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  1. Thanks Ian...I'd already ordered one...the repros are a nightmare to fit though...they are square as opposed to cylindrical and I practically had to dismantle the steering column assembly to give it any chance of going into place..(I'm sure there's an easier way but I never found it!)...still got to put it all back together but it was starting to get dark after 3 1/2 hours.
  2. Soooo....that was harder than it should've been and it looks as if I'll need to get a new steering column lock assembly. One question; there is a green/brown wire attached to the side of the lock assembly, running to a bullet connector. Anyone know what this is for? It didn't appear to be connected to anything..
  3. Thanks Sean - I'll take another look when things cool down outside! Graeme
  4. Hi all I have a 1972 PI with ignition on the steering column. I discovered the other day that the spring that returns the ignition key from "start" to "run" appears to have failed. Before going the whole hog and replacing the ignition unit (which seems like a sledgehammer to crack a nut) I want to remove the ignition barrel and do some investigation. Plenty of instructions on how to do that, but I can't for the life of me find how to remove the padded trim around the keyhole. How is it fixed - I don't want to force it. Any guidance gratefully received!
  5. Same here. Then today tr5/6 rear crankshaft seal and tr5/6 pressure plate...both posted by had17642....
  6. I've not been on the forum (I.e. Not even logged in!) for a few months but in the last couple of days I've been receiving notifications of updates to random threads to which I'm not subscribed...anyone else experiencing this?
  7. If you're still looking, I had the same problem a few years back - got a 2nd-hand one from TRBitz (from a scrapped US car)...about £25 back then.
  8. Hi Mark, the dip switch has worked fine for the last 6 years so it's unlikely to be incorrect wiring. Malcolm, have cleaned the terminals but will try and do some more work on the connectors...thanks for help so far!
  9. So I'm driving home from the pub on Thursday, country lanes so I put the main beams on (floor-mounted dip switch, fitted 2006 and not used that much). Car coming the other way so I dip the lights...except they go off. Instrument lights are still at full 1-candlepower.Hit the dip switch again and main beams come back on, cycle the lights lever on the column and hit dip switch and dipped lights back. Sigh of relief breathed. Get home safely (touching nothing!) and have play around whilst putting the car in the garage - no mains/dips. On further investigation I've found that all other lig
  10. +2...I fitted a TR7 cable earlier this year. So far so good.
  11. Just wondering which was longer - the RHD one appears shorter but is it long enough to reach the metering unit on a RHD car?
  12. Silly question.....RHD or LHD one?
  13. Another source (as I discovered on this forum) of fumes was via the holes for the numberplate lights - mine is on the rear bumper but my rear panel is from a late car so has the holes for the lights; temporary fix was a couple of bits of duct tape over the holes and the smell in the boot disappeared.
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