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  1. Call Phoenix exhausts. They make stainless manifold and systems for the TR6. They make the “wheel barrow” style exhaust as well as original style and original big bore style also a performance manifold. https://www.phoenixexhausts.com/ most of the shops sell these exhausts. Quite expensive but excellent quality. they make adaptors for the systems. I’ve got the manifold and big bore original style system. Had this on the car for over 10 years now. Steve steve
  2. Here’s mine and Andrew Smiths “Saffie” the Cibie Tangos come on with full beam. Perfect steve
  3. Newman Cam all day. Deal with them direct. steve
  4. I purchased something like you describe a few years ago. Absolute rubbish. I did manage to screw it onto the gear lever but didn't last. Buy one of these. Quality and lasts. http://www.triumphspecialtuning.com/index.php?route=product/product&manufacturer_id=23&product_id=246 steve
  5. Had mine done by Zircotec in 2012 when I had my engine rebuilt. Took it to Abingdon. Cost around £400 then. it does make a difference to under bonnet temps but not sure I'd pay the going rate now. steve
  6. You need one of the following Bosch pumps, bosch 996 fuel pump I think these were the first to be used many years ago and hard to find now. bosch 044 fuel pump bosch 952 fuel pump. if you search Bosch fuel pump on the forum there's loads of advise and which pumps steve
  7. Can't believe it's been a year Andrew. I bet VUX can't wait for a good run. The Surrey Misfits are back in business. steve
  8. Here's a picture of the Revingtons Bosch conversion. https://www.revingtontr.com/product/rtr4050k/name/pump-kit-bosch-tap-in-boot steve.
  9. Hi Richard im in the Windsor Forest Group though haven't been for a while due to other things popping up. They are very active. heres a link to their website. http://wftr.co.uk/ Steve
  10. Great pics Andrew. What a epic journey. Glad Bevs enjoying it and VUX behaving. steve.
  11. Speedy Cables converted mine around 7 years ago. No problems steve
  12. I've got the Revingtons overhead linkage. My Phoenix manifold has the zircotec coating. No problems at all Steve
  13. Do you have a fire extinguisher in the car Pink. Always worth a purchase for these type of scenarios. ( you never know ). Glad you got it home OK. Steve Looks like R.E.M. 18 and I posted at the same time.
  14. Speedy cables for mine. Completed in 4 weeks. Perfect job. Steve
  15. Yes I've just fitted them. They adjust so fit perfect. I may have to be careful when lowering the hood as they are close to the frame but not touching. Steve
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