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  1. aardvark

    TR6 Seats

    My CR seats with headrests in my CP car are neither rubbish, uncomfortable nor horrible in any way. They are actually the total opposite and the seats are actually a very nice place to be. Seat choice is very subjective. If you are trying to compare knackered worn out 50+ year old seats against something much newer (comparatively) then you aren’t comparing apples with apples. Try sitting in a newly refurbished seat before making any decision or giving any opinion. The simple fact is everyone’s body shape is different and our bodies are typically not the age and shape the
  2. Lee - I have the Quaife version as linked in Stuart’s response. They are really meaty units. They were direct replacements for the originals. Cheers Dave
  3. Thanks for your reply Keith. The problem is that the lock body is swaged onto the front piece. So to get them apart I think you would mulla the front cover such that it wouldn’t then go back on. TRGB have been quick to accept a problem with their stock and have sent me an original lock in the post - see post above. cheers Dave
  4. Thanks for the reply Roger. I’ve managed to find an original beaten up lock. I’ve cleaned it all up and it’s working smoothly now. So thanks for the offer of your spare, but I no longer need it. I’ve managed to find someone on eBay who has an original key in FK series which I’m assured will fit. Does anyone know if the original keys were FK or FS ? cheers dave
  5. It was TRGB. They tested all the black ones and they all were faulty in the same way - seemingly ok until after a few presses of the button and then the latch won’t retract the full way. They only work properly if the key is in the lock so the barrel is aligned. They told me that the locks are made by one company who supply everyone.
  6. Thanks for your reply Roger. I thought I would take the plunge and buy a new one and it’s been delivered today. After less than ten presses of the button, that too has broken - not in the same way - the striker won’t depress far enough. Just another piece of junk sent from the supplier without testing it beforehand - close to £50 delivered - disappointing. If you do have a reliable spare with key Roger, or anyone else, then can you let me know please. in the meantime I will be drop kicking the lock back to the seller. cheers dave
  7. Hello everyone. After 51 years of service, my glovebox lock has decided it wants to retire. The problem I have is that I can’t push the barrel in anymore to operate the mechanism. Fortunately I managed to open the glove box door and have taken out the lock. The striker that would retract when the barrel is pushed won’t now operate. Can I take the lock apart somehow and if so how, or is a new lock needed? cheers dave
  8. Hello Denis. I thought a prv either works or it doesn’t. I never would have believed how much of a difference the diaphragm type would make to my car. Fitting it was a challenge in the tight confines next to the tank. It made sense to me to replace my tank at the same time as I could see some rust in there. When I got the tank out there was a handful of broken valve springs in there ! Who knows how many decades I’d been driving around like that. Talk about never throwing anything out ! I’d be surprised if Rimmers will confirm anything about spec of any parts other than by saying tha
  9. Hi Waldi. Yes I initially had concerns regarding eliminating fuel smells and creating resonance but was swayed by what TRRev had to say. At least if it does occur I feel more confident of a better outcome with TRRev than if I’d bought individual parts from Rimmers. My old Bosch is /was the legendary 996 pulling through the old cav filter. I think that a good deal of the smell was due to the filter set up. I had another episode of vaporisation last year in wales so decided to mount a new pump externally to hopefully give it the best chance of working in hot weather. As my car is b
  10. It is a diaphragm prv bought from tr trader some time ago. My original prv seemed to be perfect - absolutely bob on fuel pressure so no reason to change it until I change the tank etc etc. I changed the prv first and ran the car for a week without any other changes. The difference in car starting was immediate. A great mod making a real world positive difference. The tank, pump and hoses were all sourced from Revington. Expensive but I thought that a purchase from one supplier, especially one who does development of their products, should (fingers crossed) guarantee success. The
  11. Last November I decided to replace my 30 year old Bosch pump (how much longer would it last?). Whilst in there, I thought I would replace the fuel tank, prv and all hoses too. The hoses were braided mostly from Revington and I mounted the pump set outside under the boot floor protected by an Ali shield. I replaced the sender as the float was leaking and used a new cork gasket with a little heldite on both faces and the screw holes. I also used Revington’s tank to filler hose too. What I have found is that there is zero petrol smell in the boot now - absolutely zero - and with a
  12. Hello all. I’ve not long ago done this on a TR6. I bought the new sender from TRGB and it fitted and worked spot on. Readings are bob on too - no adjustment needed. I used a cork gasket with heldite. I fitted a new tank at the time but still got bits of new gasket into the tank via putting the screws in through the gasket. I also tried a viton gasket and the same thing happens (the screws shave off some of the gasket as they are wound in). It was easy for me to hoover out the tank afterwards as the tank was new. It you have fuel already in your tank then expect some gasket to fa
  13. Hello Richard. I’ve just replaced my fuel tank with a Revington ally one. This one had two redundant outlets on the bottom which Revington supplied suitable blanking screws for. These screws do cause some interference with the body but I was able to grind the heads down by a mm or two. That was all it took for my tank to fit. Good luck with it and make sure your sender unit works before buttoning it all up ! Cheers dave
  14. Yep, tried that, same result, full deflection.
  15. I’ve had a coat hanger in there moving it around so it’s not stuck. Looks like I will be taking the tank out again and throwing away a brand new sender unit !
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