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  1. Hi Lee Do not think about it at that price most likely made in a mud hut in Bongo Bongo Land Cheers Chris
  2. Did you buy or make the fixing bolts? if you made them details or drawing would be useful. Cheers Chris
  3. Thanks Roger Will look forward to it. Cheers Chris
  4. Hi Roger This subject came up on a previous topic were I asked if you could be persuaded to pen an article in TR Action on your conversion to a 14 w motor on your TR as it would be of interest to many TR4 /4A owners who use their cars in the rain any chance you could oblige ? Cheers Chris
  5. Gentlemen Thanks for the advice and offer, I have found a NOS one in the garage so I will give it a try. Thanks again Cheers Chris
  6. That is what I had in mind does anyone know of a supplier in the UK. Cheers Chris
  7. Gentlemen I need to replace the worn and leaking block tap on my TR4, is there a better alternative available than the standard one from the usual suppliers and if so who supplies them ? Cheers Chris
  8. Chris Hubball


    Consider having your existing clutch reconditioned PCC Precision Clutch Components Tel 01963 362484, were always highly recommended by Alec Pringle . Cheers Chris
  9. Hi Roger Converting to a TR6 wiper motor is something I have been considering no doubt many others, could you be persuaded to write an article for TR Action explaining how to mount it and the wiring and other changes involved. Cheers Chris
  10. Gentlemen Still weighing up the various options on my brake overhaul only to have another issue raise its head. What is the difference between DOT5 and DOT5.1 brake fluid I currently have Automec DOT5 in the system, if I was to change to DOT5.1 will it mix with DOT5 or will need to flush the system out and change all the seals. Cheers Chris
  11. Hi Pete I read about the sticking servo problem in Roger Williams book How to Improve Your TR 2- 4A page 55. Cheers Chris.
  12. A question I forgot to ask, I have Aeroquip braided hoses fitted, all round if I make the change to DOT4 will these need to be changed along with the seals ?. Cheers Chris
  13. Thankyou gentlemen for your comments, the main reason for changing to DOT4 , is as that as old age sets further in I may fit a servo the seals of which I have read somewhere do not take kindly to Silicon Fluid. Cheers Chris.
  14. Learned Gentlemen I am about to start a brake overhaul on my TR4 to include reconditioning the calipers, and fitting new seals in the rear wheel cylinders and master cylinder. Hoping not to restart the debate of Silicon vs DOT4 I have decided to change from Silicon back to DOT4 I have heard mention that I need to flush the system out with Methylated Spirits to remove all traces of the old fluid. I would welcome any advice on how to carry this procedure. Cheers Chris.
  15. Despite advancing years still fit and able but just thinking about the future plus `er indoors` who drives it occasionally when I have had too much real ale complains the brakes are heavy compared with her Golf. Cheers Chris
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