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  1. John, I'll pm you. We are off to the Kastner Cup next year to..... Tom
  2. It was awesome watching them battle!! Thanks for coming to see us over the weekend mate! Tom
  3. Don,Superb to meet you last weekend!! Sorry if i didn't get much time to talk to you It was truly a pleasure to chat to you over the weekend Now be kind with the pictures ...........
  4. That thing was doing silly fast speeds on the straight!! 136mph against our 124mph iirc!! Was great to watch
  5. John, Problem maybe ....... Cars are meant to have competed in period at Goodwood Cars are meant to be pre 1967 Cars should have a current HTP Could be the issue Plus you really do have to try VERY hard and be VERY persuasive, mentioning 'it would be an honour for our car to compete' etc..... I don't mind 'kissing arse' every now and then Tom
  6. I tried for 4 years to get Keith’s car invited... never give up !
  7. This is interesting. I was having this conversation with my father earlier. What cars are considered British nowadays? Tom
  8. Or here.... http://whatsonatthoresby.co.uk/ Did a couple of shows here this year.... Lots of room, hotel on site, the hall to explore and right in the middle of Sherwood forest...! Some great roads for a run over the weekend.. Easy access from the M1 and the A1... Would require marquee's though... Last event on bank holiday Monday attracted over 2000 cars/visitors Tom
  9. How about here...... https://www.staffscountyshowground.co.uk/hire-of-facilities/exhibition-halls/bingley-hall/ Tom
  10. That's the one i viewed in Derby weeks ago Graham?? Tom
  11. Tom Boyd

    10 countries

    If all goes to plan i will be there with the 2.5pi
  12. Had a few days at the coast, back in work tomorrow
  13. I have a man in America desperate for one to go in his ex works 3, I sold one about 2 years ago. It was over £500, less than £1000 Such a great addition to any car
  14. I have that colour formulated in water base, Lechler. Happy to send you the formula? Tom
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