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  1. Three hands will definitely help you. Cheers, Dave.
  2. As a typesetter of many years standing earlier in life, I have an eagle eye for spotting the tiniest irritation in a copy of anything with type and I have to say that Paul's reproductions are absolutely mint. When people reproduce text they often don't understand the relationship of inter-character spacing and how it has changed over the years and therein lies the easily spotted errors in reproductions. Congratulations Paul. That really is a superb job. Cheers, Dave.
  3. I think that car is local to us in Shropshire Conrad. I am sure I have a photo of it from an event a couple of years ago. It stands out because of the square rear number plate. Cheers. Dave.
  4. Yes, I've got one but mine has a little air filter on it. My throttle boddies have K and N filters on them though at the moment until I restore all the bits to return to original. Cheers. Dave.
  5. There is a very nice one at TR Bitz and I believe that is priced similarly to the TRGB one. Dave.
  6. I used silicone sealer on the stitching of my hood with is black plastic but you can get white sealer, the bathroom type. I sealed outside and inside. You can see it a little bit on the outside but I don't care, at least I'm dry. Cheers. Dave.
  7. Hi Stuart, There is the same one a couple of pages further down for £10.05. Mental. Cheers. Dave
  8. Dear All, Thank you for this variety of wisdom to explore and play with. I have a traditional TR5 which is very reliable but have decided to go with triple carbs on the 250. I do actually have a spare original TR5 engine to hand too, but I want to see what I can do with the original 250 engine that came with the car to keep the numbers matching whilst honouring the heritage of this 250 being a carb car. Thank you so much for your input which I will study carefully and apply gently. Cheers. Dave.
  9. Dear All, Can anyone help me to understand the procedures and modifications necessary for upgrading the TR250 engine to TR5 spec or slightly above that level of performance? Is this easily attainable or am I better off sourcing a different engine? Thank you for your wisdom. Dave.
  10. Hi Nick, I hope all is well down south. Thanks for this. Some accurate drawings would be nice to find somewhere. Cheers. Dave.
  11. Is it possible to replace the TR250 chassis with that from a TR4A? Or are there many differences between the two? Any information is very welcome. Cheers. Dave.
  12. Hi Monty, I went for Michelins. A damn sight more of an investment, but solid as a rock. Cheers. Dave.
  13. HI Roger, This is probably a bit late now, but when I was researching tyres last year I noted how many members used Vredesteins and so I lso I ordered TTracks from Camskill. Great service, they were here the next day. I examined them when they arrived and was horrified at the wall thickness, or thinness might be more accurate. They went back the next day at my expense. On our roads around the Welsh hills there are often sharp rocks sticking out of the edges of the narrow roads and I have actually hit a nasty one once in the past. The walls on those Vredesteins wouldn't stand a chance. Ok on ordinary roads I should think, but how many people actually examine the tyre in detail when they arrive, or indeed if they are ordered and fitted at your local tyre firm, then you don't get the chance to see them properly anyway. I hope this might help others to take a good look and choose if any tyre is the right one for the work you are doing in your car. All the best, Dave.
  14. Flying Englishmen is called Mark. This is his number. 07712 129831 He prefers to swap you for one he has already restored. Price was about £450.00 from memory. His work is first class though. Dave.
  15. Hi Pete, Will you sell the tubes of enthusiasm separately? Cheers, Dave.
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