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  1. I keep saying this. I’ve got a 3 synchro box free o anyone who can collect it from deepest Dorset. It Must be good for parts. Eventually I’ll put it on eBay or the tip. JJC
  2. I have a 3 synchro box looking for a home (free).JJC
  3. Have ordered the needle version from Burlens. The Grose is going back for a refund to the other supplier JJC
  4. Looks like a leaking (new) Grose valve. Anyone else experienced that? JJC
  5. I’m fighting the rear Stromberg. It floods but not until the engine has been running for 5 minutes. The carbs were rebuilt about 4 years ago. It’s not the grose valve, not the floats nor their settings, needle and piston ok. Anyone experienced this? JJC
  6. I have a 3 synchro box if anyone wants it. JJC
  7. Anyone had experience of repro control boxes? JJC
  8. JJC


    The good news is that the beautifully engineered mod by RVWP worked and it no longer overheats. The not so good news is that he lost sight of me on the road test because of black smoke and flames (with the odd explosion). But he found me when it expired and towed me home. My other expert friend fixed the Strombergs now all looks good for final proving test. JJC
  9. JJC


    Wait and see. Road test some time this week will then let you know whether or not the mod works. Made by an expert friend. “Only took minutes “ he said. JJC
  10. JJC


    Hamish, Marco, many thanks. I even managed to get the “search” to find Hamish’s post. It just proves “if anything can go wrong it will”. The pictures are great. I like the look of the 22 mm plumbing cap so plan to go that route. Nothing in my box of come in handys bet they come in bags of 10. JJC
  11. JJC


    Thanks for the posts. There is a YouTube video showing the bypass blocked completely (WEGS Garage, TR4 overheating). But I take it from Marko that some flow is required. So with a non bellows thermostat is the advice for the TR4 to reduce the bypass to 8mm or 8.5 mm or plug it completely? JJC
  12. JJC

    Water pump

    Peter - it’s fine. Took it off because I thought the rad was too cool at the bottom a case of clutching at straws I think. I’m going to put it all back together (if it’s raining tomorrow) and follow the advice on filling without air blocks. Ever hopeful. JJC
  13. JJC


    I should be so lucky to test the heater! Will try and get it back together and fill up via the heater valve, squeeze the middle tube, cross fingers and see what happens. JJC
  14. JJC


    Yes the engine is clean internally. I’ll put it back together and try and fill with no air and deal with middle hose and see what happens. Really annoying because whilst the FO8 seals were rusting away it ran just fine! JJC
  15. JJC


    Gauge runs at 185 then rapidly climbs to maximum. Engine then runs very badly, then stops given half a chance. JJC
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