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  1. Hi Richard im in the Windsor Forest Group though haven't been for a while due to other things popping up. They are very active. heres a link to their website. http://wftr.co.uk/ Steve
  2. Great pics Andrew. What a epic journey. Glad Bevs enjoying it and VUX behaving. steve.
  3. Speedy Cables converted mine around 7 years ago. No problems steve
  4. I've got the Revingtons overhead linkage. My Phoenix manifold has the zircotec coating. No problems at all Steve
  5. Do you have a fire extinguisher in the car Pink. Always worth a purchase for these type of scenarios. ( you never know ). Glad you got it home OK. Steve Looks like R.E.M. 18 and I posted at the same time.
  6. Speedy cables for mine. Completed in 4 weeks. Perfect job. Steve
  7. Yes I've just fitted them. They adjust so fit perfect. I may have to be careful when lowering the hood as they are close to the frame but not touching. Steve
  8. Just to put these into the mix from BMW https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/190773604370 Steve
  9. Rees Bros every time for me. Steve
  10. Success. I bought a small clamp to pull the final bolt holes together so as to not cross thread. A new earth wire and horn works. Also lock wired. Now to get out and enjoy. Thanks for all advice and help Steve
  11. Thanks for the advice. I haven't tried heat to soften the rubber....il try tomorrow Is it advisable to tighten up the 3 bolts or to leave until the end when the 4th is in. When I have the 3 in the 4 is miles out. When I tighten up the jubilee clip to line up it moves away from the upper column and I can't get the thread to bite because it's not all square. Steve
  12. Trying to fit the flexible coupling ( steering column) and having a nightmare. I'm using a jubilee to compress it but I just can't get the final bolt in. Any tips to stop me from pulling my hair out. I've given up for today. Steve
  13. Try the Joe Gibbs driven motor racing HR1 oil. It has US Army anti corrosion additive in it to stop corrosion whilst the engine is not in use. Also has plenty of ZZP Steve
  14. Try TR Traders. He makes 2 types, one standard and one which is about an inch lower on the floor pan. I have the latter. Very good. Steve
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