, was not going to risk them. Also, the Hurricanes could be repaired easier at squadron level than the monoquoc Spitfires which often needed to returned to central repair. Many of the French airfields used were so waterlogged / rough that even the wide track undercarriage Hurricances had problems, the fragile narrow track Spitfires would probably not have survived a single landing.
  11. I use Screwfix by preference, good shop
  12. I found a loo roll yesterday in the supermarket & panicked - should I buy it or not ? Then realised I had done without it for 2 weeks so why bother
  13. also, only one lake in Scotland - a lot of people don't know that
  14. TS2 a number of years ago while touring the various groups
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