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  1. This is one of the best if not the best lhd TR5. Best regards John
  2. A lovely car in a wonderful colour combination. Unfortunately the pictures, the presentation and the description are not really appealing. Best regards John
  3. Hello Stuart, Thank you. I will have a look and compare. A lot of work for such a reproduction. Best regards John
  4. Hello, does anyone know a source to come to a correct Italia wiring diagram? Thanks for your help. Best regards John
  5. Hello, Here a picture of original TR5 steering wheel nuts. Best regards John
  6. Hello Peter, hello Ian, Thank you for your information. I will try to find a good Girling 2501 rebuild kit. Best regards John
  7. Hello, was the correct Girling article number for the caliper rebuild kit (Type "B" split Caliper) SP 2501 ? Thank you for any advice. Best regards John
  8. Excellent Italia 2000 GT sportscars and No. 82 with a lovely color combination. It would have been great if No. 126 had been there too. Best regards Pridewood
  9. Hello, Thank you very much for your replies. Because the original hydraulic items are in a general good condition, I would like to save them. So I will contact Past Parts shortly and will let you know by time the results. Best regards John
  10. Hello David, Thank you for your reply. My experience over the last 25 year was that, if these items where strored properly, they work really smoothly and without any leakage. Best regards John
  11. Hello, for a complete rebuild of the hydraulic brake and clutch system, I am looking for genuine original nos Girling items. Can someone give me an advice where I can ask for? I need both master cylinders and the slave clutch cylinder in aluminium, repair set for the master cylinder, repair set for the calipers type B, wheel cylinders for the 9" rear brake system etc. Many thanks for any information. Best regards John
  12. Hello, Thank you. I will try to post in the french forum but my french is not existing I am afraid. Best regards
  13. Hello, for some time now I am looking for an original TR3A/TR4 Km/h Speedometer with the convex glass and serial number SN 6307/ xx 820. If you have an idea where I can ask herefore please let me now. This would be lovely. Thank you very much. Best regards
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