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  1. Thank you for your replies and offer of help. I have since contact Crown Classics in St. Margarets and when my son gets back from America he is going to take the car down to their workshop. Many thanks. Lou
  2. Thank you Tony. Perhaps you could contact me when you are back in UK. Lou
  3. My late husband was in the process of refitting the door cards on his Long door TR2. The car now lives at my sons' house in Teddington. Does anybody have recommendations of a car trimmer in that area, that could refit them onto the car please? Lou Hellman
  4. Thanks Hamish, bit of a blow for the younger ones but better than no trips at all ! Keith
  5. Could anybody please advise me what the law says about ages of children passengers in a TR2 with standard seats and 3 point seat belts. I have 4 grandchildren, all of whom would like trips in my TR2, their ages are 12, 8,7 and 5 years. Keith
  6. I concur with MM. I have a good scizzor jack plus a few short pieces of 4x2 tucked in the spare wheel compartment. Use them to drive the flat tyre onto thus raising chassis height Keith
  7. I agree with all comments re rear axle/U bolts. I had exactly the same symptoms & it was only when i took my TR2 into TRGB for its voluntary MOT test that they found the loose U bolts , now nice and tight & no more rear wheel steering Keith
  8. Hi Bob, I am sending you a PM regarding a friend who needs some advice. Regards Keith.
  9. Brighton Council closed Madeira Drive to motorised traffic during the Covid-19 pandemic to allow people to exercise on bicycles and by walking. There is now a lobby to keep the road closed permanently. This would mean the end of historic events like the National Speed Trials and could signal the end for the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run plus our own London to Brighton runs. There are three ways that you can help. 1. Sign the petition to keep Madeira Drive open You do not have to be a resident to sign this petition, you just need to be interested in seeing the road re -
  10. I can also strongly recommend Bobs LED lights, I use the sides as daytime running lights and following cars can actually see when i am braking Keith
  11. New switch fitted, all working OK . Thanks Ian for the advice, point taken. Keith
  12. Thanks Bob, I thought as much. By the way your LED lamps are great, as good as any modern DRL Keith
  13. Hi James I have ordered my switch from a well known supplier in the middle of nowhere in Somerset, was that the source of your dodgy switch ? Keith
  14. My TR2 side/headlamp switch has failed , the side lights will not switch off. Hardly surprising as its 66 years old. I have attempted a repair to no avail,& have a new switch on the way. I can change the switch without removing the centre dash panel as the bezel is slotted & i can ease the switch body out through the forest of wires .I would like to add an inline fuse on the feed to the light switch. Can anyone advise me the correct size of fuse to use ? I have Wipac quadoptic headlights with 60/55w H4 bulbs. All other bulbs are LED Stay alert( whatever that means) Thanks all K
  15. Bob supplied me with the complete set i.e rear side/flasher/stop , rear number plate/brake , front side/ flasher orange , new led compatible flasher . All with clear fitting instructions , at a very reasonable price . A great improvement in day & night visibility. Keith
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