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  1. Tomtr250

    Moving on

    Sold my TR250 as well - all good at Classicwise! Tom
  2. Nothing wrong with bagpipes Conrad!!! I’ve use Shipley a lot, no problems at all Tom
  3. Tomtr250

    Triple Webers

    Hi Tom Simon has come up with the goods, need some air filters though, any recommendations? Tom
  4. Tomtr250

    Triple Webers

    Hi, Trying to set up some Webers, usual set up but struggling with how to connect a twin (looks like Merlin Motorsport) throttle set up to the carbs, bolted to the carbs its at 90deg to the arms Any chance someone can post me some photos of their set up please? Thanks Tom
  5. Tomtr250

    FND 205F

    I’ve read this with interest and having now registered several TR’s with DVLA I agree with Pete, when you complete the forms you have to declare the model, it’s nonsense to say the DVLA do not recognise TR250, they will put on the V5 what you have declared, ie TR250, All of the 250,s registered buy us have been returned with V5,s marked “TR250” Tom
  6. Hi all New solenoid fitted, rewired without relay ................. it works!!! Many thanks for the advice, really appreciated Tom
  7. Rob/Peter Rewired it today by-passing the relay, still no joy, I’ve ordered a new solenoid ☹️ Tom
  8. Hi Rob W2 gives over 12v even though the test lamp is dim, I’ll try at the solenoid Tommorow see what it reads Tom
  9. Hi Rob C2 checks out ok with a bright light and the solenoid is clicking, there is continuity fron the relay to the solenoid Tom
  10. Hi Roger Thanks for that but everything is new, the car was fully restored last year, the O/D has worked intermittently, only just got round to looking at it Tom
  11. Im trying to sort out an O/D problem on my friends 4A, its fitted with a J type box, so far Ive checked all of the wiring and there is power everywhere there should be, the solenoid can be felt to click when the switch is operated but the O/D will not pull in mechanically, however, if I run the car and operate the solenoid direct from another battery, the O/D does pull in? Looking at the relay with a meter, I get 12 v into it and 12v out of it at W2 .......BUT! If I attach a test lamp .....its bright at C1 etc but very dim at W2 even though the meter reads 12v and also dim at the supply end on the switch My gut feeling is a bad earth somewhere which is where I will go next but and advice would be very welcome Many thanks Tom
  12. Hi I think the riveted plate is the body number, the other tag is the VIN number Tom
  13. Merry Christmas all ! “Just about to go out boozing” at 12.55?? - Conrad have you nothing better to do! Regards to all Tom
  14. Hi My friend a register member needs a RHD throttle pedal for a 250 conversion, anyone got one? Same as TR5 and 6 Thanks Tom
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