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  1. Tom Boyd

    Project Binky no.22

    Watching it after i have finished watching the grand tour
  2. Tom Boyd

    TR4 Rear Bumper Required

    Yes they are. We buy off the TR Shop regarding bumpers
  3. Tom Boyd

    TR4 Rear Bumper Required

    To rechrome existing bumpers with no major prep work will be around £1000.... Buy a set of Harrington stainless bumpers for less and they fit well, last ages and look superb Tom
  4. Tom Boyd

    Pulled Post

    No idea!!!!! Didn't realise it had been pulled........ Will ask the question Tom
  5. Tom Boyd

    Rolling Road for Pi TR6

    AP Racing Engines Blidworth. Andrew Parker. 01623 490777. He does all our tuning
  6. Tom Boyd

    How much for a full body respray on 5?

    I'll try and break down the costings....... Car drives in complete, nothing removed... Strip car of external trims, interior, screen surround, surrey etc 40hrs Remove outer panels, bare metal inside/out. strip decks, valances, sills etc 40hrs Repair corrosion, re-fit panels, gap panels, remove panels, prep inside panels, paint inside panels, repair decks/valances/sills. 100hrs fit panels, re-gap including surrey top, prepare & prime after removing bonnet/boot/surrey etc 160hrs Flat primer, repair defects, re-prime/flat, mask up again, put in booth, clean, wet on wet primer, 3 coats base, 3 coats of clear 120hrs Remove from booth, fully wet flat (1500-2000-3000 grit), machine polish, de-mask etc 40hrs Rebuild car including cleaning/painting original parts prior to fitting, final machine polish, cavity wax, build up etc 120hrs Total 660 hours......................... Triumph specialist labour rate say £60ph + VAT = £39600.00 Average cost to customer for all the above???? £12000.00-£18000.00 + VAT + parts Body work is not a money earner, trust me i know!!! People who think prices being banded about are ridiculous then please see above. Or call me/pop in to see what actually goes into this! Costs to set up/run a decent bodyshop.... booth/mixing room/workshop space (2000 sq ft) £50000.00 Stock/welders (mig/tig/spot)/consumables/jig/panel beating tools/compressor/compliant spray guns/gun cleaners etc etc £20000.00 Wages per annum per employee £25000.00 Materials used per bare metal respray £1800.00 Insurance/rent/mortgage/overheads etc per annum £40000.00 To summarise, its a very labour intensive job, not forgetting honouring a warranty etc......... Sorry for the long post..................... Tom
  7. Tom Boyd


    Another fan of the XAS tyre here, fitted them to my car replacing the old Yokahama's and the difference was amazing Tom
  8. Tom Boyd

    weber 45

    Will PM you
  9. Tom Boyd

    Where is the like button on this forum?

    No one 'likes' us??
  10. Tom Boyd

    Thanks to Distributor Doctor and TR members

    Martin @ Distributor Doctor is very good! Highly recommended here
  11. Tom Boyd

    I hate repro parts

    Couldn't agree more
  12. Tom Boyd

    I hate repro parts

    Regarding the stainless steel pipe, if you 'key' up the area the hose & clamp will be, it helps to stop the pipe slipping.. Where are you buying your hoses from? Can't say i have encountered a massive issue with them Tom
  13. Tom Boyd

    Where is the like button on this forum?

    Wayne is working on it.. it’s quite a mystery!
  14. Tom Boyd


    I’ll see if I can remove it.... it removes the redirection after 30 days automatically
  15. Tom Boyd

    Recommended Twist Drills

    Irwin ones are very very good Tom

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