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  1. If you are changing all fuel supply hoses then I would read this.
  2. Hi Nige, here the various parts if it helps. You can buy a special spanner to fit the drain plug from ORS and others. Regards Ian
  3. Sorry John- I must type faster!
  4. Hi Malcolm, you could try this chap - he seems to be remaking all the components. (No connection) All the best, Ian https://fredmillturnparts.com/parts-list-and-ordering/?fbclid=IwAR18wQ_hKEXBb_ux-Q7vDhjQ8NA4RXuqUVviI1FcrysRo3pv-rd8bwgy21o
  5. Hi Denis, As a reference for you I had my fresh rebuild, standard engine TR5 PI checked at last MOT in August and CO was measured 4.5%. I thought this might be too high and checked with Neil Ferguson who advised it was OK, but maybe top of the range. I also have a CP TR6 , checked at last MOT in November - it was 3.5%. Both run fine. I decided on an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach. Ian
  6. I recently had trouble starting my TR5 PI after maybe 6 weeks of being parked up. Fuel tank was low, but this has not normally been a problem. The engine would cough but not fire. I checked spark, battery, fuel pressure, injectors , compression, timing, etc ., before deciding to add a fresh gallon of fuel. After some cranking the car fired , would idle, but would not respond to the throttle. After sitting a few more minutes with pump running it started and normal behaviour returned. As the car usually starts well, even after the winter lay up, maybe today’s fuel is going off faster. I t
  7. Hi All, I came across this period photo on Flickr. Norwich dealership with TR5, reg looks like it ends "CL 444F". CL was a Norwich suffix. Regards Ian
  8. Hi Paul congrats on finishing the car ( for now !) Now enjoy it. Regards Ian
  9. In the past I have successfully drilled and tapped the floor fixings out to 5/16 unf as a fix for this problem. The 1/4unf weld nuts on the chassis are over size, so you can get away with it. Regards Ian
  10. Here’s one I found a few years back; Regards Ian
  11. Hi Mick, Thanks for your comment- replacement is the plan and in progress. Regards Ian
  12. Latest; I have removed the driveshaft and hub and, apart from the rust marks seen above, I can feel no roughness in the bearing or other signs of failure. I have to say that the hub nut came undone too easily to have been at 120lbft, but the hub is not offering to fall off the taper. The exposed end of the taper/hub inner has some brown stained grease visible. I will make a more determined effort to remove the hub from taper at the weekend. Regards Ian
  13. Hi all, and Thankyou for your comments. I have just had a quick look - no sign of the rust coming from inside the drum. I will dismantle everything further this evening and report back. Regards Ian
  14. Hi, Yes the rust stains are my concern. I have owned the car for 30yrs and, although low mileage in this time and the wheels are off regularly for servicing etc., I have not noticed this before. I am not qualified to say if this is an early warning or not, but I don't want to find out whilst driving the car. Regards Ian
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