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  1. Richard, If the cam you mention on the TRGB website is a Piper 'yellow' or 'red', send me a message. These cam profiles were done for my company Tom
  2. I'm sure the change to the 'long' bulge bonnet was CT6430? Tom
  3. Hi Ken, Can't comment on the Moss heads i'm afraid... But i can tell you Pete Burgess is a very busy man and WILL eventually get back to you!! I'm dropping some customer heads off tomorrow, i will give him a nudge for you Tom
  4. Thanks for your kind words, exiting day was had at work.........! Tom
  5. Mohair hoods stretch quite well when fitting to the vehicle, double duck ones don't stretch the same! Make sure you have a webbing kit ready, may as well change that while hood is off Tom
  6. How sad, my thoughts and condolences to the family. RIP Sarah Tom
  7. Happy Birthday Ian, hope you have a great day Tom
  8. Lovely wheels Got a set of 5 here if anyone wants....... Tom
  9. Hi Mike, well done on finding the right car for you Tom
  10. Happy birthday Burge, have a great day! Tom
  11. John, Got Silverstone Grey formulation here somewhere from a recent job.. Tom
  12. http://www.ridgardseats.co.uk/classic-car-seats/classic_car_seat-repairs-essex.php Tom
  13. Pete, I have one here if you want to have a look/chat?? It's a customers car that is no longer needed..... Tom
  14. Tom Boyd

    New tyres

    When I purchased my car (2.5pi saloon) it had 185/65/14 Yokohama tyres fitted. When I replaced the steel wheels for genuine 6x14 minilite wheels, I bit the bullet and fitted 175/14 michelin XAS tyres. ... cant recommend highly enough!! Done around 200 miles this weekend, yesterday was dry and bright and the grip is amazing. Today been out again and it’s raining, roads awash and the handing and grip was superb!!! yes they are not cheap but it’s the only things keeping your car attached to the road... in 185/15, the Pirelli cinturato tyres are brilliant! tom
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