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  1. Is it leather bound? If so sure authentic, same as my TR5 wheel
  2. I Live in Sydney and have a TR5 Surrey tip but can’t get soft top to fit. Rimmer in UK supplied one but too short!! About to have one tailor made. Rimmer won’t have it that their top doesn’t fit. My hardtop fits perfect proving geometry of car is correct Tony B
  3. Hello guys, I have a TR5 with Surrey Top also with Surrey soft top. the vinyl soft top only seems gp close to fitting if left in sun for quite a time , So when it is raining and you need to cover the car, forget fitting soft top - impossible. Soft top is 10 years old and hardly used, so I am wondering is there is some shrinkage.. About to purchase replacement from Rimmer which will be a better fit? Anyone had same problem ? . As I live in Australia you take a punt on product. Cheers Tony
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