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  1. Hi Iain Thanks for your suggestions . Just a thought though, the bottom of the chassis is under tension, would it not be better to drill the holes half way in the vertical sides, which is the least point of stress in a box tube ? and would leaving the holes open allow moisture in ? Keith
  2. Thanks All Richard your sketch would be most welcome Keith
  3. Thanks Colin, that does help Regards Keith
  4. Hi Colin I needed a new panel for my 1954 long door & bought one from North Devon Metalcraft Regards Keith
  5. I want to waxoil the inside of my TR2 chassis this winter . Does anyone please have a sketch of where the internal baffles are so I dont miss any sections . Thanks Keith
  6. I want to treat the inside of my TR2 chassis and I note that there are baffles that separate sections of the chassis . Does anyone have a sketch of where these baffles are ? Keith
  7. TR Trader had one for sale recently
  8. Hi Russell My early catches are very worn & need replacing. I currently use a separate cable for each catch . If you are able to make new ones I think you will have a market for them, I would be interested Keith
  9. My heart goes out to you, some years ago we had a serious fire caused by a faulty freezer stat . A neighbour suggested using a loss assessor to negotiate on our behalf. the whole proceedure went smoothly thereafter, he was able to help us get things done promptly and fairly . See post from Hamish Keith
  10. Hi Gordon My early car TS3058 only has holes to bolt up the bracket horizontally Keith
  11. Hi Ade I had 3 out of 4 screws missing , so i had my local precision engineering shop make some new ones. They had to drill out the old threads and retap with the new screws to match. Quite a tricky job, it cost £100 for all 4 Keith
  12. Nice one Hamish , engine sounds sweet now Keith
  13. Looks like its T-Trac 2 for me with all the positive comments , thanks you all. Keith
  14. Just had my Lockheed axle & prop shaft refurbed by Tony Carlow , excellent job , a bit of a long way from you though as his workshop is in Essex . Contact him at Carlow Engineering Tel 01268 792817 Email: carlowengineering@btinternet.com Keith
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