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  1. Dear Ed, The car had the conversion on when I bought it, but going back to the original is high on the agenda as I have never liked the feel of this particlar conversion. I have no idea if they are all the same, but this feels shocking. (No pun intended). Thank you for your comment. Dave.
  2. Does anyone have any ideas where to obtain telescopic shockers for the rear conversion from Armstrongs on a TR5? My old shocks were Gaz, but one is worn out and the other leaking. I put a pair of Spax on yesterday. They came off again today as they were appalling. I thought they were going to fracture the trailing arms they were that fierce, even on softest setting. I took my mate out in the car to get his opinion and after 200 yards, he said 'Turn round'. I'm looking for something along the lines of a standard shocker, but finding any with treaded top and bottom seem to be diff
  3. I looked at all manner of ramps for a long time before buying the MR1 and I have been very happy with them. Heavy, yes. Easy to use, totally. No messing about with hydraulic pipes and wondering if the ramp is going to fall down on you. No working your way around hydraulic pipes and ramp mechanisms. Dave.
  4. Thanks Roger, I just ordered one from them. I'll have a look at their website. Cheers. Dave.
  5. Thanks Guys, very helpful and much appreciated. I shall get one ordered right now. Dave.
  6. Oh, that was a disappointment, I was looking for a nice female companion to join me on my Triumph adventures. hahaha. Cheers, Dave.
  7. Hi Guys, I was reading recently in the forum about the American replacement Heater Control Valve that screws into the head. Stuart and Roger had posted on this subject and Roger, I think it was, listed a link to a USA company. I can't find the post now. HOWEVER!!! I tried to order one from that company and they said they didn't ship internationally. I can't now recall what the valve was called and does anyone know where we can get these from. Thank you all. Cheers. Dave.
  8. Three hands will definitely help you. Cheers, Dave.
  9. As a typesetter of many years standing earlier in life, I have an eagle eye for spotting the tiniest irritation in a copy of anything with type and I have to say that Paul's reproductions are absolutely mint. When people reproduce text they often don't understand the relationship of inter-character spacing and how it has changed over the years and therein lies the easily spotted errors in reproductions. Congratulations Paul. That really is a superb job. Cheers, Dave.
  10. I think that car is local to us in Shropshire Conrad. I am sure I have a photo of it from an event a couple of years ago. It stands out because of the square rear number plate. Cheers. Dave.
  11. Yes, I've got one but mine has a little air filter on it. My throttle boddies have K and N filters on them though at the moment until I restore all the bits to return to original. Cheers. Dave.
  12. There is a very nice one at TR Bitz and I believe that is priced similarly to the TRGB one. Dave.
  13. I used silicone sealer on the stitching of my hood with is black plastic but you can get white sealer, the bathroom type. I sealed outside and inside. You can see it a little bit on the outside but I don't care, at least I'm dry. Cheers. Dave.
  14. Hi Stuart, There is the same one a couple of pages further down for £10.05. Mental. Cheers. Dave
  15. Dear All, Thank you for this variety of wisdom to explore and play with. I have a traditional TR5 which is very reliable but have decided to go with triple carbs on the 250. I do actually have a spare original TR5 engine to hand too, but I want to see what I can do with the original 250 engine that came with the car to keep the numbers matching whilst honouring the heritage of this 250 being a carb car. Thank you so much for your input which I will study carefully and apply gently. Cheers. Dave.
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