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  1. Lechler fix-o-dur ec 04318 Etch primer Upol grey stripe brushable seam sealer/Upol Tiger seal polyurethane sealer Lechler Ti green high build primer 5:1 04109 Supplier, any decent paint supplier Tom
  2. http://derbyplating.co.uk/ http://www.chrome-platers.com/ Hope this helps Tom
  3. Right hand side iirc
  4. Happy to help, I'm collecting the new batch tomorrow so will pm you the dimensions & material etc
  5. Happy to get you dimensions and spec on the ones we do?
  6. Last tax due June 1981... Registered Sept 1964 Last records show it was Green
  7. Would 100% recommend a sump guard for ERA events etc, it's not so much the roads they put you on, it's the roads you may end up on if you wrong slot/ditch it.... Only takes a sharp stone to put a hole in the sump... Tom
  8. Was great to be there and lovely to chat to you Hamish along with the other boys! It was rather chilly to be fair but what a cracking turn out of Triumphs! Tom
  9. Tom Boyd

    surrey top

    They are quoting same lead times Roger.... But they have lots of back orders to fulfil too...
  10. Tom Boyd

    surrey top

    They should be in stock with all the usual suspects by the end of the month....
  11. See you at Curborough Tom
  12. On the '57 events in the TR3 the speedpilot was fitted on the gearbox tunnel behind the gearstick
  13. I know the guy that purchased it Stuart, not sure what's happening at the moment. I do know the way H&H show the sale price is not the hammer. We bought and sold a car at the same auction and the hammer price was not what was shown on the website. You are right, it needs a lot to bring it back to spec Tom
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