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  1. Nice one Hamish , engine sounds sweet now Keith
  2. Looks like its T-Trac 2 for me with all the positive comments , thanks you all. Keith
  3. Just had my Lockheed axle & prop shaft refurbed by Tony Carlow , excellent job , a bit of a long way from you though as his workshop is in Essex . Contact him at Carlow Engineering Tel 01268 792817 Email: carlowengineering@btinternet.com Keith
  4. Hi John I see you have a temporary extra bonnet opening wire . I am not confident that my long door opening system will work reliably so i have added a permenant second pull similar to yours, I used a choke cable with outer sleeve mounted inside the bulkhead & clamped off close to the release mechanism Keith
  5. Does anyone have experience with these tyres , half the price of classic sprints ? Keith
  6. Great 2nd & 3rd runs, misfire sounds like fuel starvation. What do you rev up to ? Keith
  7. Definately washer mount plate identical to the one on my long door Keith
  8. Hi Hamish, Just being inquisitive, whats your agreed value Keith
  9. Thank you for the advice I will try the tape first, the tap thread is tapered so should lock ok Keith
  10. Hi Stuart, Thanks for the advice,as the Force product is PTFE would plumbers PTFE tape be OK ,as I already have some in my tool box ? Keith
  11. Just about to replace my TR2 heater valve and extension pipe .I need advice on thread sealant please Keith
  12. I removed my TR2 prop after removing the exhaust. when replacing its tricky to get the bolts to stay in position as you slide the shaft through the chassis cruciform,i used a dab of superglue to hold the bolt heads tight to the UJ flange & used new nylocks both ends . So no need to remove the tunnel. Keith
  13. I agree with Tom. My car TS3058 has a red line at 5000 extending past the numbers out to the circumference
  14. Thanks Roger , I have sent the linings back for linishing Keith
  15. Thanks Mick, change made. Regards Keith
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