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  1. Tom

    It was suggested that I contact you to locate a paint color. 

    I am trying to locate a Winchester Blue formula for '58 TR3 (not the same Winchester blue used on Rover).  Any suggestions on where I could find a spray card or perhaps a formula code for PPG or other current paints?  I am located in the USA & apparently older British paint codes are not as readily available.  Attached a photo of the Winchester Blue color.

    Thank you,




  2. I have an breakdown of the parts and part numbers if it helps? happy to send if you pm me your email addy tom
  3. Yes mate, other is rob roodhouse motor
  4. Jon, I have 2 race tr6's in the sales stock, not easy things to shift!! Tom
  5. Not a TR sorry, but my mk2 pi having a rest at Claythorpe Watermill in Alford
  6. Friday was busy but Saturday was immense, absolutely packed!! today was rather quiet in comparison Tom
  7. Will try to get off my stand to come and see you all!!! if i dont get, please come and see me for a natter, stand 3-215 Tom
  8. Cliff, Apologies if we haven't responded to you, please see pm Tom
  9. Mick, it would be unprofessional of me to disclose the purchase price on a public forum. Would be unfair on the new owner who is a Triumph enthusiast and hopefully will tell the story himself. I'm happy the car is staying in England and to an enthusiast who will cherish it and look after it. The link above shows the asking price He will become a register member due to every TR or derivative we sell, they get 12 months of membership free! Tom
  10. Nice find!!! I don't mind a tattoo on a woman to be fair
  11. Glad your happy with it, we only supply Gary with them
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