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  1. Hi, I am looking at a TR5 currently in Germany. Seller has provided a photo of the plate, but it is printed in German. Car is RHD. Is it a fake?
  2. If you are importing even a first registered in the UK car, which has been out of the country for more than 12 months, there is a 5% tax on cars more than 30 years old, applicable on reimport on the invoice price + shipping costs + duty (normally a flat GBP50). I had to pay this recently on a TR5 I reimported. After 12 months out of the country, the car is treated as "permanently exported" by the DVLA. Prior to Brexit, this would not have been the case for cars that still had a UK registration, but would have been the case, I believe, if they were re-registered in another country. Same cha
  3. Thanks. I have emailed as you suggested. Kevin
  4. Hi Peter, I believe I just became the owner of an old TR5 of yours - HWL 992F. Any chance I could correspond with you to learn a little about its history? We bought the car in Dusseldorf and are having it shipped to my cousin near Horncastle, Lincolnshire. I am actually based in Auckland New Zealand but my cousin and I collect and restore classic cars. The TR5 will be alongside a 1960 SP250 I restored here in NZ and a 1960 Lotus Type 14 and 5 other cars. You can reach me at kevinlindsell@msn.com and find me on linkedin if you want to check me out. regards Kevin
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