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  1. Congratulations, the car looks absolutely stunning! I like the Contrasting colour of the Surrey Top and Interior, MGF or MX5 Seats? Regards Gary
  2. Derek Yes, I also forgot that one too! I reckon that's it for Coventry registrations then with - VC, HP, WK, DU, & KV?
  3. I forgot the KV Prefix. The one Owner Personal Export TR5 (Switzerland was it?) which was at the Lincoln in 2016? I took a few photo's of that one, here's the engine bay showing the original Air Filter housing in Silver Hammer finish, I always thought they where Black till I saw this car?
  4. Yes must agree, Personal Export cars had Coventry Registrations, VC, HP & WK. My old Vitesse was a Personal Export Vehicle, shipped out to West Germany in 1970 and fitted with a number of modifications to comply with the Road Traffic regulation over there at the time, 190Kmh Speedometer, Hazard Warning Lights, Steering lock, Special Headlamps. Most Personal Export cars had Yellow Edged number plates, apparently for easy Identification at Customs with regards to Purchase tax exemption? (So I was informed) Gary
  5. Prices Holding then, Low estimate it seems?
  6. https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2020-09-26/cars/ref-35-1968-triumph-tr5-dl/ Are prices falling?
  7. Stuart Gorgeous!! My favorite colour too? I remember trying to buy it off the Owner at Malvern a few years ago, he wouldn't sell Gary
  8. Up for auction soon, the meticulously restored (Ex Andy McGowan) TR5. I remember seeing this car displayed at the TSSC International at Stafford after it's restoration (10 - 15 Years ago), I couldn't get close to it because if was chained off from the Public! Is this the best ever restoration of a TR5? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1247954
  9. You are correct, I've never been a big fan of Wires so managed to refurbish some of the Rostyles I got with the car and a couple of others I managed to pick up via the Register. Apparently they have a habit of rattling and flying off! Mine where fine though.
  10. David They do look nice with the Rostyles on
  11. I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a lump of congealed fuel or something which blocked the outlet from the Fuel Tank? It drove me mad for nearly 6 months, so it's well worth checking the fuel tank, remove, drain and a good clean out and see what comes out. If you've not changed the fuel lines for a while may be worth changing for new R14 Grade Ethanol resistant type on the low pressure side too, a lot of recent press about the effects of Ethanol on old rubber pipes. Gary
  12. If you mean the 'P' Section seal that runs down the 'A' Post adjacent the normal door seal, I used Evostick to fix mine? Regards Gary
  13. If you can find an Original Formula Style Wheel they look great and where an original Option? I found mine a bit flexy and thin on the rim though.
  14. I had considered that, but I believe a special Alternator specific mounting bracket is needed for my particular car and is not easy to find, plus of course there's the cost of the Alternator too? I've also recently had the Dynamo fully reconditioned! According to the website the Electronic Regulator makes the Dynamo more efficient, although I know it will never be as efficient as an alternator. I've also considered one of the US Manufactured Powermaster look a like Dynamo's (that is actually a 90 Amp rated Alternator) but have had a quote off a specialist and its a ridiculous pr
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