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  1. Dave the prv is the problem. Change it to a diaphragm as others have said and the vuvuzela will be silenced. Then you can listen for other noises to worry about! cheers dave
  2. Yes will be there with the staffs and warks bunch.
  3. I fill from the heater hose (disconnected from the heater valve) with the hose held high. Filling from this point which is higher than anything else in the engine bay results in coolant over spilling from the rad (meaning system full). Reconnect hose, start up car with cap off to give opportunity to burp .... then job done. Cheers dave
  4. I’m fairly sure that the difference is in the positioning of the lower two gauges between cp and cr cars. Ie on a cp car the amps is on the lower right whereas on the cr car the volts is on the left.
  5. 32-33 mpg on a run around Germany a couple of years ago. Ahhh... the roads, the memories, the driving.... I love Germany. Cheers dave
  6. My rad cap is 7lbs too and didn’t have any issues in 35 deg c Spanish summer last year. I concur with Nigel and Waldi, your problem lies elsewhere. Cheers dave
  7. Well I bit the bullet and bought a wosp. It was emotional doing midwifery duties removing the Lucas starter..... but what a difference on turning the key! Hopefully no more graunching nor problems starting. Fingers crossed. cheers dave
  8. Does the random graunching noise happen even when using a hi torque motor? i had a reoccurrence of the original starter failing to work today but it did work after a 5 minute rest. I also have the random graunching mick talked about. I’m hoping that a change to hitorque starter motor might solve both issues. Anyone had any experiences to share? cheers dave
  9. Yes, went last year and it was a great day out!
  10. Looks like you got 2 the same Tim. They should be handed. cheers dave
  11. aardvark

    Fuel Pump Woes

    You say that no6 is spraying ok but what about the others?
  12. I have the curved plate dollies from sgs engineering. They are excellent for all the reasons others have described. The curved plate style I suppose does help with avoiding flat spots. One other thing to mention, when not in use they do take up a lot of space. Mine hang on the wall and with all four hanging vertically above each other take up the whole height of my garage.
  13. I thought your spring compressor had let go!
  14. Great work Dave. Even closer now to being on the road! cheers dave
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