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  1. Hi Richard, I looked, but do not have 120 degree. I only have a spare 130 degree gear TT
  2. Hi Eddie, You do not state which wiper motor you have, but different motors use different switch options. The reply above looks to be for a 14W permanent magnet motor. If the motor is a DR3A then the switch requirements are not the same, and getting it wrong can burn out the motor. TT
  3. DSJ666, Over the years I have accumulated various documents that address Lucas devices, including course manuals on the generators and regulators. I have attached the course manual that addresses the operation for the RB106 regulator. Hopefully this will help you to get a full understanding of the beast. Kind regards TT Session5_GeneratorControl.pdf
  4. Hi Mike, I use an app called Graphic on a desktop Apple Mac. It is a low cost graphics package, but does most of what I need, and I have used it for more than 10 years. If I was using a PC, I would seriously consider Xara. I used it a lot when I was working on a PC, it has some features that I don't have with Graphic. TT
  5. I have previously used a latching relay, but I don't like them. They are expensive for a relatively simple function, and have a complicated internal design, so if it fails, the replacement cost is also high. Standard relays are low cost, and I generally have a few hanging around so I can carry them in my spares. Using two standard relays and a few diodes achieves the same result at relatively low cost. (I have literally hundreds of 1N4007 diodes, so always using them for something). Lebro - Yes, you are right, they are steering diodes, so that current doesn't go where it shouldn't
  6. Hi Pink, This how I solved that option.
  7. Nice wheel. I am jealous! (or is that envious!) TT
  8. Just as well that we don't live 200 years ago. You would all be burning books, because the are full of stuff people don't need! TT
  9. After fitting the switch, wiring it in will need some thought. If it is to go to Earth, then the reversing lights will need a live feed and an insulated return to the switch. I chose a different option, I assumed that the switch would be earthed, but so too would one side of the reversing lamps (fewer wires running from rear), so I added a relay controlled by the switch that supplied the live feed to the lamps. TT
  10. If I remember correctly, it was not realizing which display you were using in Boeing 370 aircraft that caused a number of serious problems. The issue being that so much information was available that multiple screens were needed, and these were multiplexed onto a single display. Unfortunately, there was no instant recognition mechanism to determine which one you were in. Under conditions of stress, pilots became confused and lost control. I would hate to be in that situation while driving a car, but I am not against software driven displays per se. My concern would be if they are multiple
  11. I'm not particularly familiar with TR5 dash, so others may advise differently, but you may find that the metal behind the wooden dash also needs to be modified to accept the clock. The rheostat has a fairly narrow fixing, typically secured to the metalwork using a thin nut. i.e. Nowhere near the diameter of the clock. Good luck TT
  12. I run a 2009 iMac and use any of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and I have not experienced any problems recently. I don't normally use Microsoft except for their Office products, so no idea if their browser has any issues. Ditto Linux. I used to prefer Google Chrome, but I no longer trust them. Firefox is my goto browser for most things, although Safari seems to be getting better over time. TT
  13. It is possibe to get changeover reed relays so you could use a twin colour LED to show both operating and failed lamps, but that gets more complicated again. TT
  14. Hi Roger, I wasn't being negative, I think it is an elegant solution. I thought perhaps you were making use of an N-Channel Enhancement mode MOSFET to sense a voltage change at the lamp, but that would have required a fairly complicated means of determining the current through the wire - causing serious brain ache. Instead the reed relay is sensing the current change to do exactly what is needed. Clever! I love the simplicity. TT
  15. Hi Roger, In your diagram, unless you have a positive earth car, the LED is the wrong way around. TT
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