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  1. JJC

    Hardtop removal

    How an old person takes the hardtop off on his own RVWP's idea. JJC
  2. Thanks - ordered. JJC
  3. Anyone got a part number handy for the replacement stop light switch? Think I used a BMW one but can’t find the bill and it’s gone duff. Thanks. JJC
  4. JJC

    Rear airflow

    On the General Forum there’s a post about mesh wind deflectors. Peter W says that wind tunnel tests on (I think) an MG showed a reduction in drag coefficient with the mesh present. Would be interesting to know if a mesh deflector stops the air flow over the boot lid reversing. Can we persuade a mesh owner to do the experiment? JJC
  5. JJC

    Rear airflow

    Alan. I think that saves me modifying my wool as that was my next step. That combined with the sideways flow at the edges pretty much says it all about exhaust positioning. JJC
  6. JJC

    Rear airflow

    For many years our 6 had a wheelbarrow exhaust system, it also suffered from fumes in the cab and consequently smelly clothes. At the last rebuild a few years ago I fitted a standard exhaust and no longer suffered from fumes. So I was curious about airflow. Made up a set of wool tell tales hanging from the boot. RVWP (of this parish) observed then we swapped over. The wool only goes up to horizontal possibly because it’s a bit heavy so unable to say anything about airflow back up over the boot which was what I was looking for. What I did notice was that at both sides the airflow goes out beyon
  7. Bonnet catches as used before the Dzus type catches. Only for early car purists I guess! Oil filter attachment looks as though modified for a cooler, no idea where it came from. Last call for TR4 hub caps then they’re going to the tip. JJC
  8. I’ve uncovered four pretty tatty hub caps and a passenger door which doesn’t look bad at all. PM me if interested JJC
  9. I’ve put a post on the 2 forum about clearing stuff from my loft. Also just spotted 4 hub caps with bad chrome. Free to anyone who wants them. JJC
  10. Odds and ends going spare as my TRing days are over (too old). Bomb starters, clutch covers, speedo drive end cap, Lockheed rear axle, rear w/cylinder (new), w/s lower seal, sump - bits like that. Really don't want them going on the tip. PM if interested. JJC
  11. And if anyone wants a 4 exhaust manifold and down pipe send me a pm. Also free I don’t want to put it on the tip. JJC
  12. Rob - thanks that’s a great help. JJ C
  13. How many amps should a standard alternator deliver? Is there a way of checking performance other than turning the headlights on and looking at the ammeter?JJC
  14. Be grateful if someone would pm me Paul Bishop ‘s (think I’ve remembered his name correctly) phone number. A friend is thinking about seats. Thanks, JJC
  15. JJC

    Overheating fault

    Roger that’s what I was hoping. Easiest to fix.
  16. Another fault has appeared. Stuck in traffic or idling temperature indicates fine. Running at 3000 rpm or more the gauge goes right up. Knock it out of gear and the temperature drops quickly. Anyone experienced that? JJC
  17. JJC

    Fuel pump

    Thanks for the replies. I’ll trust to the original AC diaphragm which replaced the failed after market one but will look at a petrol tap because a failed diaphragm drains the petrol tank into the sump under gravity. JJC
  18. JJC

    Fuel pump

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds as though I can risk the original AC diaphragm to replace the failed after market one. Bearing in mind that a failed diaphragm allows the tank to drain petrol into the sump under gravity think I might investigate a petrol tap . JJC
  19. This post also appears on the 4 forum. I’d be interested to know how many of us have been running pumps with the original AC diaphragm with no problems due to unleaded. Thanks. JJC
  20. JJC

    Fuel pump

    I put this on the general forum but didn’t get answers. So this is a repeat, sorry about that. I’d like to know if many of us have been running original pumps with unleaded with no problems with the original AC diaphragm. Many thanks. JJC I’ll post it on the side screen forum as well.
  21. I’ve just had a failure of a recently rebuilt pump. Actually more than just a failure a real pain. Think where the petrol goes when the new diaphragm fails. And it doesn’t stop. As I had a box of old pumps in various states of disrepair I found an original AC diaphragm. Encouragingly labelled “genuine”. Fitted it and it doesn’t leak, yet. My question is how many out there still have original pumps which have suffered modern petrol? Will my AC diaphragm survive unleaded? JJC
  22. I keep saying this. I’ve got a 3 synchro box free o anyone who can collect it from deepest Dorset. It Must be good for parts. Eventually I’ll put it on eBay or the tip. JJC
  23. I have a 3 synchro box looking for a home (free).JJC
  24. Have ordered the needle version from Burlens. The Grose is going back for a refund to the other supplier JJC
  25. Looks like a leaking (new) Grose valve. Anyone else experienced that? JJC
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