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  1. 6x15" Centre laced with 185/70/15 Avon CR6 tyres
  2. Excellent!!!! Spoke to Burgess earlier, glad our hunch was right
  3. Callum, thanks for coming onto the stand today, glad you posted on here regarding the TR5! Fingers crossed.... Tom
  4. Jake, Your TR6 is lovely. For insurance purposes, I would put a value of £22-£25k all day long Tom
  5. Tom Boyd

    paint scheme

    Screen surround body colour
  6. Hi, Type 2 brackets. Sorry the picture doesn't show them Tom
  7. Hi, We looked after the TR4 when Ryan owned and rallied it. I will try and get in touch with him for info Tom
  8. Tom Boyd

    Moving on

    Glad we could find a new custodian for your car Pleased to say it was purchased by a TR Register member and someone who uses this forum occasionally It was a beaut of a car, very pleased to have it in stock for the short time we had it Tom
  9. Such an honour to be invited, i'll be there, less the silly facial hair and attire..............
  10. Correct, won't be long till it's full.... https://www.club.triumph.org.uk/menu/20692/view Full 12 hours of driving through the night, gonna be awesome! Tom
  11. I sure am Ian, car 6
  12. 25/26th April. Start is actually Flamborough Head Tom
  13. This year is Bridlington to Gretna green to Southport
  14. What event is this route for?
  15. Entry has just opened for Club Triumphs coast to coast run? Tom
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