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  1. Thanks Colin, that does help Regards Keith
  2. Hi Colin I needed a new panel for my 1954 long door & bought one from North Devon Metalcraft Regards Keith
  3. I want to waxoil the inside of my TR2 chassis this winter . Does anyone please have a sketch of where the internal baffles are so I dont miss any sections . Thanks Keith
  4. I want to treat the inside of my TR2 chassis and I note that there are baffles that separate sections of the chassis . Does anyone have a sketch of where these baffles are ? Keith
  5. TR Trader had one for sale recently
  6. Hi Russell My early catches are very worn & need replacing. I currently use a separate cable for each catch . If you are able to make new ones I think you will have a market for them, I would be interested Keith
  7. My heart goes out to you, some years ago we had a serious fire caused by a faulty freezer stat . A neighbour suggested using a loss assessor to negotiate on our behalf. the whole proceedure went smoothly thereafter, he was able to help us get things done promptly and fairly . See post from Hamish Keith
  8. Hi Gordon My early car TS3058 only has holes to bolt up the bracket horizontally Keith
  9. Hi Ade I had 3 out of 4 screws missing , so i had my local precision engineering shop make some new ones. They had to drill out the old threads and retap with the new screws to match. Quite a tricky job, it cost £100 for all 4 Keith
  10. Nice one Hamish , engine sounds sweet now Keith
  11. Looks like its T-Trac 2 for me with all the positive comments , thanks you all. Keith
  12. Just had my Lockheed axle & prop shaft refurbed by Tony Carlow , excellent job , a bit of a long way from you though as his workshop is in Essex . Contact him at Carlow Engineering Tel 01268 792817 Email: carlowengineering@btinternet.com Keith
  13. Hi John I see you have a temporary extra bonnet opening wire . I am not confident that my long door opening system will work reliably so i have added a permenant second pull similar to yours, I used a choke cable with outer sleeve mounted inside the bulkhead & clamped off close to the release mechanism Keith
  14. Does anyone have experience with these tyres , half the price of classic sprints ? Keith
  15. Great 2nd & 3rd runs, misfire sounds like fuel starvation. What do you rev up to ? Keith
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