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  1. +1 for Pete Cox reasonable price good service gearbox and overdrive overhaul first rate. Cheers Chris
  2. I vaguely remember a posting some years ago on this subject stating the seals on aftermarket servos don`t like silicon brake fluid causing sticking problems but not sure which ones. Cheers Chris
  3. HI Richard I worked for SU and have some original manufacture gaskets in the garage send me a PM with your address and I will send you 2 FOC. Cheers Chris.
  4. I purchased a Workzone mains hobby drill from Lidl it came with 2 collets which limits limits the size of drills and accessories I can use, does anyone know of a supplier of small or miniature chucks. Cheers chris
  5. Hi Stuart I have one of those uprated water pumps from Racetorations sitting on the shelf never got round to fitting it ,I am just about to change my antifreeze and water and thought about fitting it are there any issues with them ? Cheers Chris
  6. Gentlemen I am about to flush out the cooling system in my TR4, I have purchased a 500ml container of Fernox F3 enough for a 16 radiator central system do I use all of it or just a portion, if so how much ? Cheers Chris
  7. Steve Contact TT MAC Motor Refinishers near Tamworth Staffs resprayed my TR4 wing and Aluminium Surrey Hard Top very pleased with results 01827 250026 or 07947 310095 Cheers Chris
  8. Castle Chrome in Dudley used them to rechrome my TR4 bumpers some years ago pleased with the results . Cheers Chris
  9. I am considering changing to the TR6 14w 2 speed wiper motor on my TR4 as my next project . Two questions firstly is it better to source a second hand OE motor and have it reconditioned if so any recommendations on who could do this, or buy a repro motor from one of the usual suppliers, secondly I would like to preserve the appearance of the original switches if possible, is it possible to use and adapt the TR6 switch. Cheers Chris
  10. Hi Pete Skinners do good quality trim kits try ringing Jonathan I have found him very helpful, they appear to be working at reduced capacity at the moment so delivery may be a bit lengthy Cheers Chris
  11. Hi Pete There was a post on the TR4/4A Forum back on Nov 14th 2011 may be useful. Cheers Chris
  12. + 1 For John Skinner have on order just the gear box tunnel carpet for my TR4, is busy at the moment so you may have to wait a while. Cheers Chris
  13. I use a K & N Filter with my spin on adaptor supplied from Euro Car Parts part No 508771681 larger capacity than the normal ones, little bit expensive but has a formed end on which you can get a socket . Cheers Chris.
  14. Hi Pete Have sent you a PM. Cheers Chris
  15. Hi Pete Have sent you a PM I hope not very good with new technology and pressing buttons. Cheers Chris
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