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  1. Reaching back to 1970, the glue I used for joining acrylic (perspex) was "Tensol No. 6", which welds the two items together. However, bending acrylic is relatively easy using a hot wire to heat a local area, (my kids did this in school). In that way you can create a U shaped piece and only need to glue end pieces, and do not necessarily need expensive glues to do that. There are You Tube videos about bending Acrylic using this technique. TT
  2. Hi all, Thanks for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated. Meanwhile, I will be celebrating at home. (No party this year!) TT
  3. Hi Ricky, The dials look good. I found being able to set the brightness very helpful. Kind regards Tony
  4. Heating and cooling the surrounding area to loosen the corrosion seal, while applying torque, may do it, though if double nutting did not budge it, it may require more drastic action. Good luck TT
  5. Minor correction: Electrics - Tony Thomson (no P) Cheers TT
  6. Hi Mike, As RogerH states, there are Lucar spade connectors on the single speed DR3A, and these provide the connections to the outside world. On Two speed versions, the wires were soldered and there were three fly leads that exited the motor. These were Green supply, Red/Green, and Brown/Green. On my TR4A, I had a loom upgrade and this included wiring for a twin speed DR3A. Since it was running with a single speed DR3A, The Red/Green wire was used for the motor switched earth connection. Apologies for any confusion. I have attached a diagram that may help. I think the wiri
  7. It's not as simple as adding the resistor across existing connections. Your picture shows the field coil and brush holders, but does not show the wire that connects to the outside world. On a single speed motor, there should be a Green/Red wire soldered to the end of the coil that is also connected to the Red park wire. The first requirement is to disconnect the end of the coil that is connected to the park wire. (shown with a sleeve in your photo). Label this disconnected wire (I) Remove the Green/Red wire that is normally soldered to the connector with the Red park wire (from
  8. RAC offer a membership for the individual irrespective of the car you are in. I have access to six different vehicles, and to cover each one would be astronomical so the personal cover from RAC is very cost effective. I have used AA and Green flag in the past, and One that came with an insurance cover: with that cover, I broke down just outside Exeter, at 10:30pm I was quoted 90 minutes for the recovery to arrive. It eventually arrived at 05:30 the next morning). I immediately looked at better options and the RAC was what I chose. However none of them are perfect. TT
  9. Hi Michael, I have run such seminars at the Internationals in the past, and would be happy to do so again. (or via Zoom) A CD of one of these seminars is available via the TR Register Main website under Resources. I do not gain financially from this, any fee goes to the TR Register. TT
  10. If it is of any help, I have Black interior and Blue seats with white piping. I had to take a photo in my garage and it was raining outside so it is not ideal, but hopefully shows it sufficiently. These are the original seats recovered in leather, so no headrests. TT
  11. Welcome to the forum Alistair. There are people here who can help with probably anything you ever wanted to know about TRs. I remain in awe of them, and I've been using the forum for many years. Good luck with your TR it looks great. TT
  12. Hi Rob, Thanks for the info. To precis: On average, for vehicles governed by ECE Regulation 39, their speedometers will over-read, but an individual speedometer should not do so beyond 10%+2.48 mph, and no speedometer should under-read. So if someone has had a speedometer refurbished within the time that this directive is in place, that speedometer would need to adhere to this directive. I'm sure that most, if not all, original TR speedometers pre-date ECE Regulation 39, but I feel certain there was a similar UK regulation prior to that, but I do not know how one might find out
  13. With original registration CAR202F my TR is called "The Car". Having had company cars and loads of rentals, I don't normally have names for cars, but we had an Austin A40 Farina at one time called "Jemima" (I've no idea why!), and a Honda Accord with reg M143MDF, which I called "Mudflap". When living in the USA, a customer in Houston, who was French, with a Greek name, and hated living in the USA, asked what car I drove. At the time I had been allocated an ancient company Station Wagon, which was a Ford LTD. When I told him this, he shrugged and said "Handles like a washing machine!"
  14. I seem to remember that there is a legal requirement for Speedometers to show faster than actual speed, but I don't remember by how much. SatNavs normally show actual speed. TT
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