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  1. I fitted new hawk hps last weekend along with refurbed callipers. I reused the old shims, and used the red grease that they came with. After bedding them in, I had a very slight squeal but this has now gone. They are now silent. Performance is pretty good. Cheers dave
  2. Good result Rich. The wheels with the most balancing weights should always be placed on the rear axle to avoid vibrations at the steering wheel. cheers dave
  3. Are you referring to the stud rather than a bolt?
  4. That road looks awesome Conrad. Car looks great too! cheers dave
  5. I’ve got 2 Sykes pickavents (3/8 and 1/2) from andrew page on a Friday special. Can’t remember the price for each but they have a nice quality feel and the deal price was good. Cheers dave
  6. Dave - it certainly sounds like the back to me but I will have a look at the front tomorrow. Rich - my hubs are new (3000 miles ago) quaife type so should be bullet proof. i will give it another going over tomorrow evening looking closely at the handbrake actuating lever, springs, steady pins/clips and handbrake cable. The fact that the noise stops immediately after lightly putting foot on the brake suggests to me it’s brake related. Or is that too obvious? cheers dave
  7. Thanks for your replies folks. Harry - I replaced one adjuster recently. Squeaks no different. John - drums and shoes replaced recently too. Squeaks no different. Roger - when changing the shoes I kept the original springs. I did buy replacements but decided to not use as the two upper new springs were different lengths it has to be something like that though. Any more thoughts anyone? cheers dave
  8. Dave. Prestige (Malcolm)’s diaphragm prv is preset to the right psi straight out of the box. I’ve just asked him the same question! He says it’s a straight bolt on job. cheers dave
  9. Hello Roger. hmm.... interesting. Maybe the springs are the culprit as the chirping stops when I touch the brakes. The return springs that are fitted have the hooks pointing inwards. I have some new ones with the hooks pointing outwards but they look like they won’t stay on properly. Have I got the wrong springs fitted I wonder? cheers dave
  10. Hello all. here are the symptoms .... drive car for 20 minutes or so, then chirping sound starts from each back wheel area intermittently associated with suspension movement. The key piece of evidence is that noise instantly stops when I lightly touch the brakes. Then gradually comes back after the brakes are released. The hubs and drive shafts are new, no cracking to chassis or brackets, I’m running steel wheels and the rear bushes have been greased to oblivion so not the bushes. whatchya fink? cheers dave
  11. I replaced my rear hubs with the quaife uprated versions last year for ££££ but it made me feel safer given the European mileages I do. I took the opportunity to polybush all the suspension at the same time. The problem I have is the polybushes squeak and I’ve taken to dismantling the whole suspension to regrease them to try to quieten them. If you have polybushes at the back could it be that? Roger did a checklist for rear end squeaks a while back which was very useful to track down my squeak. perhaps he can repost? Is your squeak constant or does it only start when things get warm after a few miles? cheers dave
  12. +1 .... I carry a spare.
  13. What’s the furthest you have driven it Dave? Perhaps take it out for a longer drive once you have re-bled the injector? It sounds like there is a plug of air in the system which is bleeding out towards the injector nozzle where it needs some encouragement to exit either by manually bleeding the injector or via the Italian tune up method. Providing no air re- enters the system then (obviously) it should be ok thereafter. I had a very small petrol leak (weep) from a nylon injector pipe once which gave similar symptoms to what you are experiencing. A very slight discolouration of the black pipe was the give away but it was enough for the system to depressurise on shutdown and for air to re-enter. The problem was that the old pipe had been cut off the union with a blade and the blade had slightly scored the union allowing a path for air to enter the system. Worth checking? cheers dave
  14. Dave. Sometimes they just need a good blast to clear it out. Have you given it an Italian tune up? cheers dave
  15. Excellent stuff Graham. Blue..... great choice!!
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