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  1. Doesn't that miss the point that members/non members have been making Tom? Well, what can I say. I joined the club a couple of years ago having moved over from the TSSC. I previously owned Vitesse’s since 1987, but joined when I bought a 6. I’ve since had the privilege of support/advise/knowledge and expert advice from the likes of Ntc, Alec, Neil Ferguson etc (thanks to all who have assisted!) & yes I can now drive the car. Fantastic! The forum was a great place, I would regularly check in and very much enjoyed At the Bar. It's removal is clearly a disappointment to many and a loss to the club in my opinion. The reasoning doesn’t stack up. Further to this, it beggars belief that Ntc was banned by the current board of directors. He was one of the most knowledgeable and prolific posters on the good old forum and had absolutely nothing to do with the vile comments made in the TR6 forum, just prior to the removal of Atb. It’s quite obvious to many regular members that the forum isn’t what it used to be, in fact it’s become quite boring in comparison to what it was. Some members have either left or don’t post and maybe won’t renew their membership. If the club wishes to attract the next generation of enthusiasts then I think it has made a big mistake. If I was only now getting into the Triumph TR scene, then I don’t think I would bother with the TRR. I’m fortunate that I did when I did & now have some very good friends. You may think you have acted for the good of the club, however, I believe that by the decisions made in the backrooms of a closed shop environment, you have shot yourselves and the club in the foot/head."to preserve the marque" Oh Boys, well done, congratulations! It’s a damn shame, but I won’t be renewing my membership. Atb to those that deserve it.
  2. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/65732-euro-car-parts-34discount/ https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/64261-spark-plugs/?hl=%2Bspark+%2Bplugs Usual disclaimers etc!!!
  3. Hi Roger, Looking forward to progress updates. As for " climbing around in scrapyards" as Pete suggests, shame H&S have that covered now! I remember swaying to and fro, 4 cars up in a big yard somewhere near Neasden back in the late 80's, trying to get the fuel tank sender out of a herald. Think it was Neasden as I recall popping into midnight motors in Wembley on the way back home. Atb
  4. Hi Roger, Good luck with your endeavours. Was this the type you were looking for? Got this 20 odd years ago for a vitesse, but never fitted it, might put it on the 6. Atb
  5. Indeed! These are new remanufactured ones I think? I was referring to a used original one I saw for sale recently. Atb
  6. There was one on the 'bay recently, but doesn't seem to be there now. Try Conrad?
  7. Might well be the solvent (or complete lack of it) content on some of these sticks like "..." options, as Alec says be wary. Hopefully someone with better knowledge will advise. Atb
  8. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    How many did you buy for that price?
  9. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    Hi Keith, Tis why I added the ebay link. As previously stated, that is the code I've used on a number of occasions and I've always received proper Japanese correct BP6ES NGK plugs. If anyone ends up with alternative ones, I would suggest you send them back for a refund. Atb
  10. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    Hi Niall, Use the item code number 408880030 in the search box on their website, then use blackfriday in the apply coupon box at checkout. Although there is very little detail about the plug on the website page, the 408880030 code is what I've used when buying from them in the past. They also quote the number on their ebay listing page for NGK BP6ES however they want £5.19 each there! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NGK-Spark-Plug-BP6ES-Fiat-Rover-Alfa-Romeo-Renault-VW-FSO-Volvo-Vauxhall-MG-Saab-/232568388898?hash=item362627fd22 Ah, beaten to it! Atb
  11. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    Hi Tom, maybe the forum needs a short text reply section!? Yes, BP6ES and made in Japan. As a trader, why are you concerned/interested? I posted this for those who probably don't get a trade discount. Atb
  12. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    Hi guys, Sorry, it can be a bit of a minefield looking for Triumph parts on euro car parts! Genuine NGK ones, bought them before using this code number 408880030. Hurray, while stocks last! Atb P.s. All the one's I've bought from them are proper Japanese branded.
  13. rog1

    Spark Plugs

    Hi, Just ordered some from euro car parts using the blackfriday discount code. £7.47 for six with free delivery. Atb
  14. rog1


    Good maybe? Best in the world? laughable! Good on you though for promoting British. Atb
  15. rog1

    post pulled again

    Hi Pete Have you made a grammatical error? Maybe it was pulled on that? I wouldn't complain. Atb
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