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  1. Hello all, I have recently completed the restoration of my TR250 on which I spent over a thousand hours . Over this time I carried out a total nut & bolt rebuild including strenghening the chassis shot blasting & painting in chassis black with waxoil injected on the insides of the chassis frame. all new suspension bushes, replaced the rear /front hub bearings, new s/absorbers & springs. Also replaced the driveshaft/propshaft u/js , fitted a r/hand steering rack. Bought an A/type overdrive, recoditioned the gearbox fitting new bearing/syncro hubs etc. The engine was fitted with new pistons & the cyl head was converted for unleaded petrol.The bodyshell was in quite good condition apart from the battery box area & the outer cills which was repaired with new metal. Fitted new front discs & pads also new rear brake drums, all new brake pipes along with new hydraulic cyls. The bodyshell was acid dipped & painted with colour & stonechipped on the underside, painted the original jasmine colour on the outside. I fitted an original r/hand dash along with a new wooden dash, had all the guages reconditioned, fitted the steering column. The seats were recovered along with new carpets etc. I also bought a Surrey rear screen frame. Also all the bright work was rechromed. The car is now completed & also with a MOT certificate, I applied for log book & after 3 months waiting time the log book was delivered by post & it shows the age registration no as PKH 506F. My final point is the car was produced 22 November 1967 & exported to North America 13 December 1967 so does that make the car tax free of payment ?. Many thanks Peter
  2. Hello Gents Thanks for your response to my colour question , sorry for the late reply but I am having computor problems. Cheers Peter
  3. Hello All, I have owned various TRs over the years, the first one was a white TR4 which I bought in the 1960s but after I got married our baby son was born about a year later. There was no suitable area to carry our baby son in the TR so unfortunately it had to go. In the early 70s when our son was older I then bought another TR4 which was black & I restored this car & owned for 25 years. But my first love was the TR5 so after I sold on this TR4 I was in the market for a TR5. I discovered a barn find in the early nineties for a sum of 3k. I then restored this car & had it repainted in the original Conifer green. Following on after early retirement being a pub landlord for many years I had at last found my biggest interest. So over the next many years I owned another couple of TR5s & restored them & sold them on to fund the next project. Overall I have restored 4 TR5s including one for a friend of mine & then with the TR5 prices rocketing I restored a couple of 250s which were a lot cheaper to buy. I have currently just completed a restoration of my latest 250 which I will keep because I am getting rather old & do not feel capable in carrying out further restorations. One final point is how many different colours were the TR5 painted in , so if anyone can help me also with the colour codes I would be very grateful. Many Thanks Peter
  4. After nearly 3 years my 250 is almost ready for the road. I have carried out a full nut & bolt restoration including the chassis being shot blasted & strenghtening the rear diff mounts painted & wax oiled the insides of the chassis, rebuilt the chassis with all new polythene suspension bushes, new rear hub bearings, new drive shaft u/js etc. new front hub bearings, all new brakes including new front discs etc & all new brake pipes including flexible pipes. Fitted all new s/absorbers & road springs to both front & rear suspension. Engine completely rebuilt including hardened valve seats to run on unleaded petrol. Gearbox rebuilt also fitted A/type overdrive. The bodyshell was acid dipped & primed, the battery box & rear half of the o/s floor pan was replaced. fitted the bodyshell back on the rolling chassis, fitted the wings & doors checked the door fitting lines then fitted bracing bars from the A & B posts. removed wings & doors, lifted the bodyshell from the chassis, stone chipped the shell & the inside of the wings & finally sprayed bodyshell underneath & inside the wings with the finishing colour paint which was Jasmin then mounted the shell back on the chassis,refitted the wings. The next job was to take the bodyshell including the bonnet & boot lid to the paintshop. Whilst the shell was at the paintshop I fitted the engine & gearbox to the chassis, fitted new stainless exhaust system. Oh I nearly forgot I converted the shell from left hand to right handed drive which is a fiddly job but in these cases patience is a virtue. After a few weeks the bodyshell was painted & with my neighbours help we got the shell lifted on to the chassis which I then bolted it down using new body packers. I then fitted all the rechromed bright work including the lamps/bumpers etc. Fitted new wiring loom restored guages heater box etc. I then got the engne fired up & it revs its b---- off & the oil pressure is good, new leather carpets recovered seats reusing the originall diamond pattern centre sections. Fitted rear Surrey frame & glass new w/screen glass,rebuilt the inner door mechanisms. fitted steering column etc. Well that is nearly it I am fiddling with the Surrey soft top at this time but it is freezing cold & I have put the cover on the car & I am waiting for the weather to get a bit warmer& I can then get the car to the MOT station & I can apply for an age related number plate. I have spent over a thousand hours on this restoration & can,t wait to get it on the road hopefully March/April time.
  5. Happy birthday Paul, Are you still a miserable old ( fart ) ?. Cheers Peter
  6. Hello All, Thanks for your response to my question on the w/screen capping. My first task is to find out if the w/screen frame is the correct one, when I have determined this one I will move on. I will let you know how I get on. Cheers Peter
  7. Hello All, I have almost completed a totel restoration of my 26/50 but I have a niggling problem. This car came with an original hood fitting but I am fitting a Surrey etc. When i came to fit a new Surrey type front w/screen frame capping 2 problems emerged, first the 2 holes in the capping for the Surrey sticks do not align with the holes in the w/screen frame,no 2 is when fitting the new capping to the frame there isnt a sufficient gap between the frame & the capping to allow me to slide in the soft top. I would be very grateful if anyone could guide me in the right direction to get the soft top fitted & then hopfully I can get the car to the MOT station. Many Thanks Peter
  8. I have a chrome boot lid rack for sale it will fit Tr4/4A/250/TR5. It is in very good condition with the the brackets etc ready for fitting. Offers around £100.00 if interested please let me know & I will send you contact details. Cheers Peter Moffatt
  9. My very good friend Martin has helped me to sort out the wndow channel probem so thanks for any possible replies, & now problem solved. Cheers Peter
  10. Hello All, I am getting very near to completing the restoration of my 250, & I am currently fitting the inner door mechanisms. I need an o/s door window glass lower window channel. this channel glues on to the bottom ot the glass & enablesthe w/winder unit to fit/slide across the the channel. this channel unit has a window stop bracket fitted to stop the window being wound up too high. this bracket stop is situated towards the front with the slides facing inwards. If anyone can help to obtain this channel I would be very grateful. My phone no is 01302 711235 Cheers Peter
  11. Hello All, Thanks for the replies to my question about top wing mouldings. I have had a chat to Roger Ferris& he says that all TR5 & 250s had their top wing mouldings painted the body colour when being built. I saw a photo of CP2 when being shown as a show car & the mouldings were painted the same body colour of the car. Cheers Peter
  12. Hello All, Were all TR5 & 250 fitted with painted ( the same colour of the car ) top wing mouldings. I always thought that they were. I have seen CP 2 today & the mouldings were not painted, speaking to the dealer who owns the car he said that the early cars mouldings were not painted. Can anyone confirm either way. Cheers Peter
  13. Hello All Again, Just to keep you up on the progress or the lack of it. I fitted the oil pump & refitted the sump etc so I turned the engine over but what happened next is unbelievable. I still could not get any oil pressure so I made a cup of tea, sat down & thought about my next plan of action. Why I didnt get any oil pressure was beyond me, & I thought about removing the sump once again because there was possibility the the pump was shot. So I then checked the oil level & the engine was empty ( Bugger ) me I hadnt refilled the engine. So then I filled it with oil, turned it over & would you believe it there was oil pressure. This was the second Senior moment I wonder what the third one will be?. Can anyone suggest an alternative hobby or pastime ( please dont be rude ). As you know I am very sensitive. Cheers Peter
  14. I have had the most senior moment ever. Having rebuilt my engine reground crank.new pistons cyl head having new valve seats etc.it was time to turn over the engine to build up the oil pressure before firing up the motor. Having spun the engine for ages but still no oil pressure I wondered what could be wrong. I went to bed that night & I couldnt sleep thinking what coud be wrong. Up in the next morning I decided to remove the sump & check the pump. After draining out the engine oil & 1/2 hour removing the sump what did I discover?. I (BL---Y) hadnt fitted the oil pump. The question I raise has anybody else suffered such a stupid senior moment. I have dropped many clangers in my time but never have been as stupid as this one. This is what happens when you become a member of the ( old farts club ). Peter
  15. Hello Monty, What sort of spec & details wanted ?. Peter
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