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  1. Hi Roger Have them fitted to my TR4 big improvement , sourced them on line from Car Parts International but I believe Revington list them. Cheers Chris.
  2. I have one of those intend keeping it sod the cost cannot take my money with me, don`t tell the kids its their inheritance. Cheers Chris
  3. + 1 for Worcester Classics Simon is a straight bloke easy to deal with. Cheers Chris
  4. Are you using Silicon Brake Fluid ? If so check which ever one you buy has seals that are compatible . Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks for the replies, I noticed that BP7 HS Plugs are listed what is the difference them and the BP6HS ones, should I consider these ? I have also heard that there are non genuine plugs about is there any way of identifying them. Cheers Chris.
  6. Sorry too much red wine with Sunday Lunch plug type fitted should read BP6HS Cheers Chris
  7. I am about to change the spark plugs on my TR4 which is fitted with a Piper Yellow Cam Lightened Flywheel and Extractor Exhaust Manifold , currently fitted are NKG 6HS Plugs should I replace with the same again or something different any recommendations would be appreciated. Cheers Chris.
  8. I have heard Neil`s wife is poorly so he is not working full time at the moment. Cheers Chris
  9. Thanks Stuart I will leave it off for now. Cheers Chris
  10. Learned Gentlemen I have recently had a Brake Servo fitted to my TR4 by a well known TR specialist. I have noticed that he did not refit the Restrictor Valve ( Moss Catalogue page 61 Pt No 116197 ) that was fitted to the 4 way connector, what is the purpose of this item and should I refit it as he has returned it to me . Cheers Chris.
  11. If you are using Silicon Brake Fluid make sure your new seal kit is compatible. Cheers Chris
  12. Hi Mark I fitted poly bushes to my Lower Inner Wishbone Eyes on my TR4 many years ago, still fitted with no problems I found they gave a quieter suspension without the need to routinely lubricate. Cheers Chris
  13. Try LAP Electrical products in Birmingham they have been mentioned on here before I believe they manufacture them not sure what their quality is like. Cheers Chris
  14. I had the same problem wrapped mine in a piece of old asbestos fire blanket years ago would not please the health and safety brigade today but still does the job. Cheers Chris
  15. +1 For Trago Mills always visit when we are in Cornwall for a holiday. Cheers Chris
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