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  1. Steve. Have you spoken to one of the PI specialists such as KMI, TR Trader or Neil Fergusson? All of them should be able to supply you quality parts. my 6 hadn’t been used for a long time when I bought it and had similar running issues as you. A series of refurb injectors cured for a short time only. I bought a new set of injectors from kmi and that totally did the trick. I had the metering unit calibrated and the seals changed by Neil too. Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and hit the problem as a whole rather than incrementally tickle the problem around the edges. t
  2. Looks more like the A post seal to me.
  3. I thought the new style prv was supposed to eliminate the resonance?
  4. I did my strap with Pirelli webbing from woolies I think. You have to cut it down but once done, it looks identical to original.
  5. Here’s another in green.....
  6. That would be my take too John. Running up to water temperature is not the same as running up to oil temperature. Unless you get the oil hot then it can’t boil off the condensation. And doing that in winter by not driving it will be difficult. cheers dave
  7. It’s too high (which is why Jeff has the timber ramps in place), and it’s too wide to drive over (see the arrowed parts in the photo below). It has to be pushed under the car from the side. So you need a garage which is the width of your car with working space plus the width of the frame (so you can push it under the car from the side).
  8. What is the width of your garage Mick and whose lift do you have installed? It looks mint!! cheers dave
  9. Steve, from memory 50 inches. You definitely won’t have enough room with a 9 foot garage. My garage is 3.6m wide. I put the car on dollies and push it to one side, then man handle the really heavy tilting lift into place into the centre of the garage whilst trying not to drop it on the car, then push the car back over it. I only just have enough space to do this. My view of it is that it is good once you have it in place, but the hassle for my size garage isn’t something I regularly want to do more than once a year. If I had the money then a proper drive on scissor lift is what
  10. I had mine refurbed by past parts about 5 years ago. More expensive than buying a new replacement but there were some dodgey new ones around at the time. It came back looking like new. cheers dave
  11. With modern fuel, it’s only a matter of time .....
  12. Original Triumph TR book states the home market steering lock being standard on CP52786 onwards. My 70 car is slightly earlier and does not have the steering lock. cheers dave
  13. Hello. I asked this very question a couple of weeks ago. Scroll down to page 4, currently second item on tr6 forum. cheers dave
  14. I don’t understand your point here Tim. Clearly the old tread patterns are still being used (because you can buy them). Modern Snow tyres have a more similar tread pattern to the classics than to summer tyres, the main difference being rubber compound. Michelin wouldn’t sell classic tyres if they were in any way unsafe or less safe than modern tread shape. If tyres are old (in age terms) they will not be as safe as new tyres regardless of tread pattern type - that’s obvious. It’s strange that you think that there are people that will hold on to their tyres beyond the safe date
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