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  1. I use this .... https://www.classic-oils.net/Valvemaster-Plus It must also stabilise the fuel as I never have problems after a winter layup.
  2. Check to see whether the filter is blocked (Suction end).
  3. Thanks Bill, that’s brilliant. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you! cheers dave
  4. The triumph repair times schedule suggests that the ‘core plug, right side of engine’ should take 1.85 hours to replace. So 13 hours seems excessive. interestingly, 12 hours should be long enough to remove And replace the crankshaft According to the repair times schedule which gives your chaps an hour spare for a cup of tea.
  5. In short, yes. Don’t forget to prop the back of the engine before you take the gearbox off....
  6. Hello all. Does anyone know the correct fixing Location for the lift a dot fastener that fixes to the passenger seat prop tunnel side for the tonneau strap to fix to? It’s item 69 on the photo. I need a precise location to avoid it rubbing on the webbing of my seat belts (and my seats are currently out of the car with the upholsterer so can’t check for myself). thanks dave
  7. Lock off the UJ by putting Something around / through it to stop it spinning and then assemble the two half’s of the shaft on the bench. Then try twisting them. If the UJ is locked off then any movement detected will be in the splines (because with everything else locked off then that is all it can be). Hopefully there will be no movement there. My best guess as to the movement would be worn UJ or backlash in the diff.
  8. I used a clear lacquer on the spokes Alan. It’s holding up very well - did it last year (around 3000 miles ago). I didn’t touch the rubber as it is in good condition with a slight colour loss that I describe as patina. cheers dave
  9. I agree with you Ian. They are not as easy to adjust as the square mirrors however if time is spent adjusting them then they are fine. Once set up they shouldn’t go out of adjustment like the square mirrors.
  10. After many years of seeing nothing but sky or tarmac with my passenger bullet mirror, I went to the trouble of properly trying to set it up which I managed after a lot of tooing and froing. Now both mirrors have a clear view down the side of the car. Their only drawback is in the area of mirror compared to other styles (which is smaller and limits view). However, with all three mirrors in use, much of the rear view is now covered. I never thought they would be any good but am really happy now and they look epic. set them up properly and, like me, you will be happy. cheers
  11. aardvark

    Door Pull

    Evostick timebond also works well. Leave overnight and they will be stuck on for good ! good luck dave
  12. Not really. I wasn’t able to locate the noise either back to front nor left to right until I was driving on near deserted roads. The noise seemed to be coming from everywhere. Even then I was adamant it was bushes but was proved wrong when I stripped them down. my bushes were super pro too. I got some more super pro grease from eBay. I also got some of Revingtons special brew packet bush grease - looks like salad cream - they told me it would cure any squeaking bush .... ooerr Missus. anyway, I spent a weekend stripping out the bushes and regreasing using both the super
  13. Phil i had a creaking noise which I put down to poly bushes. I tried various sprays for lubricant but in the end decided to strip everything down and regrease the bushes using as much silicon grease as I could get to stay in there. After putting it all back together the noise disappeared for a week then came back. After a nice trip abroad in the car on less congested roads I was able to pin point the noise, following much driving, to the front of the car. The noise changed pitch if I put my foot lightly on the brake. The noise came back after a short time but disappeared ag
  14. My temp gauge reads just below half way. It has the engine fan and that keeps it cool for every uk scenario. I installed a back up electric fan too on a switch for continental touring when stuck in queues in 35+ temps. I routinely don’t need it - it’s merely there for my nerves. In my experience, a well maintained standard cooling system should be good enough for uk temps. cheers dave
  15. Richard. I made a cut through the carpet vertically aligned with the back of the h frame. That way the cut is hidden from view by the h frame. You can then peel back the carpet to get to the filler plug. On my car, the filler plug is slightly further than 6” from the back of the h frame. cheers dave
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