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  1. Hi Alan, Thanks for the detailed info on rewinding wiper motors. I found it very interesting. I have wound pickups for guitars, but never a motor (though I have been tempted from time-to-time). I have sorted out various motors. Normally I find just cleaning and resurfacing the commutator is all it needs, but if I find one that needs more than that, I'll send them your way! Kind regards Tony
  2. Back to the original topic: Jo, I put an article in TRAction in 2009 about this exact issue, and what I did to overcome it. Send me an email and I'll send you the article and some additional related info. (see signature for email link) Kind regards Tony
  3. You have all left me in a difficult situation. I normally don't eat biscuits, because it is too difficult to stop, but dark chocolate Leibniz are unbeatable whether or not they are dunked. I also agree that chocolate and cheese go very well together, as do strawberries and black pepper. And although I always add chocolate (85%) to my chilli, I really dislike chocolate that contains chilli. Finally about jaffa cakes, are they biscuits, or a cakes or something else entirely? TT
  4. I converted my TR4A from floor mounted Dip switch to column mounted using an extra O/D switch. (See attached diagram). I found that using the two RH switch cowls works well, and allows space to rotate the switch to suit a push/pull action between dip and main. The two 1N4007 diodes are for the headlamp flash. They are dirt cheap and easy to hide away under the dash. They have a line at one end that indicates the Cathode. For Negative earth vehicles, join the Anodes of the diodes together than connect a Cathode to each relay as shown in diagram. For Positive Earth vehicles reverse each diode. (i.e. join the cathodes together and an anode to each relay) Good luck TT
  5. You can get suitable switches from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07RGDR726/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=A2BTSZU32SZ5O4&psc=1 Also Rapid Online, RS Components, Farnell, and a bunch of other places. You just need a soldering iron, wires, solder and information on where to connect. TT
  6. One of our Australian members has fitted rear disks. They are based in Perth, and I think their name is also Tony. TT
  7. There is a simple mod that you can make that when used with a momentary switch will hold the O/D engaged until you change gear. It uses a standard O/D relay and a diode. see attached wiring diagram. (negative Earth version). For positive Earth, reverse the !N4007 diode I have shown a LED , but a standard panel lamp could be used instead. Kind regards TT
  8. The main problem with UV cured glues is getting the light where you need it. For anything not transparent to UV light, you only cure the visible line, which can lead to later failure. I have used Araldite and other twin tube epoxies for repairing loads of things to great effect. If you want to increase the strength further embed carbon fibre in the epoxy.
  9. I agree with RobH, in that for most situations on a car using a bulb with flying leads is simple and effective option, but need to be fairly low wattage or they can cause their own problems Multimeters are useful when chasing down more esoteric problems, and for testing out-of-spec devices.
  10. One of the problems with testing for voltages is that when using a multimeter, the meter has a very high resistance and may show a perfectly good reading when there is an Ohmic contact at the ground point due to corrosion, paint or dirt. Ian's suggestion above is very pertinent. Make sure there are good ground connections for all lights, whether for brakes, indicators, markers, fog, or any other lighting component. I would go further and say make sure all ground points are really clean and effective throughout the car. Ground problems are nothing but trouble. Good luck TT
  11. The Cosmic Wheel centres were available prior to lockdown, and I assume they still are. As you can see in my signature below, I have Cosmic wheels on my TR4A complete with centres
  12. If anyone else wants a copy, PM me with your email address so that I need not take up Forum space. Thanks TT
  13. Hi ricky30DK, I will send a copy once I have found it on my hard drive! Give a me a couple of days to find it. TT
  14. +1 for trchris's suggestion
  15. I'm glad you managed to fix the problem and thanks for sharing the results. I converted to alternator, and that has been problem free. Though only after the original alternator was replaced. (The rotor coil was burnt out through some mishap by the person rebuilding the car some 15 years ago) Kind regards Tony
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