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  1. I’m told the chrome edge strip should be on the bottom where the clips hold the strip onto the door. That seems odd why have a chrome strip if it’s hidden. And isn’t it more difficult to pull the clips over the chrome beading? JJC
  2. JJC

    Surrey top

    My top was the pig to fit as described above. Roger then sent his instructions which I followed and it’s now easy to fit and stays on. JJC
  3. VPJ 770 gave us enormous pleasure over the years. Hopefully it will go to someone who will drive it like a TR should be driven. Perhaps the best memory is coming out of Lavant at Goodwood absolutely flat. Not so good was nearly losing it coming out of the chicane. Picture is from Gurston Down, road going windscreen - not the Derrington aeroscreen. So my TR days are rapidly coming to a close - the garage loft needs clearing. If anyone is interested in a spare non overdrive box, early axle (complete), bomb starters, send me a pm. Cheers JJC
  4. Back to the original picture - was it Manchester? They had TR4 police cars there in 62 JJC
  5. My TR2 which gave my dad a great deal of fun before he became old and decrepit is up for auction at Sandown Park in February. It’s a lovely car, heartbroken to see it go but university fees trump everything. Dictated to but not signed by (JJC) Sarah
  6. JJC


    This topic could go on forever
  7. The source of your fumes is usually thought to be the “wheelbarrow “ exhaust. I had them for years and suffered from fumes. Changed to standard exhaust a couple of years ago and the fumes disappeared. But I did think about getting the tail pipes reshaped to pass out each side about where the standard exhaust does. That might solve the fume, problem as well. All to do with airflow. JJC
  8. Here’s how another heavy lift is achieved single handed
  9. That should be true of many TR2s and TR3s. The pictures in Autosport show Goodwood full of clubman racers back in the day JJC
  10. Forgive my ignorance but that seems like a lot of money. Can someone enlighten me as to why it’s so much? JJC
  11. quite possibly and what’s more it misbehaved again today. JJC
  12. Gordon, Did you solve it? We have been through just about every simple fault that exists. All easy to check but difficult to find if happening at the same time. Or one after the other. The great thing is all cheap and easy to fix. So here’s our list...... 1. New plugs either faulty of fouled possibly due to one of the following 2 front carb overflowing, needle valve stuck 3 back carb dry needle valve stuck the other way 4 coil slowly dying! Quite possibly the cause of fouled plugs Good luck JJC
  13. JJC

    Choke Knob

    Job done. With a mirror and a strong light worked out it wasn’t entirely the hole being in the wrong place. Main problem was the angular hole for the spigot (?) to go in tapered towards the front of the knob. I have a forerunner of the Dremel which has lots of tiny routers. Opening out the taper allowed the spigot (if that’s what it’s called) to go fully in and the locking pin worked. JJC
  14. JJC

    Choke Knob

    Stuart - thanks will attempt not to butcher it JJC
  15. JJC

    Choke Knob

    Thanks Stuart. I have tried to measure it (with my new bargain Lidl digital vernier) . It looks very close. Worry is if I file out the hole will the knob be loose? JJC
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