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  1. I am considering changing to the TR6 14w 2 speed wiper motor on my TR4 as my next project . Two questions firstly is it better to source a second hand OE motor and have it reconditioned if so any recommendations on who could do this, or buy a repro motor from one of the usual suppliers, secondly I would like to preserve the appearance of the original switches if possible, is it possible to use and adapt the TR6 switch. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi Pete Skinners do good quality trim kits try ringing Jonathan I have found him very helpful, they appear to be working at reduced capacity at the moment so delivery may be a bit lengthy Cheers Chris
  3. Hi Pete There was a post on the TR4/4A Forum back on Nov 14th 2011 may be useful. Cheers Chris
  4. + 1 For John Skinner have on order just the gear box tunnel carpet for my TR4, is busy at the moment so you may have to wait a while. Cheers Chris
  5. I use a K & N Filter with my spin on adaptor supplied from Euro Car Parts part No 508771681 larger capacity than the normal ones, little bit expensive but has a formed end on which you can get a socket . Cheers Chris.
  6. Hi Pete Have sent you a PM. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Pete Have sent you a PM I hope not very good with new technology and pressing buttons. Cheers Chris
  8. Hi Pete Interested in your fuse box, the type and supplier, I still have the original in my TR4 and am considering upgrading it. Cheers Chris
  9. Hi Steve Try TT MAC Motor Finishers Nr Tamworth Staffs 01827 250026. resprayed my TR4 hardtop and front wing very pleased with the results and service. Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks Bob It will give me something to do and keep me out of mischief while I cannot meet with my mate in the pub. Cheers Chris
  11. Hi Bob I am interested in your home made leak tester any chance of a brief description of how you made it, I tried to make one myself but could not find a way of sealing the tube to the old spark body. Cheers Chris
  12. Wire coat hanger in case one of the exhaust brackets fails Cheers Chris
  13. Thanks Stuart I believe Everflex is still available I may search for a company who will make me one in that material possibly using my existing one as a pattern. Cheers Chris.
  14. Hi Stuart My original surrey top is 57 years old and now leaking along the seams and appears to be made from leatherett and lined in a cream fabric is the one you show constructed the same or is it just unlined black vinyl. Cheers Chris.
  15. Hi Rich I spoke to them last week they said they were having their 2 week summer shut down and will be back first week in September, I am thinking of ordering one myself will be interested to know what the quality and fit are like. Cheers Chris
  16. It could be that the brass jet bearing in the carburetter body is not central try dropping the the jet with the choke lever if that cures the problem then the bearing is out of alignment Cheers Chris
  17. Gentlemen I need after 20 years to replace the 2 Falcon stainless steel silencers on my TR4 as they are now very noisy and resonating badly. Due to quality issues Moss no longer supply Falcon products but offer Bell systems. As I do not want to go to the expense of a new manifold and link pipe I asked Moss if the Bell silencers would be compatible with the rest of my system the answer was they thought they were but not 100% sure. Has anyone had any experience of this ?, the outside diameter of the inlet pipe into the existing Falcon silencer from the link pipe coming from the manifold is
  18. +1 for Pete Cox. He had my TR4 Flywheel lightened to approx 19 lbs and drilled for a diapragm clutch just the right amount for road use make, sure you have the flywheel and clutch assy balanced together, I previously had a steel flywheel weighing 10 lbs not in my opinion suitable for road use, great pickup but the drop off to dramatic. Cheers Chris.
  19. Thanks Alan That's a great help, much appreciated. Cheers Chris.
  20. Gentlemen I need to replace the stainless steel silencers on my TR4 to ensure compatibility with the extractor manifold and connector pipe I need to identify the manufacturer. I originally purchased the whole system in 1995 from Triumph Tune in London . I thought it was a Phoenix system but when I quoted the part numbers from the old invoice to the TR Shop they said they are not Phoenix numbers. The numbers are as follows , if anyone can identify the manufacturer I would be grateful . FSTH 28 Rear Silencer FSTH 21 Front Silencer FS 1130 Extractor Manifold FS5027 Link
  21. Hi Jim Also check the length and diameter of the brass plunger at the bottom of the assembly this can vary the quickness of the initial piston lift. Cheers Chris
  22. Just fitted one of these to my TR4 no problems experienced. Cheers Chris.
  23. Hi Lee Do not think about it at that price most likely made in a mud hut in Bongo Bongo Land Cheers Chris
  24. Did you buy or make the fixing bolts? if you made them details or drawing would be useful. Cheers Chris
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