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Is this an original steering wheel for the 5?

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Before I think about getting the steering wheel restored I would like to get confirmation that the one I have is the original one for the car.

I think it is, can anyone confirm this please? It's the only photo I've got as car is at sprayers at the mo.

Thanks girls & guys.


Steering wheel 1.jpg

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Mike - speak to Adrian Page, a local member who has a lovely red TR5. I know he's researched this at length and sourced a spare one and found someone to restore one as well but don't know any more detail.

Call me if you haven't got his contact details.

Cheers  Rich

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I had mine refurbished by Hukes, Hemel Hempstead, Herts . Tel no  01442 843144  I bought the three spoke pad from Moss and Dave (Hukes)  made a new leather stitched on rim.

Very tasty and he is a true craftsman.

Regards Harry TR5 Nutter 



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13 hours ago, elclem1 said:

Hi mike where are you getting it restored? I have one too but very shabby.

Looking for recommendations now, I see rcreweread has suggested someone, I'll give Rich a call, get his number and revert.

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Thanks guys for all your comments, I'm satisfied it's an original and the comment made by Mark has been covered by DaveR.

Now open to ideas for restoration firms. Will let you know how I get on.

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Hi Mike,  Just as an added bonus, there should be three spring steel cone shaped cage nuts on the back to hold the padded spoke cove in place if its an orginal tr5 wheel.  - which it looks like to me as its the same as the one that was on my tr5 


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