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  1. Happy birthday Burge, have a great day! Tom
  2. John, Got Silverstone Grey formulation here somewhere from a recent job.. Tom
  3. http://www.ridgardseats.co.uk/classic-car-seats/classic_car_seat-repairs-essex.php Tom
  4. Pete, I have one here if you want to have a look/chat?? It's a customers car that is no longer needed..... Tom
  5. Hi Greg, Have sent you a PM..... Tom
  6. Tom Boyd

    New tyres

    When I purchased my car (2.5pi saloon) it had 185/65/14 Yokohama tyres fitted. When I replaced the steel wheels for genuine 6x14 minilite wheels, I bit the bullet and fitted 175/14 michelin XAS tyres. ... cant recommend highly enough!! Done around 200 miles this weekend, yesterday was dry and bright and the grip is amazing. Today been out again and it’s raining, roads awash and the handing and grip was superb!!! yes they are not cheap but it’s the only things keeping your car attached to the road... in 185/15, the Pirelli cinturato tyres are brilliant! tom
  7. Nope, won’t be there! why add to the potential risk of exposing yourself to covid? if you have a stand, would you be happy with reduced entry, less potential customers etc etc... thos year should just be written off, along with the classic motor show at NEC Tom
  8. Dam, truly sorry for your loss. diane will be Alec now, together again thoughts and best wishes to all RIP Diane tom
  9. Truly sad news, Diane has been a big part of the TR Register along with the late, great Alec. My thoughts and best wishes go to Diane, Tom and the family. Tom
  10. Glass is in stock at the usual suppliers, part number 902343, they are laminated.. Tom
  11. Can't agree more Stuart, now Martin can supply quality points & rotor arms i go for conventional set up!
  12. As the dealer in question, it was priced @ £45k..... Tom
  13. If you want to have a chat with a 'professional' detailer, please give Chris a ring at The Detail Room. He will happily talk you through pro's and con's of various products/applications etc. Chris has done work on several TR Register members cars and will always find time to chat so you get the correct product you need. 01623 870872 www.detailroom.co.uk Yes, I have an affiliation with said company..... Just to let you know Cheers, Tom
  14. Had that car in the workshops 12/18 months ago for the re-trim.... It's all the money!! Tom
  15. Very sad day for you. I remember delivering it all those years ago when we had completed it! Very pleased to hear it has gone to a good home Tom
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