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  1. Very sad Roger, like Tim I hope you will reconsider, your comments on mechanical, electrical, and technical matters I have invaluable as no doubt anyone new to our club and cars have also found , your input and help will be sorely missed Chris
  2. Have just picked my TR4 up from Simon after he fitted a servo has done an excellent job with very neat pipe work. Simon is easy to deal with and charged a very reasonable price thoroughly recommended. Chris
  3. This topic of converting a TR4/4A to a 14w TR6 wiper motor seems to come up regularly could someone with experience of doing this conversion be persuaded to write an article in TR Action. Cheers Chris
  4. Has anyone had any experience of this company I am considering asking them to doing a job on my TR4. Cheers Chris
  5. If this current bunch of w**kers running the country are really committed to being green and saving the planet why do they not dictate that all new build homes have heat pumps solar panels and car charging points as standard ? Cheers Chris
  6. Here we go again Cheers Chris
  7. Thankyou gentlemen for you advice now have a leak free joint with the fuel pump. Cheers Chris
  8. Thanks Bob when you say right onto the end of the pipe should it be flush with the end or on a bit further Cheers Chris
  9. I am renewing the outlet pipe from the mechanical pump to the carbs how far from the end of the pipe do I position the olive before I connect into the pump outlet. Cheers Chris
  10. I am about to fit a servo to my TR4 it has fitted a non standard TR4A type 5 inlet manifold with a take off boss for a PCV which is not currently used and blanked off with a threaded plug does anyone know the thread size of this boss/ plug as I need to fit an adaptor for the servo vac pipe. Cheers Chris
  11. I think it is 61311368786 Cheers Chris
  12. I am a little confused which usually goes with advancing years and hair loss, in TR Action 331 which has just landed it states that this event has moved to the 23rd of January 2022 does this mean that this years event scheduled for August 22nd has been cancelled ? the reason for asking is that the on line website still shows it as taking place. Cheers Chris
  13. Received mine today. Cheers Chris
  14. I have to admit to my ignorance were is the pre-pressure switch that Ralf & Mike refer to situated, as I have the same problem ? Cheers Chris
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