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  1. Possibly..... Name rings a bell! Will do some digging
  2. Tom Boyd

    Wanna a 5

    top right of posts Neil
  3. Tom Boyd

    Wanna a 5

    That is really nice, they are selling off some fantastic cars!!
  4. Tom Boyd

    Wanna a 5

    My comment was as a TR Register member, I am one of those too! As i have said several times, i post on here as me, a member, not as my companies, not as a moderator, as ME! Feel free to report my comments/ this thread. That's what the report button is for, i wont be a part of the decision don't worry And folks ask me why i don't post much anymore..... I have passed the details on to my man btw Neil Fingers crossed
  5. Tom Boyd

    Wanna a 5

    Show me where my posts were negative??? I will comment on my thoughts, surely i'm allowed to do that? It must be something special, i have a client after a TR5... This could have been the one! Very good luck with the sale, i will reiterate, looks bang on for the money And the very best to you to Mr Thornhill
  6. Tom Boyd

    Wanna a 5

    Probably less than you Neil, would you prefer me to say its overpriced?? My point was it's the right price for that car.... Nothing more, nothing less Hope your well, kettle is still on btw
  7. Tom Boyd

    Wanna a 5

    About the right price for what it is..
  8. The previous ones were bad, needed slitting in many places to make 'good' Will let you know what they fit like
  9. I'm a fan of the Bastuck panels, see no reason why they shouldn't be great. I have seen one, not fitted one yet!
  10. Harry, Yes they have, the first batch went to pre orders! Next batch due next week....
  11. I have been informed the next batch are due to arrive next week...…….
  12. Glad to hear it's going well for you Conrad. This is a guy you can trust and buy from with 100% confidence A true TR Register member, put's the members 1st Tom
  13. Lechler fix-o-dur ec 04318 Etch primer Upol grey stripe brushable seam sealer/Upol Tiger seal polyurethane sealer Lechler Ti green high build primer 5:1 04109 Supplier, any decent paint supplier Tom
  14. http://derbyplating.co.uk/ http://www.chrome-platers.com/ Hope this helps Tom
  15. Right hand side iirc
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